Of this website and underlying system software

The Sussex OPC co-ordinator is committed to maintaining this website and Database as a resource that is publicly available and that is free at the point of access. All material is made available free of charge for individual, non-commercial use only, provided this web site and the transcriber (if given) is acknowledged. All other use is prohibited without the express written consent of the Sussex OPC Co-ordinator.

Mark Collins asserts his moral right to be recognised as author and editor of the design and underlying technical aspects of this web site.

Copyright of the publication system software is vested in Mark Collins.

Of content

The aim of the OPC scheme is to make information freely available where the copyright of the information allows it.

Under no circumstances may information made available through this scheme, such as transcriptions, be downloaded and used for any commercial purpose whatsoever.  The person(s) donating original transcriptions remain, where applicable, the owners of their work, and are free to use the fruits of their labours however they choose within copyright law.

All persons acknowledged as donating transcribed information therefore assert their moral right to be recognised as authors and editors of their work, their names are given alongside their contributions.

Efforts are made by contributors to ensure the accuracy of the data in relation to the source documents on which it is based, however researchers are strongly advised to check the source documents themselves.

OPC volunteers will ensure that all information made available to this site complies with source document copyright restrictions, and will not offer a look up service on commercial transcripts where the licensing of such transcripts forbids such use.

The Sussex OPC site will not allow the advertising of such services, and will take immediate action to remove material from the site if it can be demonstrated that displaying it on this site violates the wishes of the copyright owner.

It is most important that the above is accepted both by the users of this site and by those contributing information to the site.

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