Pigot & Co Directory 1840 for Sussex ~ Cuckfield with the villages of Lindfield and Horsted-Keynes

CUCKFIELD is a small market town and parish, in the hundred of Buttinghill and rape of Lewes; 39 miles s. from London, and 10 N.E. from Horsham; pleasantly situated on an eminence nearly in the centre of the county, and about a mile and a half from the line of the London and Brighton railway. The houses are chiefly built of freestone of which there are excellent quarries in the neighbourhood, and within about three miles is found pipe clay of a peculiar whiteness. The places of worship are the parish church, dedicated to the Holy Trinity, a large and handsome structure, and a chapel for independents. The living I a vicarage, in the gift of the Bishop of Chichester; the Rev. Henry Plimley is the present incumbent. A free grammar school was founded here in 1528, and endowed with some estates by Edward Flower, Esq. of London, and the Rev. Wm. Spicer of Balcomb, for the sons of parishioners of Cuckfield and Balcomb; there is not, however, one scholar on the foundation. The market is help on Friday, and the annual fairs in May, Thursday in Whitsun week, and September and November, for horses and cattle. The parish contained, by the last returns, 2,586 inhabitants.

LINDFIELD is a village and parish in the hundred of Burarches, and rape of Pevensey, about 3½ miles from Cuckfield; delightfully situated on the summit of a hill, and on the banks of the river Ouse, which is navigable for barges to this place; it consists of one wide street,, in which there are several handsome and well built residences. The church, dedicated to St. John the Baptist, is a noble structure evidencing great antiquity, with a neat spire; it stands on commanding high ground, at the north entrance of the village, presenting an interesting object to the stranger on approaching the place. The living is a perpetual curacy, in the patronage of the see of Canterbury. A school of industry was founded here by William Allen, Esq. of London; the erection is novel in its construction, being built of mud, over which is a cement, giving it the appearance of a stone edifice. There is also an establishment called the ‘Lindfield Benevolent Society,’ the object of which is to assist such of the industrious and deserving poor to avoid being chargeable to the parish. Fairs are held on the 1st April and the 12th of May, for sheep and cattle, and the 5th August for lambs; the latter is considered one of the largest in the county. The parish contained, in 1831, 1,485 inhabitants.

HORSTED KEYNES is a small village and parish in the hundred of Danehill-Horsted, three miles south west of Lindfield, with nothing worthy of particular remark. The church, dedicated to St Giles, is a small but remarkably neat structure, with and elegant spire. A national school, and one endowed by Mr. Edward Lightmaker, in 1708, for twenty children, comprise the charitable institutions. The parish contained, in 1831, 782 inhabitants.

POST OFFICE, CUCKFIELD, Samuel Mitchell, Post Master. – Letters from LONDON arrive every afternoon at half-past one and half-past two, and are despatched every morning at five minutes before twelve and night at half-past twelve. – Letter from BRIGHTON arrive every day at five minutes before twelve and night at half-past twelve, and are despatched every afternoon at half-past twelve, except Sunday, when there is only the night despatch.

POST OFFICE, LINDFIELD, John Parker, Post Master. – Letters from CUCKFIELD arrive (by foot post) every morning at eight, and are despatched every evening at five.

Allen Bejamin, esq. Lindfield
Bellamy Thomas Jones, esq. Willies
Bent John, esq. Lindfield
Chase Miss Rebecca, Lindfield
Chater Rev. John, Lindfield
Cherry John Petre, esq. Pelsty
Compton Thomas, esq. Lindfield
Copeland John, esq. Lindfield
Crawford Gibbs, esq. Paxhill park
De’Blaquierre Lieut,-General the Hon.William, Hill house
Dixon Rev. George, Cuckfield
Fearon Rev. Henry, Cuckfield
Grainger Thomas Bannerman, esq. Stapleford common
Haygarth Rev. George, Lindfield
Johnson Mrs. - , Lindfield
Jollands Charles, esq. Lindfield
Metcalf Mr. Joseph, Lindfield
Morgan Rev. -, Horsted-Keynes
Newton Rev. Edward, Cuckfield
Peyton Mrs, -, Lindfield
Pierpoint Mr. Charles, Lindfield
Plimley Rev. Henry, Cuckfield
Sergison Rev. William, Cuckfield
Shaw Sir John, Staplefield place
Trotter Robert, esq. Borde hill
Waller Mrs. -, Cuckfield
Wells Admiral Sir John, G.C.B. Bolmore
Williams Henry, esq. Lindfield
Wyatt -, esq. Tremens

Baker Ann, (boarding and day), Lindfield
Gandell Esther Ann, (boarding and day), Cuckfield
INFANTS’ AND DAY SCHOOL, Lindfield – W. Blackshell, master; Sophia Blackshell, mistress
NATIONAL SCHOOL, Cuckfield – Thomas Norris, master; Ann Humphrey, mistress
Osborne William Henry (boarding and day), Cuckfield
Picknell James (day), Cuckfield
SCHOOL OF INDUSTRY, Lindfield – William Watkins, master
Stone John (day), Horsted-Keynes

Allin John, Lindfield
Robertson Charles, Cuckfield
Waller Samuel, Cuckfield

Chilcott John, Cuckfield
Drawbridge William, Scaines hill

Cook John, Cuckfield
King James, Lindfield
Meads Ann, Lindfield
Mitchell Catherine, Cuckfield
Mitchener Henry, Cuckfield

Ayres James, Cuckfield
Batchelor Edward, Lindfield
Brigden James, Horsted-Keynes
Clear William, Cuckfield
Elliott John, Lindfield
Elliott, William, Cuckfield
Kennard Wesson, Scaines hill

Last Caroline, Cuckfield
Osborne William Henry (and circulating library), Cuckfield
Picknell James (& sub-distributor of stamps), Cuckfield

Bennett Jesse, Horsted-Keynes
Blaker John, Lindfield
Blaker, Thomas, Lindfield
Cook John, Cuckfield
Davy Allen, Lindfield
Davy Henrey, Lindfield
Elliott Wm, (& leather cutter), Cuckfield
Gower John, Lindfield
Isted John, Lindfield
Leney William, Cuckfield
Purser William, Cuckfield
Stevens George, Cuckfield
Stevens John, Cuckfield
Wells Henry, Lindfield

Best Thomas, Cuckfield
Durrant William, Lindfield

Beard John, Lindfield
Constable Edward, Lindfield

Butcher Richard, Horsted-Keynes
Chart Richard, Cuckfield
Comber Turner (and tallow chandler), Lindfield
Jenner Edmund, Cuckfield
Jenner George, Lindfield
Jenner Thomas, Cuckfield
Taylor Thomas, Horsted-Keynes

Anscombe John, Lindfield
Anscombe Joseph, Cuckfield
Bridger Peter, Cuckfield
King James, Lindfield
Knight Stephen, Cuckfield
Langridge Stephen, Horsted-Keynes
Welfare Edward, Horsted-Keynes

Baber Henry (and malt, hop and porter), Lindfield
Constable Edward, Lindfield

Baber Henry Adolphus, Lindfield
Heasman John, Lindfield
Sayers John, Cuckfield

Picknell James, Cuckfield
Last Caroline, Cuckfield

COUNTY, Abrm. Bristy, Cuckfield
INDEPENDENT WEST MIDDLESEX, William Durrant, Lindfield
NORWICH UNION, Thomas Bryant Butcher, Cuckfield
PHOENIX, James Picknell, Cuckfield
ROYAL EXCHANGE, Thomas Turner, Cuckfield
SUN, Samuel Mitchell, Cuckfield

Marked thus * are also Drapers.
*Agate Stephen, Cuckfield
Bristy Abraham (& tallow chandler), Cuckfield
Butcher Thomas Bryant, Cuckfield
*Durrant William, Lindfield
Everiss John, Lindfield
Fellows John, Horsted-Keynes
Gosling John, Horsted-Keynes
Hollingham William, Scaines hill
Kennard Richard, Cuckfield
*Knight Thomas, Lindfield
Mason Geo. (& china dealer), Lindfield
Meads Ann, Lindfield
*Mitchell Samuel, Cuckfield
Parker John (tea dealer), Lindfield
Parkhurst Thomas, Cuckfield
Pim Celia, Lindfield
*Raglus John, Lindfield
Roberts William, Horsted-Keynes
*Turner Thomas, Cuckfield

Alderton Oliver, Cuckfield
Blaker John, Lindfield

Anchor, John Burnett, Scaines hill
Bent Arms, Eliz. Huggett, Lindfield
Board Arms, Geo. Saxby, Lindfield
Crown, Wm. Guy, Horsted Keynes
Dolphin, Henry Penfold, Cuckfield
King’s Head (posting & commercial inn), Stephen Wileman, Cuckfield
Pitt’s Head, Wm. Vernham, Cuckfield
Red Lion, Ann Mills, Lindfield
Ship, Jesse Attree, Cuckfield
Sloop, Jas. Parker, Horsted-Keynes
Talbot Inn (and posting house and billiard rooms), Faulkner Best, Cuckfield
Tiger, Richard Harland, Lindfield
White Hart, Stephen Stammer, Cuckfield

Anscombe Joseph, Cuckfield
Brigden Thomas, Cuckfield
Knight James (& oil & colourman), Cuckfield

Baber Henry, Lindfield
Molineux Samuel, Cuckfield

Ansell William, East Maskells
Caffyn Thomas, Cuckfield
Coomber John, Horsted-Keynes
Hemsley Henry, Dane hill
Hurst Widow, Cockhaise mill, Lindfield
Pim James (& paper mill), Lindfield
Stephens Edward, Freshfield mill
Stevens Edward, Horsted-Keynes
Turner John, Cuckfield
Webber George, Cuckfield

Willard James, Lindfield
Willard Thomas, Lindfield

Fellows John, Horsted-Keynes
Hayward Henry, Lindfield
Knowles Ann, Cuckfield
Parker Robert, Lindfield

Bennett Henry, Cuckfield
Brigden Joseph, Cuckfield
Lee Edward, Lindfield

Byass Lovel & Son, Cuckfield
Molloy Robert, Lindfield
Tuppen Richard Stapley, Lindfield

Baker William, Lindfield
Bates William, Horstes-Keynes
Bray Henry, Cuckfield
Brigden George, Cuckfield
Dumsday Keziah, Cuckfield
Gasston Thomas, Lindfield
Meads Henry, Lindfield

Bates Edward, Cuckfield
Parker John, Lindfied

Jeffery Joseph, jun. (&timber merchant), Cuckfield
Juniper Charles (and coach maker), Cuckfield
Parkham Henry, Lindfield
Smith Henry, Cuckfield
Stanford John, Scaines hill

Bish Charles, fellmonger & breeches maker, Lindfield
Blaker Emma, straw hat maker, Lindfield
Chilcott John & Henry, land surveyors, Cuckfield
Cooper William, registrar of births & deaths, Cuckfield
Dann Edward, cooper, Cuckfield
Eade William, printer, Lindfield
Francis Elizabeth, currier, Cuckfield
Heasman John, leather cutter, Lindfield
Hobbs James, furrier, Cuckfield
Penfold Noah, chair maker, Cuckfield
Pierce Ann, stationer, Lindfield
Pierce Peter, farrier, Lindfield
SAVINGS’ BANK, Cuckfield – William Henry Osbourne , actuary
UNION POORHOUSE, Cuckfield – William Kerby, master; Mary Kerby, mistress
Wileman John, tanner, Cuckfield

To and from LONDON & BRIGHTON pass through Cuckfield continually during the day.
To BRIGHTON, the Accommodation, from the Bent Arms Inn, Lindfield, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon at half-past three.

To LONDON, Thomas Comber, every Monday and Thursday morning.


Transcribed by Mark Collins; Transcription © Mark Collins

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