Pigot & Co Directory 1840 for Sussex ~ Billingshurst, Wisborough Green and Neighbourhoods

BILLINGSHURST is a village and parish, in the hundred of West Easwrith and rape of Arundel; 40 miles S.S.W. from London, and nearly seven S.W. from Horsham; situated near to the source of the river Arun; which, with the Arun and Way Junction canal, pass through the parish; and it is likewise intersected by the Roman road called Stayne-street. The land of the district around here is entirely appropriated to the purposes of agriculture, but is not remarkably productive. There are no manufactures established here; a limited trade in coal and lime exists, which is assisted by the navigation; and there are several corn mills. The Duke of Norfolk is lord of the manor, and holds a court triennially. The places of worship are the parish church, dedicated to St. Mary, and a chapel for dissenters. The living is a vicarage, in the patronage of Sir C. F. Goring, Bart.; the Rev. Henry Beath is the present vicar. There is an attendance of persons from the neighbouring country every alternate Tuesday, for the sale and purchase of corn; but it cannot with propriety be designated a market; there are two fairs, however, held on Whit-Monday and the 8th November, for cattle, &c. The parish contained, by the returns for 1831, 1,540 inhabitants.

Nearly three miles west from Billingshurst, and rather more than six north-east from Petworth, is the village and parish of WISBOROUGH GREEN; the parish, which is partly in the hundred of Rotherbridge and West Easwrith, but chiefly in that of Bury, is bounded on the east by the river Arun, and intersected by the Arun and Wey canal. The places of worship are the parish church and a chapel for independents; the former which is dedicated to St. Peter, is in the early English style. The living is a discharged vicarage, in the presentation of the prebendary of Wisborough, in Chichester cathedral. The parish (including the chapelry of LOXWOOD-END), contained, by the returns for 1831, 1,782 inhabitants.

POST OFFICE, BILLINGSHURST, Peter Kenseth, Post Master. – Letters from LONDON arrive (by mail cart from Horsham) every morning at five, and are despatched every night at ten.

POST OFFICE, WISBOROUGH GREEN, William Ellis, Post Master. – Letters from LONDON and the East arrive (by mail cart from Horsham) every morning at ½-past 5, and are despatched every night at ½-past 9.

*** The names without address are in BILLINGSHURST

Beath Rev. Henry, Billingshurst
Chapman Rev. Josiah, Billingshurst
Elliott Mr. John, Wisborough Green
Ireland Mr. John, Billingshurst
King John, esq. Loxwood
Lascelles Rowley, esq. Wisborough Green
Mitchell Mr. Job, Wisborough Green
Napper Edward, esq. Ifold
Napper Hy. Fredk. esq. Laker’s lodge
Napper John, esq. (magistrate), Maltham house
Streeter Mr. William, Wisborough Green
Thornton Rev. John, D. D. Wisborough Green
Wood George William, esq. Summers

Boarer William, day school
Caffin Matthew, land and timber surveyor and appraiser
Evershed, Peter, surgeon
Fishley Brook, surgeon, Wisborough Green
Medhurst Mary Ann, boarding and day school
Turner Henry, surveyor and registrar of births and deaths for Billingshurst, Wisborough Green and Rudgwick – Billingshurst
Voice Mary, day school

Blacksmiths’ Arms, Frederick Peskett, Adversane
King’s Arms (and commercial inn), George Puttock
King’s Head, (and commercial inn), James Aylward, Billingshurst
Three Crowns, George Wells, Wisborough Green

Allman John, nursery & seedsman
Baker David, watch maker
Barnes William, boot maker and shopkeeper, Wisborough Green
Barnes William, jun. boot maker, Wisborough Green
Brown William, boot & shoe maker, Wisborough Green
Burchett Henry, mealman
Caffin Matthew, land and timber surveyor and appraiser
Carter Cornelius, blacksmith, Adversane
Carter Joseph, miller, Rowner mill
Carter Thomas, grocer, Adversane
Chapman George, saddler, Wisborough Green
Edmunds Jno. grocer & draper, stamp distributer, and fire, &c. office agent, Wisborough Green
Ellis William, grocer, draper, stamp distributer, and fire, &c. office agent, Wisborough Green
Evershed Stephn. veterinary surgeon
Grinsted Joseph, butcher, Wisborough Green
Hammond George Francis, plumber
Harwood Edward, boot maker, Adversane
Hill Wm. blacksmith, Wisborough Green
Holden Edward, blacksmith
Holden James, blacksmith
Kensett John, butcher
Kensett Peter, grocer, draper & agent to the County fire office
Knight George, grocer
Knight Stephen, maltster
Laker Henry, tailor and hair dresser
Laker Jesse, currier & leather seller
Laker Peter, tailor and hair dresser
Linfield Thomas, butcher
Mitchell Richard, carpenter
Payne John, plumber and glazier, Wisborough Green
Puttock George, basket, measure, sieve and hoop maker
Puttock James, fellmonger & glover
Puttock Philip, grocer, miller and nurseryman
Puttock Thomas, grocer and draper
Razell Wm. saddler and shoemaker
Robinson Edward, butcher & grocer
Seward, Child & Henly, coal & lime merchants and barge owners, New Bridge wharf
Songhurst James, boot maker, Wisborough Green
Sprinks William, miller
Steer James, baker and mealman, Wisborough Green
Tribe Peacy, carpenter, Wisborough Green
Turner John, jun. lime burner and barge owner, New Bridge wharf
Upfield Sarah, grocer and draper, Wisborough Green
Voice Edward, plumber & carpenter
Voice John, boot and shoe maker
Wadey Luke, wheelwright
Welch Thomas, miller, Wisborough Green
Weller George, boot maker
Wells George, blacksmith & wheelwright, Wisborough Green
Wood James, blacksmith, Wisborough Green
Woods William, carpenter, Wisborough Green
WORKHOUSE, Wisborough Green – Bray Williams, master; Elizabeth Williams, mistress

To LONDON, the Comet (from Bognor) calls at the King’s Arms, every forenoon (Sunday ex.) at a quarter before twelve; goes through Dorking, Leatherhead, &c.
To BOGNOR, the Comet (from London) calls at the King’s Arms, every afternoon (Sunday excepted) at one; goes through Pulborough, Arundel, &c.

To LONDON, Levi Wade’s Waggon, from Billingshurst, every Monday – and John Standon, from Wisborough Green, every Thursday.
To BRIGHTON, William King, from Billingshurst, every Monday & Friday afternoon, and to GUILDFORD, every Wednesday morning.


Transcribed by Mark Collins; Transcription © Mark Collins

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