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6, 1853262Roman Remains discovered at Newhaven in 1852SAC ArticleMagnifying glass image
8, 1856190Inventory of the Goods of Cornelius Humphrey of Newhaven, 1697SAC ArticleMagnifying glass image
9, 185789On the Churches of Newhaven and DentonSAC ArticleMagnifying glass image
18, 1866165On a "Kitchen-Midden" at NewhavenSAC ArticleMagnifying glass image
21, 1869218Antiquities lately Discovered at Newhaven & SeafordSAC NoteMagnifying glass image
62, 1921201Roman Coins found at NewhavenSAC NoteMagnifying glass image
64, 1923195Newhaven HarbourSAC NoteMagnifying glass image
80, 1939263Castle Hill, NewhavenSAC ArticleMagnifying glass image
80, 1939269The Pottery from Castle Hill, NewhavenSAC ArticleMagnifying glass image
109, 197194The Origin of Newhaven and the Drainage of the Lewes and Laughton LevelsSAC ArticleMagnifying glass image
110, 197244The Evolution of Newhaven Harbour and the Lower Ouse before 1800SAC ArticleMagnifying glass image
112, 1974154Newhaven FortShorter noticeMagnifying glass image
112, 1974158Tideway School, NewhavenShorter noticeMagnifying glass image
114, 1976306The Excavation of an Early Romano-British Site and Pleistocene Landforms at NewhavenSAC ArticleMagnifying glass image
119, 1981206A Flint Collection from Stud Farm, Newhaven, East SussexArchaeological noteMagnifying glass image
122, 1984212Further Fieldwork at Stud Farm, Newhaven, SussexArchaeological noteMagnifying glass image

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