The Family Bible of the Bridgers of Graffham

The following was copied from the family Bible at Graffham, Sussex.

By the wishes of William and Margaret Hoare this is to be Charlotte Hoare’s book, now she is the wife of Philip Norris, given by William and Margaret Hoare, her father and mother.

John Barker was born December 8th 1769 Sarah Barker was born November 5th 1771 Thomas Barker was born December 23rd 1773 Mary Barker was born January 23rd 1776 Robert Barker was born December 8th 1779

A gift in 1819 the Prince Regent had a silver snuff box sent to him as a present and there was engraved on him 3 verses out of the 21 chapter of Ezekiel the 25, 26 and 27.

Richard Fitshenrey Born December 20th 1680 at Bury. Died November 5th 1754 aged 74 at Worthing and had some horsebells and wished to be carried to church to be buried in the wagen and the horses to have bells on had he was carried in the wagen and the horses had bells on.

Elizabeth Hoare, wife of Edward Hoare. Born July 17th at Burpham 1713. Her maiden name was Fitshenry. Died June 1799. Edward Hoare Born March 3rd 1711. Died March 6th 1790. Aged 79.

Elizabeth Kelsey, wife of Philip Norris Senior and daughter of Henry and Mary Kelsey of Bramber and granddaughter of Thomas Kelsey of Rumsey. Born August 27th 1756.

Philip and Elizabeth Norris were parents of Philip Norris Junior. Born 21st July 1784.

Elizabeth Norris, wife of Philip, died February 11th 1836 at Offham House, South Stoke, Sussex. Interred 16th July 1836 at South Stoke, aged 80.

Philip Norris Senior, Son of Richard and Mary Norris, mothers maiden name Mary Penfold, was born June 4th 1757.

Philip Norris Senior departed this life 28th day of June 1850 aged 93 years. Margaret Laing was born December 7th 1732. Margaret Lang her book 1767.

William Hoare born January 3rd 1743.

William and Margaret Hoare were married June 19th 1767.

Margaret, the wife of William Hoare, was born 1732, about 3 years before she died, fell down and hurt her hip, so that she could not get down the stairs anymore but kept in her bedroom till she died, the 7th June 1810 aged 77. She could not get about the room without taking hold of the great armchair and slipped him along before her.

William and Mary Hoare were married July 5th 1811 (2nd marriage). William Hoare in 69th year of his age and Mary in her 72nd year of her age. Her maiden name was Mary Graves.

Mary Hoare, wife of William, died 24th April, 1818, aged 79.

William Hoare died 13th December, 1828, the father of Charlotte Norris, the wife of Philip Norris.

Mary Hoare, the wife of William Hoare, died 24th April 1819, aged 79. She was taken 17th April about 6 o’clock at night, senseless, she never spoke nor took any notice of anybody nor hardly opened her eyes; in all the time nor did not take a tea cup full to drink. In that time she laid we never see her move nothing but her left hand. She died on the 24th about 9 o’clock at night, she went off very quietly. She never made any groan in all the time she laid. She was taken about Mickmils 1815 all at once coming from Prinsted and she nearly lost the use of her limbs for 3 years and 6 months; the last 4 or 5 months she could not get off her chair, nor into or out of the bed without some help or turn in the bed without help.

Richard Hoare, Born December 7th 1739. Died 6th February 1766 in the 27th year of his age.

Harry Kelsey died April 1808 aged 95 years.

Philip Norris Junior, son of Philip Norris, Senior, by Elizabeth his wife was born 21st February 1784 at Steyning in Sussex, also baptised at Steyning in Sussex. His mothers maiden name was Elizabeth Kelsey, daughter of Harry and Mary Kelsey of Bramber in Sussex.

Susannah Kelsey, late of Bramber in Sussex, sister of the late Mrs Elizabeth Norris of Offham, departed this life September 12th 1820 aged 75 years. Interred at Bramber.

Charlotte Hoare (nee Norris) wife of Philip Norris Junior was born 7th February at Prinsted, Sussex. Baptised at Westbourne, Sussex. Fathers name William Hoare. Mothers name Margaret Lang, daughter of John Land of Prinsted. Departed this life September 14th 1844 after a great suffering with a cancer in her right breast aged 69 years. God Bless Her. Interred at Westbourne 18th day of September 1844.

Susannah Seaward, the daughter of Philip and Elizabeth Norris and sister to Philip Norris Junior, the beloved wife of J Seaward Esq. Perser, R.N. died 16th April, 1846, aged 49 years.

Jane Kenney, sister to Philip Norris Junior, and wife of M. Kenney, Esq. Died in London, aged 60 years on 28th January 1852.

Edward Hoare Born August 18th 1791 William Hoare Born January 3rd 1793 Ann Hoare Born November 27th 1799 Sarah Hoare Born February 26th 1796 George Hoare Born February 26th 1798 All baptised Broadwater, Sussex.

Charlotte, the daughter of William and Margaret Hoare and wife of Philip Norris Junior died the 14th day of September 1844 aged 69 years 7 months, 7 days after suffering cancer in her right breast. God Almighty Bless Her. This is recorded in remembrance of Charlotte Norris, the Beloved Wife of Philip Norris Junior, son of Philip Norris Senior and Elizabeth his wife (also the affectionate and loving mother of her dear children, Richard, Elizabeth, Charlott and Henry Norris). This was recorded by Philip Norris, the affectionate husband in remembrance of Charlotte, his beloved wife, to be seen possible by his dear children and grandchildren many years after he is no more, look at this and think of your dear Father and Mother and May the Almighty God Heavenly Bless you all. Amen.

The foundation stone of the Market House, High Street, Portsmouth, laid 24th May 1837. F.T.G. Norris was there at the time.

John Garton and Elizabeth Norris, the daughter of Philip and Charlotte Norris, married on 27th February 1837 at Beeding Church in Sussex.

Richard Hoare Norris and Maria White married July 1st 1832 at Steyning Church in Sussex.

Alfred Bailye and Charlotte Hoare Norris, the daughter of Philip Norris Junior and Charlotte his wife were married on 16th October 1837 at Steyning Church.

Henry Philip Norris, the son of Henry Kelsey Norris and Mary, his wife, was born at Pembroke, South Wales, in September 1838 and baptised at Pembroke. His no. 330 on the Register book at Pembroke Church.

Elizabeth Mary Norris, daughter of Henry Kelsey and Mary his wife, born 2nd September, 1840 at Portsea, Hants. Baptised at St. Pauls Church, Southsea.

Charlotte Hoare Norris born 23rd June 1813. Baptised at Steyning.

Henry Kelsey Norris. Born 24th October 1815. Baptised at Steyning.

Momento of Richard Hoare Norris and Maria, his wife and their family of children. Philip William Norris, born March 3rd 1833. Baptised at the Church at Steyning.

Charlotte Hoare Norris, Born 12th June 1834. Baptised at the Church at Steyning.

Henry Frederick Norris, Born 15th October 1835. Baptised at the Church at Steyning.

Thomas Norris, Born 7th November 1837. Baptised at the Church at Steyning.

Mary Ann Norris. Born 4th January 1840. Baptised at Steyning Chapel by the Reverend Mr. Lambourne.

Jane Norris. Born 30th January 1842. Baptised at Steyning Church.

Sarah Norris. Born 7th April. Died 9th. Half Baptised 1845.

Margaret Norris. Born 12th April 1846.

Richard Norris. Born 25th August 1848.

Maria Norris. Born 10th May 1850.

Alfred Norris. Born 12th March 1852.

Maria Norris, wife of Richard Hoare Norris and mother of the above children departed this life 31st July 1852 aged 43 years. Her sufferings were very great with a cancer in her breast. God Bless Her. Maria was born 19th July 1809.

Momento of John and Elizabeth Kelsey Carters family

John Carter. Born December 4th 1837. Baptised at Beeding in Sussex. Died 7th March 1840 with scarlet fever aged 2 years 3 months 3 days. God Bless Him.

Norris Carter, son of John and Elizabeth Kelsey Carter. Born 15th July 1840. Baptised at Beeding in Sussex.

William Alfred Carter. Born 11th March 1843. Baptised at Beeding, Sussex by Reverend George Farlow, Curet.

Charlotte Hoare Carter. Born 21st February 1845. Baptised at Beeding by Reverend Mr. Atherley, Curet. (She was born on her Grandmother Norris’ birthday).

Charles Lafseter, Grandson of Philip and Elizabeth Norris, and son of Mary Ann Lafseter, their daughter, died 8th June 1835, aged 30 years 6 weeks and 5 days. Interred at Steyning by the side of her mother the wife of Charles Lafseter, Senior.

Maria Bridger, Daughter of Richard Hoare Norris, the wife of James Bridger died 23rd December 1948 aged 98 years. God Bless my dear mother. Interred Graffham Cemetry 29th December 1948. Charlotte Bridger.

Elizabeth Hoare. Born 2nd April 1798. Margaret Lang Hoare. Born 1st January 1770. Charlotte Hoare. Born 7th February 1775.

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