Will detail

Will of Thomas Langgerich of East Grinstead

Date signed: 13 Sep 1502, Probate date: 05 Dec 1502

In the name of God so myght it be I Thomas Langgermehe of Estgreensted in the Counte of Sussex in my good and hole mynde and memory blessed be God the xiii day of the moneth of September in the yere of our Lorde a ?* ccccii and the yere of the Reigne of Kyng Henry the viith the xviiith yere. Also I ordene to be myn executors my sone Sr John Langgerich and Alice my wif to dispose my will and testamet in this man’ and forme folowing. First I bequeth and recomend my soule to Allmyghty God my maker and sav’r and our blessed lady Sent Mary virgyn his mother and to all the sents of heven and my body to be buried in the church of Sent Swithyn in the pish of Estgreensted aforsaid in the place or nigh by wher the body of Clemens my wiff is buried. Also I bequeth to high auter of the same church for my oblacons forgoten or nechgently wt hold me in discharching of my soule vis viiid. Also I bequeth to the repacon of the same church iiis iiiid. Also I bequeth to Alice my wiff the place that she dwellith in at the signe of the Crown wt the gardn thereto be longing and blakwell & by the liecens of my Lord my copy hold called Collen Field and the dene durying her wedowhod. Also I bequeth to my sone Sr John Langgerich all the residwe of my landes wher or what soev they be. Also the will of me the forseid Chomas [sic] for the disposicon of my movable goodis I will that shee my wiff have all such godis as she brought wt her when I married her and all own propre godis to be devided to my wif shee the on half and to Sr John Langgerich my sone the other half. But I will that Sr John my son have the principals of the house and the first choshe of the residew of the godis by porcion devided exce the seid principals. Also I bequeth to church of Sent Richard xiid. Furdermore I will that youe mak a dede off feoffment of all such lands as I have gevan my wiff during her widowhod. Also I will that Alice my wiff be halfe ptence wt Sir John my sone in paying of my debtis and what s... they and if it happen the forseid Alice to be maried that then it shalbe lofull to the feoffers that be enfeffed in the same landis to make assufficient estate to the seid John Langgerich sone and heyer to the forseid Thomas wtout any interupcon during his life and after his decesse to remayne unto Robert Langgerich my brother and to the heris males of his body lawfully begoten. And for lak of heir male of his body lawfully begoten to remayne unto the heres male of my sister Margaret lawfully begoten and for lake of issue of heir male of her body lawfully begoten to remayne unto the next heres of me the forseid Thomas for ev’more. Thes men folowing ... wyttnes Maister Edward .... vicar of Estgranefeld, Edmond Gutter, Robert Ptrich & Edward .....

(in Latin) This Will was proved at Lamehich 5th December 1502 before Edward Somer vicar of Estgreensted by John Langeriche the executor to whom admon was granted &c

Transcribed by:

Dave Woolven.

Notes about this will:

Transcribed for and contributed by Stephen Langridge. The copy measured 5” x 3”, much of the text being too small to read.

*NOTE: This Roman numeral should & probably is ‘m’ but it looks nothing like it, it also appears to have a superscript ‘l’ above it.



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