Convent of the Holy Rood, (Findon)




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Built: c. 1930.

Closed: 1967.

Demolished: 1998.

Current use: Demolished.

(Residential - Convent Gardens)


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The Community of Servants of the Cross moved from Worthing to Findon in about 1930, where the spacious Holy Rood Convent (as all their Convents were called) and Home were erected, to accommodate some 60 female patients, mostly terminal cases, and the Community. After 30 years numbers dwindled, with Sisters dying, others ageing, and no young Novices coming in. In 1960 the community moved to a smaller home in Lindfied. In 1963 the Roman Catholics purchased a parcel of land at Old Pond Green with the intention of constructing a church. However when the Convent of the Holy Rodd came up for sale that was bought instead. It was renamed Convent of Sion.

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