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110, 197270A Bronze Age Cemetery-Barrow on Itford Hill, BeddinghamSAC ArticleMagnifying glass image
118, 1980363A Flint Handaxe from BotolphsIntroductionMagnifying glass image
113, 197585A Late Neolithic Site at RackhamSAC ArticleMagnifying glass image
112, 1974161A Medieval Plumb-bob from AnstyShorter noticeMagnifying glass image
113, 1975191A possible Moated Site and medieval salterns at BramberSAC NoteMagnifying glass image
123, 198585A Roman Site at Polhills Farm, Arlington, 1969SAC ArticleMagnifying glass image
117, 197957A Romano-British Pottery Kiln at Polhill's Farm, Arlington SAC ArticleMagnifying glass image
123, 1985262A Stone Box and Two Pieces of Oak Found in Steyning ChurchArchaeological noteMagnifying glass image
121, 1983202A Sussex Celtic Head re-discoveredArchaeological noteMagnifying glass image
124, 19861An Early Mesolithic Site and Prehistoric Flintwork from Graffham Common and neighbouring areas on the Lower Greensand, West SussexSAC ArticleMagnifying glass image
112, 1974152Ancient Monuments in SussexShorter noticeMagnifying glass image
114, 1976323Ancient Monuments in SussexSAC NoteMagnifying glass image
116, 1978393Ancient Monuments in SussexShorter noticeMagnifying glass image
117, 1979221Ancient Monuments in SussexShorter noticeMagnifying glass image
113, 1975191Ancient windmill site at GlyndeSAC NoteMagnifying glass image
107, 1969126Anglo-Saxon Burials at Crane Down, JevingtonSAC ArticleMagnifying glass image

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