Pigot & Co Directory 1840 for Sussex ~ Chailey, Barcomb and Newick

CHAILEY is a village and parish in the hundred of Street, and rape of Lewes, about 6 miles N.W. from that town, situated in a rich and fertile part of that county. The inhabitants of this and the adjoining parishes are engaged in husbandry, but there is no trade of a marked character. The parish contains a small church dedicated to St. Peter, a chapel for dissenters, and a national school. Population of the parish, in 1831, 1,030.

About three miles south-east from Chailey, in the hundred of its name, is the village and parish of BARCOMB, which contains a very extensive oil mill, erected lately at a cost of £10,000. The church is dedicated to St. Mary; and the benefice a rectory, in the gift of the crown. A school was established here by the late Thomas Rickman, esq. for the instruction of poor children. Population of the parish, in 1831, 931.

About two miles north-east from Chailey, is the small village of NEWICK, possessing no feature of consideration but that of Newick park, the seat of the Rev. T. B. Powell, a retired and charming residence. The church, dedicated to St. Mary, is in the early English style of architecture; the benefice is a rectory, in the patronage of the rev. gentleman before mentioned. Twelve poor girls of the parish are educated and clothed by means of an endowment, made by Venables Vernon, in 1771. Population, in 1831, 724.

POST OFFICE, CHAILEY, Thomas Roots Beard, Post Master. – Letters from LONDON arrive (by foot post from Lewes) every morning at half-past nine, and are despatched every afternoon at half-past five.


Allen Rev. Robt. Rectory Barcomb
Blaaw James, esyq. the Bucks
Blencom Richard W. esq. the Hook
Grantham George, esq. Barcomb pl
Gray Russell, esq. Barcomb
Ingram James, esq. Ades
Powell Rev. Thomas B. Newick
Rainer Mrs. Elizabeth, Chailey
Richardson Capt. -, Sutton Hurst
St. John General T. Chailey
Shiffner Capt. -, R. N. Newick
Slater John Henry, esq. Newick
Trebeck Rev. Thomas, Chailey

Dundas Louis, surgeon, Newick
Russell Richard, master of the National School, Chailey
Verral Best, surgeon, Newick

Anchor James Funnell, Barcomb
Bull & Butcher, Jno. Weston, Newick
Five Bells, Mary Ann Hurst, Chailey
King’s Head, Eliz. Hobbs, Chailey
Royal Oak, George Adams, Barcomb
Swan, James Randall, Chailey

Adams Eliz. Grocer & draper, Barcomb
Allcorn John, bricklayer, Chailey
Allen John, show maker, Chailey
Attree Thomas, blacksmith, Newick
Austin Henry, butcher, Barcomb
Bax William, wheelwright, Newick
Beard George, miller, Chailey
Beard Thos. R. grocer & draper, Chailey
Best Gabriel, grocer & draper, Chailey
Brook Henry, grocer & draper, Chailey
Browne Allen, grocr & draper, Newick
Cheeseman John, brewer, Malling
Comber Jesse, saddler, Newick
Constable Jno. Bricklayer, Barcomb
Corner James, carpenter and wheelwright, Chailey
Corney John, plumber & c. Chailey
Cox Thomas, shoe maker, Barcomb
Cripps John, show maker, Barcomb
Eldridge & Co. millers, Barcomb
Ford Benjamin, show maker, Chailey
Fuller John, carpenter, Barcomb
Gilbert William & James, brewers, Newick
Gray Russell, corn and oil miller, Barcomb
Hamshay Henry, miller, Chailey
Holmden George, grocer and draper, Newick
Holmes James, baker and mealman, Newick
Homewood John, patten and clog maker, Chailey
Isard William, fellmonger, Newick
Jeffrey William, butcher, Chailey
Moon Simon, wheelwright, Chailey
Newton John, veterinary surgeon, Newick
Norman Richard & Co. brick makers, Chailey
Olive Joseph, grocer & draper, Chailey
Pannett Richd. show maker, Chailey
Simmonds Jno. blacksmith, Barcomb
Smith Ann, blacksmith, Chailey
Smith John, butcher, Newick
Smith Sarah, smith & farrier, Barcomb
Teague Richard, tailor, Newick
Tugwell William, shoe maker, Newick
Weston George, carpenter, Newick
Weston Geo. grocer & draper, Newick
Weston John, butcher, Newick

To LONDON, Walter Ware, every Monday and Friday; and Henry Leney and James Roser; every Tuesday and Sat.


Transcribed by Mark Collins; Transcription © Mark Collins

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