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St PeterWinbourn03 Apr 1805John80Magnifying glass image
St PeterWinbourne11 May 1800Edward73Magnifying glass image
St PeterWinbourne15 Jul 1804Sarah79Magnifying glass image
St PeterWinniett22 May 1832Julie61Magnifying glass image
St PeterWisley27 Aug 1803Catherine77Magnifying glass image
St PeterWm.forster18 Sep 1824John Allune53Magnifying glass image
St PeterWood24 Jan 1805Charles80Magnifying glass image
St PeterWood21 Apr 1806Elizabeth84Magnifying glass image
St PeterWood03 Apr 1808John90Magnifying glass image
St PeterWood24 Jul 1833James63Magnifying glass image
St PeterWoodfin07 Apr 1810Edward98Magnifying glass image
St PeterWoodward09 May 1810John98Magnifying glass image
St PeterWorger10 Apr 1802William76Magnifying glass image
St PeterWorley19 Dec 1829Elizabeth59Magnifying glass image
St PeterWray07 May 1807Jane88Magnifying glass image
St PeterWreden20 Apr 1810Henry98Magnifying glass image

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