Pigot & Co Directory 1840 for Sussex ~ Worth, Turner's Hill, Balcomb, Ardingley & West Hoathly

WORTH is a parish and village seven miles and a half north from Cuckfield, and three east of Crawley. The church is a small inelegant structure, and with the village possesses nothing to command attention or excite admiration here is also a chapel for dissenters.

About two miles from Worth is TURNERíS HILL, a hamlet to that parish, the inhabitants of which are chiefly in agricultural employment.

The village of BALCOMB is situated four miles south of Worth. The church, which is a very ancient stone structure, stands on an eminence at the entrance of the village, surrounded by lofty fir trees, which completely seclude it from the view of the passing stranger.

The romantic village of ARDINGLEY is two miles south from Balcomb. The church is a very imposing structure, with a small square tower, the architecture of which is strictly gothic: there is also a spacious chapel for dissenters.

About three miles from Ardingley is WEST HOATHLY. The only object of interest here is the church, which is a fine old edifice, with a lofty spire, conspicuous for many miles round the country: there is also a neat chapel for dissenters. A small fair is held there on Whit Monday for pedlery, &c.

These villages possess nothing to entitle them to particular consideration, either as regards the man of business, or the curious traveller. The inhabitants are chiefly employed in husbandry, and the soil of the several parishes is in general fertile and well cultivated; the roads for the most parts are bad, being heavy, sandy and ill-repaired. In the neighbourhood are many highly respectable families and genteel residences, while from the high grounds is presented scenery, rich, varied and luxuriant.

The population of the respective parishes, by the government returns for 1831, was as follows; - WORTH, 1,859 inhabitants; BALCOMB, 641; ARDINGLEY, 587; and WEST HOATHLY, 980.

POST, Letters for the above villages arrive from and are despatched to EAST GRINSTEAD daily.

Attreee Elizabeth, Ardingley
Beckshall William, West Hoathly
Gibb James, Balcomb

Brown Joseph, Balcomb
Carden James, West Hoathly
Finch Edward, West Hoathly
Goring Richard, Worth
Humphrey Michael, Ardingley and Balcomb
Potter Thomas, Worth
Stanbridge Thomas, Turnerís Hill
Tulley Benjamin, Ardingley

Baker John, Turnerís Hill
Baker Thomas, West Hoathly
Beckshall John, West Hoathly
Burnett John, Turnerís Hill
Chatfield Charles, Ardingley
Langridge John, Turnerís Hill
Turner Thomas, Balcomb

Martin Robert, Worth

Humphrey Thomas, Turnerís Hill
Simmonds Thomas, West Hoathly
Taylor Thomas, Turnerís Hill

Cronk James, Ardingley
Elphick Frederick, Ardingley
Felwick Thomas, Turnerís Hill
Hooker William, Worth
Tester William, Balcomb

Borough Joseph, Turnerís Hill
Box William, Ardingley
Dancey John, Turnerís Hill
Gibb Thomas, Balcomb
Harman James, Ardingley
Jeal William, Worth
Johnson Joseph, Worth
Pollard Philip, West Hoathly

Marked thus * are also Drapers.
*Akehurst John, West Hoathly
*Baker John, Turnerís Hill
Bennett Thomas, West Hoathly
*Booker John, Balcomb
Chandler Benj, (& stonemason) Turnerís Hill
Cook William, Ardingley
Fuller John, Turnerís Hill
Hall Michael, Worth
*Hogg Marth (and china dealer), Worth
Hudson Obadiah (and charcoal dealer), Worth
Ireland James, Balcomb
Longley James, Turnerís Hill
Pollard Edward, West Hoathly
*Sayers Henry, Ardingley
*Tulley Benjamin (and undertaker), Ardingley
Turner Alfred, West Hoathly
Weller William, West Hoathly

Blue Anchor, Wm. Potter, Worth
Cat, George Goord, West Hoathly
Crown, Benjamin Flint, Turnerís Hill
Dukeís Head, Wm. Tester, Worth
Greyhound, Mary Bennett, Ardingley
Half Moon, John Ireland, Balcomb
Kingís Head, Edward Silvester, Worth
Norfolk Arms, John Bennett, Worth
Punch Bowl, John Longley, West Hoathly
Red Lion, John Steer, Turnerís Hill
Three Bridges, Robt. Martin, Worth
White Hart, Peter Becheley, West Hoathly

Booker John, Balcomb
Holland John, Ardingley
Saunders John, Worth
Streater Richard, West Hoathly

Baker Henry, Worth
Sayers Stephen, Ardingley
Turner Alfred, West Hoathly

Fuller John, Turnerís Hill
Pollard Thomas, West Hoathly
Webber John. Balcomb

Cutler John, auctioneer, Worth
Dixie Capt. Grove, stone merchant, Worth
Hastings Jospeh, gingerbread baker, Turnerís Hill
King Robert, charcoal burner, Turnerís Hill
Shaw Robert, turner, Ardingley
Steer John, cooper, Turnerís Hill
Tester Charles, coal merchant. Balcomb
Tester George, land surveyor, Balcomb
UNION WORKHOUSE, Worth Ė James Parker, master; Sophia Parker, mistress
West William, nursery & seedsman, Worth

To LONDON, Edw. Pierce, from Worth, every Monday and Thursday.


Transcribed by Mark Collins; Transcription © Mark Collins

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