St Mary the Virgin, (Burpham)




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Burpham, West Sussex.

Grid reference: 503935, 108990, View on: Google Maps, Open Street Map, Streetmap, National Library of Scotland Map or Oldmaps.


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Earliest Register: 1571.


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Built: Unknown or not given.

Current use: Worship.

Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture has many pictures of the architectural details of this church

Harrison's description (1911):

RESTORED in 1868-9. On a fortified hillock, with th4e mound still standing on the S., is the fine old cruciform church, with tower at W. end. In the building all styles of architecture may be traced :- Saxon, probably, in N. wall; Nor. in N. transept, with its plain semi-circular arch; late Nor. in arch of S. transept; Tr.-Nor. in nave arcade; E.E. in chancel; Dec. and Perp. in some windows.

The chancel is striking. The original arch was semi-circular (Nor.), but the present pointed arch was made at the restoration. The chancel is divided into two parts by an arch, or transverse rib, resting on clustered pillars with foliated capitals. Each section of the roof has quadripartite vaulting (late 12th c.) with simple diagonal rib. At E. end there are three single lancets widely splayed; on N. and S. of easter part of chancel is a two-light trefoiled lancet under a pointed arch (c. 1340); N. and S. of wester part, a single lancet. Note: string course; double aumbry on W., and single aumbry with shelf at E.; piscina, S.; low-side window, S.W.; Jacobean altar rail; chalice, 16th c., with quaint inscription.

N. transept has two small round-headed windows; beneath E. window was an altar, said to be dedicated to St. Sunday.

S. transept, S. aisle, and porch were re-built on old foundations at restoration. Note the arch of S. transept :- on N. side, double zig-zag; on S. pointed zig-zag ("Crown of Thorns") with compound piers and scalloped capitals (c. 1150).

The nave (c. 1170) has arcade of chalk piers with carved capitals; the windows, with depressed four centre arches, are Perp. (c. 1460). Note :- old pews and beams; Devil's Door (blocked up); old slab at W.; two 17th c. brass candelabra brought from London; font (Perp.)

The gable on N. transept is old. Reg. 1653.


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