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St Wulfran11 Nov 1877ReadGeorgeGaleSarahMagnifying glass image
St Wulfran05 Nov 1827LeachWilliamMarshallSarah AnnMagnifying glass image
St Wulfran02 Nov 1846ReedRichardEllikerSarah AnnMagnifying glass image
St Wulfran04 Nov 1855ChealGeorgeMoppettSarah AnnMagnifying glass image
St Wulfran15 Jun 1856MarkwickWilliam HenryStandenSarah AnnMagnifying glass image
St Wulfran30 Oct 1897DudeneyAlvenWheatlandSarah AnnMagnifying glass image
St Wulfran23 Dec 1899MurrellWilliamDudeneySelinaMagnifying glass image
St Wulfran16 Jun 1606HeathJohnJaneSerrydgeMagnifying glass image
St Wulfran24 May 1726WillettJohnKatherineStanningMagnifying glass image
St Wulfran21 Feb 1757GodfreeHenryStephensSusanMagnifying glass image
St Wulfran13 Oct 1817MockfordHenryMoppettSusanMagnifying glass image
St Wulfran20 Dec 1723WintonNicholasMathesSusannaMagnifying glass image
St Wulfran19 Jul 1833GladmanWilliamBaxhillSusannaMagnifying glass image
St Wulfran07 Apr 1817GoddardWilliamGrenyerSusannahMagnifying glass image
St Wulfran25 Dec 1894WebbWilliam MorganShortSusannahMagnifying glass image

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