St John the Evangelist Chapel, Steyne, (Bognor)





Steyne, Bognor Regis, West Sussex.

Grid reference: 493285, 98867, View on: Google Maps, Open Street Map, Streetmap, National Library of Scotland Map or Oldmaps.


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Building information:

Built: 1821.

Closed: 1882.

Demolished: 1891/1961.

Architect: Daniel Wonham (local builder).

Style: Gothic, rendered.

Current use: Demolished.

(Car park)


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On Friday 25th January 1822 the Service of Consecration and Dedication of the Chapel of Ease in the Hamlet of Bognor was conducted by his Grace, Charles Manners Sutton, Archbishop of Canterbury (Bishop of Norwich 1792, Archbishop Canterbury 1805-28). The shield which bears his coat of arms and the shield bearing the Royal Coat of Arms, were donated by Thomas Smith of Bersted. After the demolition of the chapel the shield was transferred to the west wall of St. John's church in London Road and now hangs above the west door entrance to the porch in St. Wilfrid's church. In 1833 a tower was added (in the gothic style) complete with castellated parapet and pointed-arch window and this became a feature of Bognor's skyline. The tower contained a clock and 4cwt bell named "Mary Ann" which had been donated by the Rev Charles and Miss Baumgarten of Aldwick at a cost of £200. Miss Baumgarten also donated a weather vane for the tower and a Captain S H Baumgarten a bible and prayer book for the reading desk. In Fleming's 'History of Pagham', regarding old St. John's, it states - 'The tower was added by the liberal aid of the Rev. Charles Baumgarten, also the belfry and tower clock; his sister, Miss Baumgarten, giving £25 towards the handsome vane surmounting the tower'. This confirms that Miss Baumgarten was the Rev. Charles's sister.<br>As a result of the increase in the local population, Bognor was granted parish status, independent of South Bersted, in February 1873. St. John's was upgraded from chapel to Parish Church. St John's church in the Steyne carried on with its regular services until its demolition in 1891-2. The rubble remnants were sold to a builder, Mr Southerton, who used the material for erecting St John's Terrace in Highfield Road. The clock tower however, remained as a landmark for the local fishermen until its demolition in 1961. Was the Parish Church of Bognor from 1873-1882.

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