Post Office Directory 1851, Framfield, East Sussex

Framfield is a parish 2 miles south-east from Uckfield, and 43 from London, in the hundred of Loxfield, Dorset, rape of Pevensey, and union of Uckfield. Framfield Place, the seat of Alexander Donovan, Esq., is a picturesque spot, and the house is adorned with paintings by some of the first masters. At Tarble Down, in this parish, in the times of high antiquity, the archbishop had a seat; and the tradition says, that on this down was fought a bloody engagement between part of the army of Henry III. And some troops of Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester. In Framfield formerly stood some ancient seats. The church, which is an ancient structure, dedicated to St. Thomas a Becket, contains some interesting monuments. The vicarage, value £459 per annum, is a peculiar to the See of Canturbury, in the incumbency of the Rev. Henry Hoare. The number of acres is 6,830, assessed at £5,389; the population, by the last returns of 1841, was 1,484 inhabitants. The charities are £79 per annum. Earl De la Ware is lord of the manor.

Blackboys is a hamlet.

Post Office – John Brooker, postmaster. Letters arrive at 4.30am & dispatched 9pm. Box closes at 8pm; but letters may be posted till 9, with extra stamp

National School, Charles Honisett, master; Miss Mary Honisett, mistress

Donovan Alexander, esq. Framfield Place
Driver Miss Mary, Hawthorn Cottage
Ellman John, esq. Whartons
Hoare Rev. Henry, Vicarage
Hughes William, esq. Brownings Grove
Miller Rt. Montgomery, esq. Highlands
Stone William Thomas, esq. Stonebridge

Adams John Ebeneezer, veterinary surgeon
Aldrich Henry, nurseryman
Banks Joseph, “Hare & Hound”
Banister John, Gatehouse Farm
Berry Alfred John, Vines Farm
Berry George, Sand Hill Farm
Best James, brick maker, Boothouse Farm
Bourner Thomas, relieving officer
Bradford Thomas, farmer, Blackboys
Brooker George, boot maker & parish clerk
Brooker John, boot maker
Burton Benjamin, Croxted Farm
Crouch John, Harpers
Dadswell Edward Okill, miller
Eade George, Cider House Farm
Eade Mrs. Elizabeth Hammonds, Green Farm
Eastwood William, wheelwright, Blackboys
Farrant Abraham, Palehouse Common Farm
Farrnat Thomas, Easons Green Farm
Farrant William, Scane Hill Farm
Faulkner William, blacksmith, Blackboys
Felwick William, Hundred House Farm
Foster Joseph, Tarb le Down Farm
Garrat Henry, carpenter, Blackboys
Garrett Luke, shoe maker, Blackboys
Guy Samuel, “White Lion”
Hills William, blacksmith
Hook George, millwright
Jenner Thomas, Bentley Farm
Kenward George, Little Streale Farm
Leney Henry, miller
Mann Edwin, Pounsley Farm
Martin John, cooper, Blackboys
Moon Thomas, “Black Boy”
Newnham Henry, miller
Page John, Honeys Green Farm
Pike George Alfred, wheelwright
Press William, Hobbs Farm
Randell Cornelius, “Barley Mow”
Ranger Ovid, pork butcher, Blackboys
Relf William, butcher
Rogers Henry, cooper
Siggs George, carpenter
Stapeley Robert, Birdgeland Farm
Stevenson Spencer, Palehouse Farm
Tanner William, shopkeeper, Blackboys
Waller John, Mount Ephriam Farm
Wallis Thomas, shopkeeper, & agent to the Royal Exchange fire & life assurance


Transcribed by Stacey Gardner

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