Protestation return detail



Parish notes:

Sussex: Horsham Burrough, Henry Waller and Richard Wheatlie, gent., Bayliffes of the said Burrough, and Thomas Rowland and Richard Luckens Constables there, and William Best, Churchwarden, lyvinge in the said Burrough, Haveinge taken the Protestacion themselves before Ralfe Cowper, Esquire, and Thomas Middleton, Esquire, twoe Justices of the Peace of the said County, have accordinge to the directions of the Howse of Commons, called the Burgessesse and other inhabitants of the said Burrough together, the Thirteenth day of February, Anno Dni. 1641, and tenderd unto them the same Protestacion, and have hereunder written the names of those Persons which have taken the same ; And further doe answere that there are none of our Burrough which refuse the same.


Unknown or not given.

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