St Botolph, (Hardham)




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Hardham, West Sussex RH20 1LB.

Grid reference: 503875, 117570, View on: Google Maps, Open Street Map, Streetmap, National Library of Scotland Map or Oldmaps.


Church of England Clergy Database.


Earliest Register: 1642.


There are no baptisms in the OPC database.

IGI Batches: C070571 (1584 ~ 1624, 1592 ~ 1700, 1642 ~ 1880); E070571 (1584 ~ 1624, 1592 ~ 1700, 1642 ~ 1880).


There are no burials in the OPC database.

No burial IGI batches known.


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IGI Batch: M070571 (1584 ~ 1640, 1662 ~ 1752, 1799 ~ 1876).

Monumental inscriptions:

There are no monumental inscriptions in the OPC database.


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Building information:

Built: 1050.

Current use: Worship.

Saxon Churches in Sussex have an interesting article with illustrations about investigations at the church in 1978 and 1981

Harrison's description (1911):

ST. BOTOLPH. Of the old Nor. building there are three windows, chancel arch and door of nave; E. window of two lancets is E.E.; in S. wall is a Dec. window, and at the side of it an Anchorite's sacrament squint (discovered by Mr. P. M. Johnston). Font, plain, Nor.(?). The mural paintings deserve special notice, as they are among the oldest in England. The subjects comprise B.V. Mary and Child, Adoration of Magi, Flight into Egypt, Massacre of Innocents, Salutation of Elizabeth, Lazurus, Adam and Eve with the Serpent, St George at the Battle of Antioch, etc. (vide S.A.C., vol. 44). Reg. 1642. This entry goes on to describe Hardham Priory, which is included with the details of that building.


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