Worth Abbey Church, (Worth)


Roman Catholic.


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Building information:

Built: 1964.

Architect: Francis Pollen.

Style: Modern.

Current use: Worship.


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The Abbey Church is the most important building at Worth, both in terms of size and significance. The monks gather here six times a day to create a rhythm of prayer that is the foundation of the monastic life. This sanctuary acts as a magnet for individuals who wish to pray alone, as well as for special services and meetings for Christians of different denominations.
The Abbey Church can seat up to 1,400 people, the largest capacity of any church in Sussex. The foundation stone was laid in 1964, the Church was consecrated in 1974 and the exterior structure completed in 2001. The interior furnishing remains incomplete. To achieve an open space on such a scale, the architect employed a bridge building technique never before used in a church. This modernist design by Francis Pollen is considered by many to be the finest example of 1960’s church architecture in Britain.
Source: Abbey website, 16th January 2008.

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