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East GrinsteadDurrantAnthony20 Jan 161224 Feb 1612693Magnifying glass image
East GrinsteadLangridgeBridgett20 May 164623 Jun 1648664Magnifying glass image
East GrinsteadAlfreyEdward04 Apr 164204 Apr 1643949Magnifying glass image
East GrinsteadLangridgeEdward28 Dec 161430 May 1615675Magnifying glass image
East GrinsteadLangridgeEdwarde13 Jun 1590Not given599Magnifying glass image
East GrinsteadLangridgeEdwarde?? Jun 1558?? ??? 1558670Magnifying glass image
East GrinsteadLangridgeGeorge18 Jun 179524 Nov 1797878Magnifying glass image
East GrinsteadLangridgeJoan01 Nov 1671Not given493Magnifying glass image
East GrinsteadLangridgeJohn13 Jul 1641Not given560Magnifying glass image
East GrinsteadLangridgeJohn30 Jan 168014 Jan 1686598Magnifying glass image
East GrinsteadLangridgeJohn03 May 167910 Jun 1679558Magnifying glass image
East GrinsteadLangridgeJohn27 Aug 183513 Jul 1836869Magnifying glass image
East GrinsteadLangridgeJohn10 Jan 163506 May 1646582Magnifying glass image
East GrinsteadLangridgeRobert04 May 172004 Jun 1720555Magnifying glass image
East GrinsteadLanggerichThomas13 Sep 150205 Dec 1502800Magnifying glass image
East GrinsteadDungateThomas07 Jul 168620 Aug 1686357Magnifying glass image

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