Browse the census returns in the Sussex OPC database (52637 records)

Instructions for searching the Sussex OPC census return records

Bored enumerator indicating census returns

Use the controls above to select the census return data you wish to see. Parishes and years will appear in the drop down choices only when data is available.

Remember that this browser only shows information contained in the OPC database, there may be census return data available on other linked web sites, only available from the individual parish or church pages.

In the (optional) last name field, you may use a '*' for a wildcard in the name to be searched for, e.g. 'Sm*' will return individuals with surnames starting with Sm, e.g. Smith, Small, Smart etc.

The birth parish filter allows users to search for strays from other counties and parishes. The drop down is populated if the birth parish or county is given - it is usually best to use this control with the census year and parish controls set to 'All'.

Please note that different transcribers extract varying amounts of information from the census returns, in particular the household and property information may be unreliable; as always please refer to original documents wherever possible.

We welcome additions to this database, although for maintenance reasons we can only accept complete enumeration districts for census returns. So please support us and send them in.

Your feedback on the operation of this site and details of any problems encountered in its use is welcomed.

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