Post Office Directory 1851, Chichester, West Sussex

Chichester is an ancient Roman city, seat of a diocese and market town, having an exclusive jurisdiction, and giving name to a rape, is locally situate in the hundred of Box and Stockbridge, on the London, Brighton & South-Coast Railway, 61 miles from London, 30 from Southampton, 18 from Portsmouth, 11 from Arundel, and 7 from Bognor. The city, which is of very remote antiquity, was, about the close of the 5th century, taken from the Britions by Ella, whose son Cissa rebuilt it, and calledit after his own name, Cissa’s Ceaster, from whence it present name derived. It is pleasantly situated on a gentle eminence, a few miles south of the Great Downs, which stretch along this part of the county; and is nearly surrounded by the river Lavant, which flows at its base. The Port of Chichester is a Dell Quay, about 1 ½ miles from the city; and a branch of the Arundel & Portsmouth Canal comes up from the south suburb of the city, but both have been rendered of less importance since the opening of the South-Coast Railway. The principal streets diverge east, west, north, & south from the ancient Gothis market-cross, built by Bishop Storey, in 1500. The city walls, more than a ! ½ miles in circumference, are lined within by ranges of lofty elm trees, which from a very elevated situation, has a beautiful and uniform, yet uncommon appearance, the Cathedral and its spire being the only objects visible above them; the gates of the city have long been removed, the last having been taken down in 1773. The houses are in general well built; the streets are paved, cleansed, and lighted with gas. The city is watched by a local police. Chichester is the place of election for West Sussex, and a polling place. The government of the city is regulated by a charter, granted by James II., and vested in a mayor and municipal corporation; and petty sessions and court of record are holden here, and a county court for the recovery of debts under £50. The trade consists chiefly in corn, coal, timber, flour and malt; the malting trade is rather extensive; woolspapling, tanning and brewing are likewise branches of some importance. The weekly markets are held on Wednesday and Saturday; every Wednesday fortnight a large market for corn, cattle, sheep, pigs &c., is held; and fairs are held on St. George’s day, Whit-Monday, St. James’ day, Michaelmas-day, and sloe fair ten days after. John Hardman, a London tobacconist, left an estate of £673 per annum to the poor of the city. The other charitable institutions are numerous and well conducted. A grammar school was founded in 1497, by Bishop Storey. The Whitby or blue coat school, in which 38 boys are clothed, lodged, boarded and educated, was established by Oliver Whitby, in 1702. There is a free school. St. Mary’s Hospital was originally a nunnery, at the east of which is an ancient chapel. The Otter Memorial, situate at a short distance north of the city, is an elegant building of stone, in the collegiate style of the 15th century, intended for and used as a training college for schoolmasters, an institution founded by the late revered prelate, Dr. W. Otter. It was erected during the years 1849 and 1850, from designs by Mr. J. Butler, and consists of a convenient residence for the principal, apartments, for a vice-principal, and accommodation for 24 students; the situation is dry, healthy and pleasant. The principal is the Rev. M. Parrington. A small chapel has been added, to complete the original plan. The site for the college was given by the Bishop of Chichester. A spacious infirmary was built about 1830, in a delightful and airy situation, which has been rendered still more commodious by the addition of another wing, erected by Charles Dixon, Esq., of Stansted House, in this county, and is termed “the Dixon Wing” There are other schools upon the National plan, supported by subscriptions and benefactions. The Guildhall is an ancient structure, formerly the church of the monastery of the Grey Friars. A Council Chamber or Town House, a large and commodious building, containing a spacious and elegant assembly room; and a common jail, now used as a police station. The is a Literary Society and Mechanics’ Institute (now united), and a Museum, on the same premises. Custom House, Market House, and a large Corn Exchange, with extensive warehouse and granaries attached. The Cathedral forms the principal ornament of the city; it is a noble edifice, in the form of a cross, erected on the site where the church of St. Peter the Great once stood, before the See was removed from Selsey, which took place in 1072. It was first founded at Selsey, in the 7th century, by St. Wilfred; it is a Gothic structure, containing many heraldic and other memorials of departed greatness; in the south transept are some curious historical paintings of the time of Henry VIII. The are monuments of Bishops Sherburne & Storey (1592), Hurdis, and others of later date. The Cathedral has a full chapter establishment, well endowed; the nave was built in the time of Henry I., in the Norman style; the tower and spire, 271 feet high, appear to have been completed in 1270; it may be seen from a considerable distance. Most parts of the noble pile, which is extensive, were finished before 1333; several handsome painted windows, by eminent artists, have been erected of late years. The poet Collins, who died in 1756, was a native of this city, has a monument to his memory by Flaxman; Huskisson has a statue by Carew; Chillingworth, the controversialist, is buried in the cloisters. The Chapter House is a fine building. In 1830 the restoration of the cathedral commenced, and is still continued at intervals; there are some fine oak stalls, and Anglo-Saxon chest in the sacristy, and an exquisite Gothic chantry to St. Richard. The Bishop’s Palace is supposed to have been erected on the site of a Roman villa; it is an ancient structure, with a chapel of the time of Henry VIII., an old hall, a great dining room, and a large kitchen; the palace was repaired in 1800, and contains some pictures and painted glass. The places of worship are the Cathedral and ten parish churches, viz. All Saints or the Pallant, St. Andrew, St. Bartholomew, St. Martin, St. John’s New Town extra-parochial chapel, St Olave, St. Pancras, St. Peter-the-Less, St. Paul, and St. Peter-the-Great or Sub-Deanery; the last, a large and handsome stone church, has been recently erected in West Street, capable of accommodating 650 persons; it is built in the ecclesiastical style of the 14th century, from the designs of Mr. R. C. Carpenter, of London, and under the superintendence of Mr. J. Butler, of this city. This edifice is intended to supply the place of the parish church of Sub-Deanery, or St. Peter-the-Great, which service has been performed in the north transcept of the cathedral. There are chapels for Independents, Baptists, Wesleyans, Calvinists, Unitarians, and the Society of Friends. The Friary Park is a large enclosed piece of ground, occupying a great portion of the north-east quarter of the city, and in early times was the residence of the potent Earls of Arundel, and afterwards the monastery of the Grey Friars, who possessed it until the dissolution of the order, in the reign of Henry VIII. For several years past it has been used for grazing ground by the Duke of Richmond, to whom it belongs, but his Grace has kindly let it to some of the citizens, by whom a handsome subscription has been raised for the purpose of converting it into an archery and cricket ground, and to render it otherwise useful as a place of recreation for the inhabitants. The elective franchise was conferred upon this city by Edward I., and the right of election vested in the corporation; the mayor as the returning officer, and the present Members are John Abel Smith, Esq., and Lord G. C. H. G. Lennox. The London, Brighton and South-Coast Railway passes the city a little to the south, and is a convenient distance fro travellers.

Appledram is a small parish in Box and Stockbridge hundred, rape of Chichester, Westhampnett union, consisting of a rich mould, favourable for the growth of wheat; its area is 1,070 acres; it is bounded on the west by the eastern part of Chichester harbour, on the north by Fishbourne, on the east by Donnington, and on the south by Birdham; the village is 1 ½ miles south-west of Chichester. Here is the principal depot for landing goods at the Dell Quay, intended to supply the city of Chichester, but has been rendered of less importance since the establishment of the Arundel & Portsmouth Canal, and the opening of the South-Coast Railway; the Quay belongs to the corporation of Chichester. The living is a perpetual curacy, valued at £64 per annum, in the archdeaconry of Chichester, and deanery of Boxgrove, in the patronage of the Dean & Chapter of Chichester, and incumbency of the Rev. Henry Smith. The owners of the soil are W. R. Hamilton, G. Bartlett and Charles Crosbie, Esqrs.

Andrews Miss, St. John’s St
Barbut Rev. Stephen, M.A. St. John’s St
Barton John, esq. George St
Bayton John, esq. Hornet
Biffin Mrs. St. Pancras
Biffin Mrs. Northgate
Binns Miss, Little London
Boniface Mrs. Little London
Bridger Mrs. South Pallant
Brown Rev. Thomas, West St
Browne Rev. Henry, M.A. St John’s St
Bryan Edmund, esq. North St
Burge Rev. Millward R. M.A. Canon Lane
Carpenter William, East St
Chandler Rev. George, D.D. (dean) Canon Lane
Chatfield John, Westgate
Chichester Bishop of, the Palace
Cockburn John Geddes, esq. North St
Combes Mrs Sarah, Westgate
Combes Mrs Theresa, Little London
Combes William, St Martin’s St
Comper Harry, esq. Little London
Comper Henry, esq. North Pallant
Cornwall Rev. Eusebius, B.A. North St
Cosens Mrs, Chapel St
Cottrell John, esq. Southgate
Croft Major John Thomas, West St
Crickett Capt. Charles William, Stockbridge House
Crisp Mrs, St John’s St
Cutfield Mrs, North St
Davis Mrs, Guildhall St
Dendy Charles Cook, esq. Southgate
Dilke William, esq. North St
Field George, Southgate
Fitzroy Lady Laura, East Pallant
Flint Nicholas Backshall, North Pallant
Florance Mrs, Little London
Foden Mrs, West Pallant
Francis Miss, South St
Franklin Mrs, North St
Fraser Mrs, St Martin’s St
Freeland James Bennett, esq. the Cottage
Freeman Rev. Philip, M.A. Canon Lane
Fullager Rev. John, Tower St
Fuller Richard, esq. Broyle House
Furlong Mrs, Southgate
Gates George, North St
Gilham Misses, North Pallant
Gravely Miss, Northgate
Green Misses, North St
Gruggen Mrs, Little London
Gruggen William, esq. West Pallant
Hack Miss, Northgate House
Hardham William Novell, North Pallant
Hewett Mrs, St Martin’s Square
Hodge John, St Martin’s St
Hodge John Voyze, East St
Hodge Mrs, Westgate
Holland Rev. Samuel, D.D. Canon Lane
Holmes George, North St
Hopkinson Mrs, West St
Humphry Edward, esq. Westgate
Humphry Mrs, St John’s St
Hussey Mrs, Little London
Irving George, esq. South St
James Rev. Charles Edwin, Little London
Jaques Charles Austen, esq. Hornet
Johnson Edward William, esq. North Pallant
Johnston Misses, East St
Jourdan Col. Henry George, St John’s St
Kennett Mrs, Westgate
Kenrick rev. Jarvis, M.A. West St
Leggett Mrs, Richmond Terrace
Lowe Capt. Arthur, R.N. Canon Lane
Malden Rev. William, East St
Mant Miss, St John’s St
Marner Mrs, St John’s St
Martin Mrs, North St
Mathews William Andrew, esq. Southgate
Miller Rev. William, M.A. St Richard’s Lane
Molesworth Mrs, North St
Newland Miss, North St
Nicols Mrs. General, East St
Noton Benjamin, St John’s St
Parrington Rev. Matthew, M.A. College
Pearson Misses, Richmond Terrace
Penfold Mrs, Richmond Terrace
Pescod Mrs, West St
Phipps Rev. Barre, M.A. Canon Lane
Pilkington Miss, East Pallant
Pitt Miss, St John’s St
Pouldan John Mackerell Gillingham, St John’s St
Randall Thomas, Southgate
Ranking Rev. George, St John’s St
Raper Mrs, Westgate
Raper Robert, esq. West St
Reynolds Charles, St John’s St
Reynolds Mrs, Westgate
Rhoades William Cobden, esq. Tower St
Rix Miss, St John’s St
Roberts Rev. John P. m.a. Cathedral Close
Robert Mrs, Westgate
Roberts Miss, Westgate
Rogers Robert, Southgate
Rooton Col. James, College House
Rushbridger Rev. John, St Martin’s Sq
Rushbridger Mrs, St Martin’s Sq
Snooke Mrs, North St
Snooke Matthew, esq. North St
Symonds Mrs Elizabeth, South St
Titchener Misses, East St
Tudor Mrs Mary, Hornet
Valentine Rev. Thomas, West St
Walburn Mrs, Westgate
Walker Mrs, South St
Warden Capt. William, R.N. East Pallant
Watkins Rev. William, M.A. Farrington House
Weller Lieut. William, Richmond Terrace
Wheeler Mrs, West St
White George, Westgate
Wilkinson Misses, North St
Williams Mrs, North St
Wilmhurst Mrs, St Paul’s Rd
Worth Rev. William, St John’s St
Wright Mrs, Southgate

Acfield William, berlin wool, hosiery & boot & shoe warehouse, East St
Adames Benness & Co. furnishing & general ironmongers, East St
Adames Benness, linen draper, East St
Adames James, baker, Eastgate
Allen Mrs Emma, milliner, South St
Allen George, beer retailer, Tower St
Allen Henry, silk mercer & linen draper, & agent to Norwich Union fire & life office, South St
Amer Miss Sarah, dressmaker & milliner, East St
Anchor Edmund, baker, New Broyle Rd
Angel Charles, book binder, stationer & copper plate printer, North St
Apedaile Thomas, supervisor of inland revenue, Orchard St
Apps Richard, umbrella maker, North St
Arnell William Edward & George, linen & woollen drapers, North St
Arthur James, corn chandler, Westgate
Attfield Thomas, carpenter, St Pancras
Atkey James, brewer & maltster, East St
Ayling James, bricklayer, Little London
Aylward James, “heart-in-Hand,” North St
Bailey Henry, bath & sedan chair proprietor, East Pallant
Baker Isaiah, gardener, St Martin’s St
Ballard William, “Dolphin Hotel, commercial & posting house, inland revenue office, wine, spirit & coal merchant, & agent to the South-Coast Railway Company, West St
Ball William Henry, furniture dealer & chair maker, New Broyle Rd
Barber James, general dealer, South St
Barber Joseph, grocer, Cavendish St
Barker John, watch & clock maker, jeweller, silversmith, cutler & gun maker, East St
Barnes Francis, tailor, Crane St
Bartholomew John, boot maker, St Pancras
Bartholomew William, upholster, Southgate
Bartlett Thomas, coal dealer, George St
Batch John, shopkeeper, West St
Bayley William, grocer, South St
Beatson William, fishmonger & poulterer, North St
Begbie & Tapps, wine merchants, East St
Benham Reuben, beer retailer, North St
Bennett Henry, organist of cathedral, South Pallant
Bennett Thomas John, music warehouse & circulating library, North St
Berry John, tea dealer, North St
Bessell Thomas, beer retailer, New Broyle Rd
Bicknell Henry, butcher, St Pancras
Biffin John, foreign & English timber, coal & slate merchant, cooper, square churn, wood turner & manufacturer of wood goods in general, West St
Bigwood Thomas, baker & shopkeeper, South St
Biles William, tallow chandler & spirit merchant, North St
Bilson John Thomas, King’s Head Inn, South St
Binstead Benjamin, agent to Sun fire & life office, West St
Binstead Mrs Harriet, milliner, South St
Binstead Samuel, saddler & harness maker, East St
Binstead William, auctioneer, upholster & cabinet maker, North St
Bishop Mrs Mary Ann, milliner, South St
Blackman George, lodging house keeper, Canon Lane
Blake Miss Eliza, boys’ & girls’ Infant School, New Broyle Rd
Bone Julius, saddler & harness maker & job master, East St
Boniface Mrs Susan, baker & shopkeeper, Little London
Booker Thomas, butcher, Market
Booker Thomas, jun. butcher, South St
Boxall Mrs Charlotte, poulter, Market
Boyett William, pianoforte maker, East St
Briant John, wood turner, North Walls
Briant Robert, tin man, West St
Bridger James, “Anchor”, North St
Bridger Joseph, blacksmith & beer retailer, St Pancras
Bridger William, land surveyor, Little London
Broad James, “Ship & Lighter”, St Pancras
Broadbridge Mrs Ann, dressmaker, Southgate
Brookfield Charles, boot maker, New Broyle rd
Brookfield Henry, pork butcher & grocer, Orchard Terrace
Brown Benjamin, city crier, Council House
Brown John William, jeweller, & agent to Professional life office, North St
Brown William, boot maker, North St
Buckell Leonard, surgeon, North Pallant
Buckell William John, chemist, East St
Budden James, plumber & paper hanger, East St
Budden James, whitesmith, Orchard St
Burchell Mrs Harriet, milliner, North St
Burdett Moses, china & glass dealer, North St
Burt George, beer retailer, New Broyle Rd
Butler Jospeh, architect, surveyor & builder, Cloisters
Caffin Benjamin Charles, tailor & woollen draper, East St
Caffin John (exors. of) chemist, North St
Caffin William, tailor, North St
Caffin William Chart, surgeon, South St
Carpenter William, boys’ day school, St Martin’s Sq
Carter Frederick, clothier, East St
Challen Mrs Celina Myrtilla, dressmaker, North Pallant
Charge Mrs Hannah, linen draper, East St
Charlier Nicholas, professor of French & German, North St
Chatfield William, clerk of corn market, East St
Child Mrs Mary, furrier, North St
Churchman William, gun maker, East St
Clark George, Golden Cross Inn, Little London
Clark George, beer retailer, Tower St
Clark John, baker, West St
Clarke Thomas, carrier, South St
Cobden William, plumber, St John’s St
Cockburn John Geddes, manager of London & County joint stock bank, & agent to Alliance fire & life office, East St
Cole Enoch, dyer, South St
Cole George, shopkeeper, New Broyle Rd
Cole John, baker, Cavendish St
Collick Richard, general dealer, East St
Collins Charles, brazier, South St
Collins Edward, linen draper, North St
Collins Thomas, baker, East St
Combes Edward, “Anchor Inn, Swan spirit stores, & wine & spirit merchant East & West St
Combes Richard, Railway Tavern, Basin Rd
Comper Gragen & Comper, bankers, East St
Comper Richard, linen draper, East St
Cooper Edward Dicker, hairdresser, tobacconist & fancy repository, West St
Cooper Francis & Frederick, grocer & tallow chandlers East St
Cooper Mrs Jane, beer retailer, High St
Cooper John, grocer & tallow chandler, East St
Coote Miss Mercy, central National school, Cathedral Churchyard
Cottrell Edward, plumber, South St
Cover John, timber merchant, Canal basin
Critchell William, boot maker, South St
Crocker Charles, sexton to Cathedral & agent to Economic life office, Tower St
Cutten George, wheelwright, Crane St
Cutten James Ewer, coach builder, St Pancras
Dabbs James, bricklayer, West St
Dale George, chemist, & agent to London Assurance fire & life office, South St
Davis Alexander, ironmonger, North St
Davis Miss Frances, dressmaker & milliner, East St
Davis James, blacksmith, Southgate
Dawtrey Jeffery, veterinary surgeon, West St
Dawtrey Joseph, beer retailer, St Pancras
Daysh David, butcher, North St
Deller William Henry & George, brewers, St Pancras
Dendy William & George, corn dealers, North St
Dennett John, boot maker, East St
Denyer Henry, saddler, North St
Dimmock George, grocer, North St
Dixon Charles, engineer & sec. to gas company, Basin Rd
Down & Gandy, milliner, North St
Du Bochet Richard, master of Cloisters school, cathedral churchyard
Ducker Charles, beer retailer, New Broyle Rd
Dudden Henry William, professor of music, registrar of marriages, treasurer of the corporation, North St
Duke & Jones, surgeons, West St
Duke William, solicitor, North Pallant
Dunk William, builder & city surveyor, Westgate
Eames George, White Hart Inn, East St
Edwards Thomas, chimney sweeper, Tower St
Elliott & Son, corn merchants, East St
Elliott John, architect, North Pallant
Elliott Robert, surgeon, St John’s St
Evans James, baker, Southgate
Evans Mrs Mary Ann, milliner & dressmaker, South St
Faith George, watchmaker, East St
Farley William, blacksmith & beer retailer, New Broyle Rd
Farndell Charles, baker, Hornet
Farr Mrs Eliza & Alfred, book sellers, stationers, & stamp office, East St
Farr Henry, cowkeeper, West St
Farr Henry, shopkeeper, St Martin’s St
Farr James, linen draper, East St
Farr William, grocer, West St
Farr William, “Plough & Harrow”, St Pancras
Field Alfred, farmer, West St
Field Aurthur, baker & corn dealer, St Pancras
Field Edward, butcher, Eastgate
Field James, blacksmith, Hornet
Fielder Thomas, plumber, Orchard Terrace
Fitzgerald Henry, superintendent of South-Coast Railway station, Southgate
Fletcher George, chimney sweeper, South St
Florance William Adames, brewer St Pancras
Fogden Andrew, corn dealer, South St
Fogden Miss Ann, furrier, East St
Fogden George, butcher, South St
Fogden Henry, watchmaker, Lion St
Fowler Charles, carpenter, Southgate
Freeland, Raper & Johnson, solicitors, & clerks to the magistrates, West St
Freeland James Bennett, solicitor & deputy registrar of bishop’s court, secretary to Bishop of Chichester, & clerk to the dean & chapter, West St
Freemantle Henry John, music warehouse, East St
Fullager Walter Honne, solicitor, Close
Fuller Edward, auctioneer, land surveyor, & agent to Globe fire & life office, St Martin’s Sq
Fuller John Attreee, postmaster, West Pallant
Gadd Edward & Frederick, grocers & provision dealers, North St
Gadd Henry, linen draper, South St
Gadd Thomas, grocer, tea dealer, & post office receiving house, Northgate
Gale Mrs Eliza, milliner, East St
Gale James, fruitier, West St
Gale William, boot maker, East St
Gale William, butcher, George St
Gambling George, saddler, South St
Gambling James, builder, Chapel St
Gandy Frank, watchmaker, South St
Gardener Edward, White Horse tap, West Pallant
Gatehouse Richard, brewer, maltster, spirit & coal merchant, South St
Gates James, butcher, farmer, & maltster, East St
Gates James, farmer, Westgate
Gibbons John, beer retailer, West St
Ginman Richard, edge tool maker & beer retailer, Southgate
Ginman Richard, “Sun,” Franklin Place
Glover Goerge, stationer & book seller, North St
Goldring James, boot maker, North St
Goldring John, boot maker, guuta percha depot, & agent to Medical legal & general, mutual life office & railway assurance co. East St
Gomer Charles, boot maker, South St
Gorringe William, architectural modeller, St Pancras
Graham Lieut. Henry, barrack master, Barracks
Gray Drummond, carver & glider, & artists’ repository, East St
Gray Mrs Susan, ironmonger, North St
Greader Thomas, inland revenue officer, Somerstown
Green James, hatter, & superintendent of police, North St
Greene Thomas, solicitor & clerk to trustees of the Cosham & Chichester turnpike rd, & to trustees of Farnhurst, Midhurst, Chichester & Dell Quay turnpike rd, & to commissioners for paving the city of Chichester, & treasurer to western division of the county of Sussex, West Pallant
Greenfield Henry, hairdresser, depository of the Society for Promoting Christian knowledge, & agent to Metropolitan Counties life office, East St
Griffith Thomas, beer retailer, New Broyle Rd
Gruggen Henry Marsh, physician, North Pallant
Guile Richard Thomas, butcher, East St
Habin Edward, harness maker, saddler, & corn merchant, Hornet
Habin Thomas George, veterinary surgeon, St Pancras
Hackett George, baker & confectioner, Westgate
Hackman Miss Ann, preparatory school, West St
Hackman Miss Emma, ladies’ day school, St Martin’s St
Hackman Mrs Mary, boot & shoe warehouse, North St
Hall William, tailor, Orchard Terrace
Halsted & Sons, ironmongers, iron & brass founders, plumbers, smiths &c. East St
Hammond James, butcher, South St
Hammond John, carrier, West St
Hammond Thomas, White Horse Inn, Westgate
Hanmore Charles, chimney sweeper, Tower St
Hanmore William, chimney sweeper, St Pancras
Harden William, blacksmith, Southgate
Hardham Henry J., grocer & post office receiving house, Eastgate
Hardham Willis, brick maker, shopkeeper, Westgate
Harding George, dentist, St John’s St
Harmsworth Henry, brewer & beer retailer, St Paul’s
Harris Charles, hairdresser, Hornet
Harris George, grocer, South St
Harris William, grocer, South St
Hartwell Miss Lucy, tobacconist, North St
Haskins Henry, hairdresser, North St
Hatcher Thomas, baker, George St
Hayller Charles, butcher, East St
Hayller James Parvin, farmer, Hornet
Hayller Thomas, coal merchant & farmer, St Paul’s Rd
Hearsey James, jun. wood turner, St Pancras
Heasell Miss Emma, St Pancras National Infant School, St Pancras
Heath Charles, beer retailer, New Broyle Rd
Heath Charles, boot maker, South St
Heath Mrs Mary Ann, White Horse Inn & commercial house, South St
Heath Osmond, master of Chichester workhouse, New Broyle Rd
Heath William, beer retailer, Chapel St
Heather James, Castle Inn, West St
Hellier John, boot maker, East St
Henderson James, plumber & china & glass dealer, East St
Henty George & Robert, brewers & maltsters, Westgatw
Herbert Cornelius, blacksmith, Northgate
Hewett Charles, butcher, South St
Hewett John, baker, South St
Hicks John, ironmonger, East St
Hills William, registrar of births & deaths, South St
Hoad James, wheelwright, East Walls
Hoare Samuel, Golden Fleece, East St
Hobbs Thomas, herbalist, George St
Hodge John V. agent to Phoenix fire & Eagle life office, East St
Holden William, baker & confectioner, South St
Holmes Edward, currier & leather seller, North St
Holmes William, builder, St Pancras
Holt Benjamin, currier & leather seller, North Pallant
Holt Grange, leather cutter, West St
Hood & Long, cabinet makers & furniture brokers, St Pancras
Hopf Henry, pork butcher, East St
Horn Henry, City Arms Inn, North St
Horsecraft Joseph, blacksmith, & Three Tuns, Chapel St
Humphreys John, bricklayer, East St
Humphry Richard, saddler, & fly proprietor, Hornet
Hunt Henry, carrier, Hornet
Hurlock Mrs Eliza, fancy rep. & music seller, St Pancras
Hurlstone Charles Thomas, surgeon, Eastgate
Hurlstone James, cooper & beer retailer, West St
Ide Henry, Waggon & Lamb, Westgate
Ide James, veer retailer, Eastgate
Inkson Mrs Mary, Wheatsheaf Inn, North St
Inkson William, fancy rep. East St
Irving John, grocer, tea dealer & provision merchant, East St
Jackman Thomas, tailor, Lion St
Janman Adam, bricklayer, Cavendish St
Jardine Mrs Mary Ann, circulating library, South St
Jarman Hugh, grocer & agent to Anchor fire & life office, West St
Jeffrey Miss Jane, girls’ British day school, Little London
Jelliff James, basket maker, Westgate
Jelliff James, George & Dragon, North St
Jelliff Joshua, beer retailer, West Pallant
Jenman William, carrier & fishmonger, East St
Johnson William & Son, carpenters & builders, Northgate
Johnson Henry, grocer & fruitier, Eastgate
Johnson John, boot maker, St Pancras
Johnson John, jun. boot maker, North St
Johnson Robert, beer retailer, New Broyle Rd
Johnson William, builder, West St
Karn George, stonemason, Hornet
Kemp John, grocer, tallow chandler, provision merchant, East St
Kent Alfred, plumber, South St
Kerwood George, grocer, North St
Kerwood James, beer retailer, East St
King William, carpenter, George St
Kingston James, beer retailer, East St
Kitson Thomas, stonemason, Lion St
Knight Kempster, book seller, stationer, music seller, & agent to Royal farmers & General fire life & hail co. East St
Knight Miss Mary, preparatory school, West St
Lambert Francis, rope & twine maker, Little London
Lambert George, rope & twine maker, South St
Lambert Thomas, rope & twine maker, South St
Langford Thomas, Good Intent, George St
Langley William, miller, Broyle’s Mill
Leal Henry, tailor & King’s Arms, St Martin’s St
Leech & Freeland, surgeons, North St & South St
Lefeaux James, book binder, Close
Leggett John, butcher, Market
Leigh Stephen, tobacco pipe maker, Southgate
Long Israel & William, upholsterers, cabinet makers & furniture dealers, New Broyle Rd
Lewis Mrs Ruth, corn dealer, North St
Light James, stationer, rag merchant, toy warehouse & general dealer, Eastgate
Lipscombe James Barnard, hairdresser, West St
Loader James, linen draper, East St
London Miss Ann, grocer, North St
London & County Bank, East St (John Gaddes Cockburn, manager); draw on head office) Lombard St, London
Long Thomas, baker, West St
Long William, wheelwright, Northgate
Loveless Miss Ann, staymaker, North St
Luffe Sidney, clothier, South St
Lulham Thomas, boot & shoe warehouse, East St
Macaulay Charles Richmond, linen draper, East St
Mant George, Fountain Inn, South St
Mant James, baker, North St
Mant Samuel, baker, North St
Mant Thomas, cowkeeper, Southgate
Mantle Thomas, pork butcher, North St
Martin James, mayor’s serjeant
Mason William Hayley, book seller, stationer & printer, East St
Messey George, hat maker, South St
Mates Thomas, plumber, St Pancras
Mathews William Andrew, collector of customs, Southgate
Maybee & Small, dressmakers, North Pallant
McCarogher Joseph, physician, West St
McMaster William, tea dealer & beer retailer, St Martin’s Sq
Mellersh William, tailor & hatter, East St
Merricks Samuel, grocer, South St
Miles George, Jelly Sawyers, Orchard Terrace
Mills Mrs Ann & Stephen, butchers, West St
Mills John, butcher, New Broyle Rd
Mitchell Robert, cork cutter, Basin Rd
Molesworth George, linen draper, North St
Moore Abel, cabinet maker, Orchard St
Moore Abel, sexton to cathedral, West gate
Morey James, relieving officer, Franklin Place
Morey John, tailor, West St
Morgan James, livery stable keeper & fly proprietor, North St
Muggridge James, beer retailer, St Paul’s Rd
Munday Michael, boot maker, Eastgate
Murrell John, Eagle Inn, West St
Myall James, slater & plasterer, St Pancras
Need William, pawnbroker, Hornet
Need William, jun. watchmaker, Hornet
Nettlefold David, Wellington, New Broyle rd
Newell Richard Smith, churn maker, East Pallant
Newham Thomas, house surgeon to infirmary, New Broyle Rd
Newland Henry, solicitor, clerk to city magistrates, & high bailiff of county court, North Pallant
Newman James & Co. nursery & seedsman, South St
Newman Charles, hardware man & rag merchant, Nortgate
Newman James, grocer, South St
Newman John, wheelwright, Hornet
Newman William, fruitier, South St
Norman William & Son, tanners, Westgate
Norton Charles, farm bailiff, Hornet
Norton James, boot maker, Westgate
Ogburn John, baker, South Pallant
Olding John, chimney sweeper, South St
Oliver John, fruitier, East St
Orchard Alfred, stay & shoe warehouse, South St
Osborn Miss Mary Ann, berlin wool repository, North St
Osmond William, tailor, Cavendish St
Over William, beer retailer, New Broyle Rd
Pacy Henry, Half Moon & Seven Stairs Inn, Hornet
Palmer Richard, blacksmith, Northgate
Pannell John, beer retailer, George St
Pasco Robert & Edward, tailors, woollen drapers & hatters, East St
Paull George, British schoolmaster, actuary of savings bank, & agent to Clerical, Medical & General, & Phoenix fire offices, St Martin’s Sq
Peachey Edmund, solicitor, North St
Pearce James, linen draper & agent to Life Association of Scotland, West St
Pearce Mrs Louisa, milliner, West St
Pearce Thomas, master mariner, West St
Pearse William, hairdresser, North St
Peat Henry, book seller & binder & news agent, South St
Peat Henry, cabinet maker, West St
Peat James, baker, North St
Peat Richard, auctioneer, cabinet maker & upholsterer, North St
Pelham William, bricklayer, St Pancras
Penn William, grocer, New Broyle Rd
Pescod Thomas, master, blue coat school, West St
Pescott Kennett, baker & confectioner, South St
Pescott George & William, railway carriers, Eastgate
Peskett Hezehiah, boot maker, South St
Peto Charles, blacksmith, South St
Phillipson William, chemist, North St
Pink Misses Anne & Sophia, milliners, East St
Pink Charles Henry, brushmaker, East St
Pink Thomas, baker, St Pancras
Plowman George, watchmaker & jeweller, Northgate
Podevin Madame, ladies’ day school, Northgate
Potter William, fruitier & seedsman, South St
Powell James & Son, solicitors, & agents to Phoenix fire & life office, West Pallant
Powell James, solicitor, coroner, clerk of the peace, town clerk & superintendent registrar for births, deaths, & marriages for Chichester, West Pallant
Powell William, blacksmith, Chapel St
Powell William Mark, surgeon, Eastgate
Pratt John & Son, chemist, East St
Prior John Woods, woolstapler, East Pallant
Pullinger George, stationer & printer, & agent to Crown life office, North St
Purchase Stephen, collector of canal dues, & coal merchant, Canal Basin
Pullen Charles, general dealer, New Broyle Rd
Purchase Thomas, Globe Inn, brewer, maltster & fly proprietor, Southgate
Randall Robert & Son, plumbers, Chapel St
Randall Thomas Cobden, agent to County fire & Provident life offices, Southgate
Raper Robert, solicitor, county clerk, superintendent registrar of births, deaths, & marriages, & clerk to Westhampnett union, West St
Rasell Alfred, wire worker, North St
Read Mrs Jane, beer retailer, Eastgate
Read Thomas, Red Lion, St Pancras
Redman Charles, builder, South Pallant
Redman Frederick, carpenter & builder, St John’s St
Redman George, butcher, grocer, South St
Reed Frederick, hairdresser, West St
Reynolds John, beer retailer, St Pancras
Reynolds Samuel, chemist & agent to Naval, Military & East India life office, East St
Rhoades & Greene, solicitors, West Pallant
Richardson John, baker, West St
Richardson William, baker & confectioner, East St
Riley Matthew, general dealer, East St
Riley Miss Sarah, ladies’ boarding school, East St
Rodgers James, plumber & saddler, East St
Rogers Miss Jane, dressmaker, South St
Rowland William, chemist & agent to London Mutual life & guarantee society, East St
Russell James, cabinet maker & upholsterer, East St
Sayers Clement, coal merchant, lime burner, & Richmond, Canal Basin
Scale Miss Jane Elizabeth, girls’ day school, Cathedral Churchyard
Sharp Charles, carrier, Southgate
Sharpe Alexander, draper & tea dealer, Southgate
Sherwood John, solicitor, & agent to Sun fire & life office, East Pallant
Shipley Thomas, carver & gilder, North St
Shippam William & Elias, wholesale & retail grocers, corn & hop factors, & provision merchants, Westgate
Shippam Charles, pork butcher, East St
Silverlock Henry & Son, nursery men, agricultural seed & corn merchants, Northgate
Silverside Ralph Heslop, surveyor of taxes, Westgate
Simmons Misses Charlotte & Ann, ladies’ boarding school, Westgate House
Skinner Goerge, baker, North Pallant
Slaney William, beer retailer, New Broyle Rd
Smart Charles, stonemason, Tower St
Smart Robert, Star & Garter, & stonemason, St Pancras
Smith Mrs Elizabeth, lodging house, South St
Smith John, plumber, Westgate
Smith Reuben, bath & sedan chair proprietor, Lion St
Smith Richard, plumber, North St
Smith Thomas, currier, Little London
Smith William, glass & china dealer, East St
Southerton William, boot maker, Hornet
Sowter Stephen, tin plate worker, St Pancras
Sowton William & Son, solicitors, clerks to the county court, & agents to Royal Exchange fire & life office, West Pallant
Spring Charles, boys’ day school, Northgate
Stallard Mrs Sarah, plumber, West St
Standen Jonathan, baker, North St
Staples George, builder, Westgate
Stapley John, estate agent & valuer, North Pallant
Stich William, grocer & tea dealer, & agent to Phoenix fire & Eagle life office, East St
Stoneadge Andrew, Rainbow, George St
Stones Mrs charlotte, tobacconist, East St
Stroud George William & Thomas, coach makers, Little London
Temple George, White Horse Inn, Northgate
Thomas James, fellmonger, East St
Tippen John, whitesmith, St Paul’s Rd
Titchener Edward, solicitor, & clerk to guardians of Chichester incorporation, East Pallant
Titchener William Heather, linen draper, East St
Trewin Frederick, working cutler, East St
Triggs Henry, baker, North St
Triggs Henry, baker, Orchard Terrace
Triggs Thomas, beer retailer, Tower St
Triggs Walter, whitesmith & bell hanger, South St
Tucker Mrs Mary Ann, boot maker, West St
Tuffin George, tailor & beer retailer, Eastgate
Tuffin William, Unicorn Inn, Eastgate
Turner Charles, butcher, North St
Turner Goerge, butcher, North St
Turner John, butcher, Eastgate
Tyacke Nicholas, physician, North St
Urry William, millwright, St Pancras
Vick Charles & Richard, builders, West St
Vines John, wireworker & fruitier, East St
Wade William, grocer & beer retailer, Hornet
Wares William, brewer & beer retailer, St Martin’s St
Warren Benjamin, poulter, Market
Warren Thomas, cooper, East St
Warren William, carpenter, Northgate
Warren William, baker, St Pancras
Weller Frederic, auctioneer, estate agent, & agent to Minerva life office, South St
White Henry, professor of dancing, Crane St
White John Lush, auctioneer, house & estate agent, upholster, cabinet maker, furnishing undertaker, & agent to the Western assurance & annuity society, North St
White Mrs Mary Ann, servants’ registry office, Crane St
White Thomas Foocks, grocer, & agent to Imperial fire & life office, East St
Wigmore James, plasterer, Little London Wills Francis, linen draper, & agent to Guardian fire & life office, South St
Wilmshurst Thomas, silversmith, jeweller, glass & china warehouse, East St
Wilson Joseph, watchmaker & jeweller, East St
Wilson Thomas, comptroller of customs, Southgate
Wool David Randall, cabinet turner, West St
Woodland Mrs Ann, dressmaker, Southgate
Woodman John, basket maker, South St
Woods James, boot maker, Little London
Woods John, chemist, & agent to National Mercantile fire & life office, North St
Woods William, pork butcher, High St
Wooldridge Stephen, maltster, Hornet
Woolgar William, boot maker, South St
Wright Mrs Ann Maria, baker, cook & confectioner, East St
Wright Mrs Harriet, beer retailer, St Pancras
Wright Henry & Son, auctioneers, upholsterers & cabinet makers, North Pallant
Yorke George, carpenter & builder, & agent to Liverpool & London fire & life office, Eastgate
Yorke Mrs Jane, milliner & dressmaker, North St
Youngs Joseph, dyer, North St

Post Office – John Atree Fuller, postmaster. Money orders are granted & paid from 9.30am to 5pm. London mail arrives 3.40am; dispatched at 10.15pm. Box closes 8.45pm; but letters may be posted until 9.15pm by attaching an extra stamp. Day mail to London dispatched 9.20am. Box closes at 8.55am; arrives 12.30pm. Brighton mail arrives 7.20am; dispatched at 6.30pm. Western mail arrives 7.06am; dispatched at 6pm. Bognor mail arrives at 9pm; dispatched 5.30am. Messenger to Halnaker dispatched at 6am; arrives at 9pm. Oving & Eastergate dispatched 8.15am; arrives at 5.30pm. Sidlesham & Selsey dispatched at 8am; arrives at 5.30pm. Messengers to Lavant, West Dean, Singleton, Cocking, Fishbourne & Ashling, dispatched at 6am; arrives at 8pm. No attendance on Sundays from 10am.

Comper, Gruggen & Comper, East St, draw on Masterman & Co. Nicholas Lane, London
London & County Joint Stock Banking Co. East St (John Geddes Cockburn, manager); draw on head office, 21 Lombard St, London
Savings’ Bank, St Martin’s Square, George Paull, actuary; open from 12 till 1, from June to December; and from December to June, 11 till 3

Insurance Agents:-
Alliance Fire & Life, John Geddes Cockburn, East St
Anchor Fire & Life, Hugh Jarman, West St
Atlas Fire & Life, Wright & Son, North Pallant
Church of England Fire & Life, Alfred Farr, East St
Clerical, Medical & General Life, Goerge Paull, St Martin’s Sq
County Fire, Thomas Cobden Randall, Southgate
Crown Life, George Pullinger, North St
Eagle Life, William Stokes, East St; John Voyze Hodge, East St
Economic Life, Charles Crocker, Tower St
General Life & Fire, Alfred Orchard, South St
Globe Fire & Life, Edward Fuller, St Martin’s Sq
Guardian Fire & Life, Francis Wills, South St
Hants, Sussex & Dorset Fire, Henry Gadd, South St
Imperial Fire & Life, Thomas F. White, East St
Life Association of Scotland, James Pearce, West St
Liverpool 7 London Fire & Life, George Yorke, Eastgate
London Mutual Life & Guarantee, William Rowland, East St
Medical, Legal & General Mutual Life, John Goldring, East St
Metropolitan Counties Life, Henry Greenfield, East St
Minerva Life, Frederic Weller, South St
National Mercantile Fire & Life, George Dale, South St
Naval, Military & East India Life, Samuel Reynolds, East St
Norwich Union Fire & Life, Henry Allen, South St
Phoenix Fire, William Stokes, East St; John V. Hodge, East St; George Paull, St Martin’s Sq; John Powell & Son, West Pallant
Professional Life, John W. Brown, North St
Provident Life, Thomas C. Randall, Southgate
Railway Assurance Company, John Goldring, East St
Royal Exchange Fire & Life, Sowton & Son, West Pallant
Royal Farmers & General Fire, Life & Hail, Kempster Knight, East St
Sun Fire & Life, B. Binstead, West St; John Sherwood, East Pallant
Western Life Assurance & Annuity Society, John L. White, North St

Public Officers:-
Recorder, William Milton Bridger, esq.
Coroner, James Powell, esq. West Pallant
Clerks to Magistrates for Upper Division of Chichester Rape, Freeland, Raper & Johnson, West St
Solicitor & Deputy Registrar of Bishop’s Court, Secretary to Bishop of Chichester, & Dean & Chapter Clerk, James Bennett Freeland Esq. West St
Clerk of the Peace & Town Clerk, James Powell, Esq. West Pallant
Clerk to City Magistrates, & High Bailiff of County Court, Henry Newland, esq. North Pallant
Clerk to Westhampnett Union & Superintendent Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages, Robert Raper, esq. West St
Clerk to Guardian of Chichester Incorporation, Edward Titchenor, esq. East Pallant
Clerk to Commissioners for Paving, Clerk to Trustees of the Cosham & Chichester, & Farnhurst, Midhurst, Chichester & Dell Quay Turnpike Roads, & Treasurer of Western Division of the County of Sussex, Thomas Greene, esq. West Pallant
Superintendent Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages for Chichester, James Powell, esq. West Pallant
Clerk to the County Court M.J.Sowton, esq. West Pallant
Surveyor of Taxes, R.H.Silverside, esq. West St
Registrar of Births, & Deaths, Chichester District, Mr William Hills, South St
Registrar of Marriages & Treasurer to Corporation, Mr Henry William Dudded, North St
City Surveyor, William Dunk, West St
Inspector of Corn Returns, Thomas Greader, Somerstown
Superintendent of Police, James Green, North St
Relieving Officer, James Morey, Franklin Place
City Crier, B.Brown

Council Chamber:-
Mayor’s Sergeant, James Martin, Lion St

Public Establishments:-
Custom House, Southgate, William Andrew Matthews, esq. collector; Thomas Wilson, esq. comptroller; William Bridger, locker
Inland Revenue Officer, Dolphin Hotel, West St. William Husband, esq. collector; Thomas Apedaile, supervisor; Thomas Greader, officer
Stamp Office, East St. Mrs E & A. Farr, sub-distributors
County Court Council Chamber, North St, William Furner, esq. judge; Matthias James Sowton, esq. clerk; Henry Newland, esq. high bailiff
West Sussex, East Hampshire & Chichester Infirmary, New Broyle Rd, J. McCarogher, N. Tyacke, physicians; Robert Elliott, Allen Duke, surgeons; Thomas Newham, house surgeon; R.A.Elliott, assistant; Mrs Mary Ann Rogers, matron
Inspector of Corn Returns, Thomas Greader, Somerstown
Corn Exchange, William Chatfield, clerk, East St
Gas Works, Charles Dixon, engineer & manager, Basin Rd
Council Chamber, East St
Chichester Literary Society & Mechanics Institute, South St, Stephen Parsens, secretary; William Hills, curator; Francis Smart, librarian
Depository of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, H. Greenfield, East.
Museum, South St
Barracks, New Broyle Rd. Henry Graham, barrack master
Workhouse, Northgate, Osmond Heath, master

Churches & Chapels:-
Cathedral, Ashurst Turner Gilbert, D.D. the Right Rev. Lord Bishop; George Chandler, D.D. the very Rev. the Dean; Rev. C.E.Hutchinson, M.A. Rev. George Shiffner, M.A. Rev. Barre Phillips, M.A. Rev. C. Pilkington, M.A., canon residentiaries; Rev. S. Holland, D.D. precentor; Rev. Sir John Ashburnham, chancellor; Rev. H.M.Wagner, treasurer. There are 32 prebendaries & 4 vicars choral.

All Saints, or the Pallant Church, West Pallant, Rev. T. R. Drake, M.A.. rector
St Andrew, East St, Rev. W. W. Holland, M.A. rector
St Bartholomew, West St, Rev. H. Browne, M.A. P.C.
St Martin, St Martin’s St, Rev. W. W. Holland, M.A. rector
St John’s Episcopal Chapel, St John St. Rev. S. Barbut, M.A. minister
St Olave, North St. Rev. W. Watkins, M.A. rector
St Pancras, Eastgate, Rev. G. Ranking, M.A. rector
St Peter-the-Great, or Sub-Deanery, West St. Rev. J. Kenrick, M.A. vicar
St Paul, Northgate, Rev. Thomas Brown P.C.
St peter-the-less, North St. Rev. Thomas Brown, rec
Independent, Chapel St. Rev. William Malden, minister
Independent, St Martin’s Sq. Rev. Charles E. James, minister
General Baptist, Eastgate, various
Primitive Methodists, Orchard St. various
Providence Calvinist, Chapel St.
Society of Friends, Little London
Wesleyan, East Walls, various

Public Schools:-
Blue Coat or Whitby, Thomas Pescod, master, West St
British, George Paull, master, Tower St
British (girls), Miss Jane Jeffrey, mistress, Little London
Central National, Miss Mercy Coote, mistress, Cathedral Churchyard
Chichester Infant, Miss Eliza Blake, mistress, Northgate
Choristers’ School, Richard Du Bochet, master, Cathedral Churchyard
Prebendal, Rev. Thomas Brown, master, West St
St Pancras National, John Pearson Cawthorne, master
St Pancras National Infant, Miss Emma Heasell, mistress
Training College for Schoolmasters, Rev. Matthew Parrington, principal master

Posting House:-
Dolphin Hotel, William Ballard, West St
Globe Inn, Thomas Purchase, Southgate

Coach – Earl of March, to Godalming, Petworth & Midhurst, Tues. thurs. & sat. from Wheatsheaf, North St at 8am, returns mon. wed. & fri.

Omnibuses To:-
Midhurst – Ellcombe’s, daily, sun. ex. At 4.15pm from Globe Inn, Southgate; Faulkner’s, daily sun. ex. At 4.15pm from the Globe Inn, Southgate
Bognor – Newman’s, daily, sun. ex. 4.15pm from Globe Inn, Southgate

Carriers to:-
London – G & W Pescott, by railway from wagon office, Eastgate
Portsmouth – Jenman, van daily, from East St
Guildford – Jenman, van, mon. & thurs. from East St
Salisbury – Hunt, mon. from Hornet
Southampton – Harden, sat. from White Horse, South St
Portsmouth – Burrows, mon. wed. & fri. from White Horse, South St
Farringdon – Burrows, mon. wed. & fri. from White Horse, South St
Arundel, Brighton, Shoreham & Worthing – Hammond, van, mon. wed. & fri. from West St
Petworth – Ricketts, van, mon. wed. & sat. from White Horse, South St; Pignell, mon. wed. & sat. from Globe, Southgate
Arundel – White, mon. wed. & sat. from 31 East St
Bognor – Peskett & Willis, daily, from Wheatsheaf, North St; Baker, daily, from 31 East St

Water Conveyance:-
By canal, to London, Arundel, Littlehampton, Petworth & Midhurst, from canal basin, Southgate

London, Brighton & South-Coast Railway:-
To London, Brighton, Portsmouth, Worthing, Shoreham, and intermediate places, from Station, Southgate. Omnibuses & flys to & from every train.

Appledram Traders
Dewey William Challen, farmer
Farndell Charles, Crown & Anchor
Farndell Stephen & Son, millers, corn & coal merchants, Dell Quay
Halsted Henry, farmer, Manor Farm
Newman John, shopkeeper
Robinson John, wheelwright
Rudwick Thomas, farmer
Vine James, farmer

Letters received through Chichester


Transcribed by Stacey Gardner

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