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Directory: 1791 Universal British Directory.

Pages: 55 - 56.

Name: Arundel.

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Is an ancient borough town, governed by a mayor and 12 burgesses, with constables, portreeves, ale-conners, &c. It is pleasantly situated on the declivity of a hill, the upper part of which commands a beautiful view for miles, of rich meadows well watered by the river Arun: the sea, at an agreeable distance, terminates the prospect. The valuable navigable river intersects a small part of the town, which is united by a neat stone bridge of three arches, built in 1724. The town has been much enlarged and improved lately by new buildings, and the principal streets are well paved by a late act of parliament. The N.E. part of the town is flanked by that venerable castle which gives title of earl without creation; its situation is lofty, and has adjoining an extensive park (bearing to the North) of many hundred acres, lately laid out by the present noble possessor, his grace the duke of Norfolk. This castle was probably one of the strongest in England, both from its structure and situation. To the South, it is guarded from approach by the steepness of the hill on which it stands; and on the side the windows command a very fine view of the vale through which the Arun meanders; on the North West, which is flanked by a very deep fosse, is the citadel, erected on another and smaller hill, which overlooks the castle: many of the ancient buildings have mouldered into ruin; but there are still the vestiges of a very large and elegant banqueting hall, and the gateway is in a tolerable state of preservation. It was here the empress Maud took refuge. Most of the poorer inhabitants hereabouts are Roman Catholics, whose want of industry, although it is said to throw a very heavy tax on the benevolent spirit of the resent duke, is too conspicuous in the misery of their appearance. The Romish chapel, within the castle, is still attended by a priest maintained by his grace, for the accommodation of persons of that persuasion in its vicinity, notwithstanding his grace has long since renounced that religion. The altar-piece is handsomely decorated with a capital picture, and is beautifully painted by a first rate artist. The castle is well worth the notice of travellers.

Arundel has four fairs annually, viz. May 14th, August 21, (very little used,) September 25th, and December 17th, for cattle and pedlary. Markets on Thursdays (principally for corn, which is very considerable, as not less than 30,000l. is returned annually in that article) and Saturdays. It sends two members to parliament; the present are Sir G. Thomas, bart. and Henry Howards, Esq. It is environed by upwards of thirty villages within the distance of 4 miles, amongst which are Little Hampton, a much frequented watering place, for the safety of its bathing; it is situated East of the harbour's mouth, and between three and four miles almost South of Arundel; from which, passing N.E. through Rustington, at 3 miles distance, is Angmering, a considerable village, the residence of William Gratewicke, Esq. and many opulent farmers and tradesmen: in the North part of this parish is a pleasant and extensive park belonging to Sir John Shelley, bart. whose seat is adjoining, called Michelgrove; 5 miles N. E. of Arundel, proceeding North over a pleasant and valuable sheep down, (leaving Parham, the seat of Sir Cecil Bishop, bart. to the left,) about 3 miles distance, is Amberley, noted for its ancient castle; crossing the river Arun, is Bury, 4 miles North of Arundel, whose inhabitants have ample returns for their industry, by the richness of the soil; passing to the S.E. over part of Houghton, (the principle of which parish was lately purchased by his grace the duke of Norfolk,) is Madehurst; on a well chosen spot for a prospect; in this parish, Sir G. Thomas, bart. has lately built an elegant house; the next adjoining parish to the West, is Slindon, the residence of a worthy character, the right honourable the earl of Newburgh, whose delightful seat for prospect surpasses that of his neighbour, Sir George; South of which is Walberton, three miles West of Arundel, which can boast amongst others for its parishioners, Capt. G. Montague, and Richard Hash, Esq. a very active and necessary magistrate; South of which is Yapton, which has a good old mansion lately improved by G. White Thomas, Esq. member for Chichester; South East of Yapton is Climping, which is bounded on the South by the sea, and separated from Little Hampton by the river, which finishes the circumambiency. Arundel is 10 miles East of Chichester; 11 South of Petworth; 14 South West of Steyning; 14 West of Shoreham; and 55 miles from London. It has 1800 inhabitants, the principal of which are as follows:.


Mr Julius Bate.

Henry Blackstone Esq., Lieutenant of the Navy.

Henry Howard Esq.

P R Lahy Esq., Agent to the Duke of Norfolk.

William Morley Esq.

Mayor & Burgesses

Thomas Birch.

Robert Bushley.

Thomas Bushley.

Edward Carleton.

Richard Coote.

Thomas Coote.

William Hills.

John Holmes.

George Pecknall.

John Shaft.

John Shaft jun.

John Tompkins.

Thomas White.


Rev. John Carr, Clergyman.

Rev. William Groome, Clergyman.

Rev. Robert Neale, (Clergyman) Boarding School.


John Byass, Surgeon.

Thomas Wickham, Surgeon.


William Henly, Attorney.

James Holmes, Attorney.

Traders, &c.

Israel Abraham, Dealer in Silver Goods, &c.

William Ayling, Shoe-maker.

Thomas Baker, Grocer.

George Blanch, (Publican) of Norfolk Arms Inn.

John Blanch, Stationer.

Martha Blanch, Boarding school.

Mary Blanch, Boarding school.

Charles Bowman, Builder.

Sarah Boxold, Blacksmith.

- Briggs, Barge builder.

John Broad, Tide waiter.

Thomas Broad, Comptroller of the Customs.

James Brookbanks, Stone mason.

Richard Brookbanks, Stone mason.

Robert Burfield, Watch-maker.

James Burton, Cooper.

James Champion, Victualler.

- Chase & Son, Hair-dresser.

George Constable, Builder.

Thomas Constable, Builder.

Thomas Constable jun., Shop-keeper.

Charles Cooke, Bargeman.

John Cooper, Mariner.

Joseph Coote, Merchant.

- Crittendon, Barge builder.

Thomas Dalton, Gardener.

Thomas Dawes, Blacksmith.

Thomas Denham, Sadler.

Daniel Digance, Merchant.

Henry Digance, Merchant.

Christopher Elliott, Grocer.

Edward Elliott, Victualler.

William Emony, Shoe-maker.

John Evans, Mariner.

Thomas Farrel, Victualler.

William Farrel, Bricklayer.

- Grant & Son, Hair-dresser.

Joseph Grigson, Auctioneer.

Catherine Guile, Ironmonger.

James Guile, Constable & Ironmonger.

Thomas Guile, Carpenter.

Henry Hall, Plumber & Glazier.

Henry Halsted, Baker.

John Hammond, Mariner.

James Haslegrove, Baker.

George Heather, Breeches-maker.

Joseph Henly, Builder and Ironmonger.

Alderton Hersee, Butcher.

Henry Hersee, Blacksmith.

Tompson Hersee, Shoe-maker.

Robert Horne, Mealman.

Sarah Horne, Baker.

John Ibbetson, Merchant.

James Lahy, Wine marchant.

John Lane, Merchant.

Henry Lear, Cabinet-maker and Auctioneer.

Thomas Lear, Shopkeeper.

Richard Lillywhite, Blacksmith.

Daniel London, Baker.

William Lucas, Victualler.

John Macklin, Victualler.

John Mitchener, Watch-maker.

Kitty Mitchener, Milliner.

Susan Mitchener, Milliner.

James Newman, Seedsman.

George Ottaway, Taylor.

Henry Overington, Plumber & Glazier.

William Overington, Plumber & Glazier.

John Parlet, Butcher.

James Paul, Stay-maker.

John Pell, (Publican) of Crown Inn.

William Penfold, Shopkeeper.

Arthur Perkins, Shoe-maker.

William Perkins, Shoe-maker.

Elizabeth Phillips, Boarding school.

Richard Plummer, Sadler and Collar-maker.

Henry Priest, Schoolmaster.

John Pullin, Victualler.

Edward Puttock, Common Brewer.

- Robinson & Co., Mercers and Drapers.

Thomas Robinson, Mercer and Wine Merchant.

Thomas Robinson, Wine marchant.

Joseph Sanders, Grocer.

Joseph Sanders, Mercer.

Richard Satcher, Taylor & Stay-maker.

Jeremiah Scardifield, Shoe-maker.

James Sellers, Taylor.

John Shaft, Grocer.

Thomas Shaft, Mercer.

Thomas Shaft, Grocer.

George Simpson, Gardener.

William Slatter, Hat-maker.

Thomas Smart, Stone mason.

John Smith, Mariner.

John Smith, Sheriff's Officer.

Thomas Smith, Victualler.

Charles Spencer, Basket Maker.

John Spencer, Brazier.

John Stapley, Butcher.

William Thomas, Shoe-maker.

Thomas Till, Taylor.

James Toogood, Plumber & Glazier.

George Turner, Butcher.

John Turner, Butcher.

- Weller & Son., Curriers and Leather-cutters.

Thomas Weller, Bricklayer.

James White, Milkman.

Thomas Withers, Ironmonger.

Other People Mentioned

Empress Maud.

Sir Cecil Bishop Bart. of Parham.

- Bloxam & Co., Bankers.

Charles Bushley & Sons, Bankers.

William Gratewicke Esq. of Angmering.

Richard Hash Esq., Magistrate (active and necessary!) of Walberton.

Henry Howards Esq., Member of Parliament.

William Keen & Co., Stage coach proprietors.

Capt. George Montague of Walberton.

Earl of - Newburgh of Slindon.

His Grace The Duke of Norfolk.

- Shaft, Robinsons, Shaft & Co., Bankers.

Sir John Shelley Bart. of Angmering.

G White Thomas Esq., Member of Parliament for Chichester of Yapton.

Sir George Thomas Bart., Member of Parliament.

Sir George Thomas of Madehurst.

The number of electors for Arundel, at the last general election, was upwards of 290. Considerable returns are made in wool by two houses, viz. Messrs. Buthley's, and Mr. Joseph Sanders, mercer, to the amount of about 10,000l. annually.

Charles Bushley and Sons, bankers, draw on Boldero, Adey, Lushington and Boldero, London. Shaft, Robinsons, Shaft, and Co. bankers, draw on Sir James Sanderson, Bloxam, and Co. bankers, Southwark: hours 9 morning to 5 o'clock in the evening.

The post arrives every day about 11 o'clock and returns at 3 o'clock. - Stage coach from White Horse, Fetter-lane, London, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday; and goes to London every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; William Keen and Co. proprietors. Cross-country coach from Portsmouth to Brighthemlston, passes through Arundel between 12 and 1 o'clock on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; and returns to Portsmouth every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday; the distance 48 miles; and the whole fare 14s. 6d.

Carter's waggon arrives from London every Saturday afternoon: comes from Queen's Head, Borough, Wednesday night at 8 o'clock.

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