Will detail

Will of Edward Langridge of East Grinstead

Date signed: 28 Dec 1614, Probate date: 30 May 1615

In the name of God Amen the eight and twentieth day of December One thousand six hundred and fourteen I Edward Langridge of East Grinstead in the County of Sussex wheeler [when in body] but perfect of remembrance thanks be God do make this my last Will in form following vizt first I bequeath my soul to Almighty God my Creator trusting through the merits of Jesus Christ my saviour to be partaker of life everlasting touching the disposition of all my lands and tenements lying in East Grinstead aforesaid I give out thereof yearly during and until twenty five pounds shall be raised to make stocks for my five youngest children to be levied with forty shillings yearly out of the rents and profits of my said lands until the same shall be raised and to be paid them as they shall accomplish their ages of one and twenty years to either of them five pounds together with such money more as their several stocks shall respectively by putting out thereof amount unto after the same that yearly raised out of the rents and profits of my lands by forty shillings yearly as aforesaid And for none payment thereof I will it shall be lawful for my overseer hereunder named and his assigns to enter into my said lands and the rents issues and profits thereof to take yearly until of the same forty shillings yearly so to be paid he or they shall be paid as aforesaid. The residue of the rents and profits thereof yearly for the space of twelve years and a half. I give unto my wife she having no other dowage towards the bringing up of all my said five children until their said several ages and to pay yearly during residue term unto my son John towards his maintenance twenty shillings and after the same to go and remain to my son John and his heirs as by law it ought to descend. Item I give to every one of my children such part of my household stuff or goods as my wife shall think fit and to be delivered them at her discretion Item I name and appoint Joan my wife Executrix hereof to whom I give all my goods and chattels my debts funeral expenses and the legacies herein specified discharged And I appoint my cousin Edward Mascall Overseer hereof whom I desire to take up and receive the said yearly sum of forty shillings out of my lands during the term aforementioned towards my said children’s stock praying him to employ the same as it yearly arises for the best benefit and profit may thereof made which I would desire should be equally paid and distributed to and amongst my said five youngest children with their said several stocks as the same shall grow due and payable by the true meaning of this my last Will And if any of my said five youngest children happen to die before their several and respective stocks shall grow due and payable Then I will the part or parts of him her or them so dying to the survivor or survivors of them living In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year first above written. Read published sealed and delivered in the presence of Edward Baldwin and Edward Duffield

[Probate granted 30 May 1614 to Joan Langridge]

Transcribed by:

Steven Langridge.



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