Pigot & Co Directory 1840 for Sussex ~ Bexhill, Pevensey & Westham

BEXHILL is a village and parish, in the hundred of its name and rape of Hastings, between five and six miles west from that town, and sixty-four S.S.E. from London; pleasantly situated on a commanding eminence overlooking he sea, and on the road from Brighton to Hastings. It is an inconsiderable town in respect of trade, but is visited in the summer months, for the purpose of sea bathing, by a few respectable families, for whose accommodation there are machines on the beach, which is about half a mile from the village. The church, dedicated to St. Peter, is a respectable looking edifice, especially when seen from the beach, and imparts and air of importance to the place, to which, in fact, it has no real claim: the benefice is a vicarage, in the patronage of the Bishop of Chichester. The Wesleyan Methodists have a chapel, and there is a school for poor children, conducted upon the national system. A small fair is held here on the first of July. The parish contained, by the returns for 1831, 1,931 persons.

PEVENSEY is a parish and member of the town and port of Hastings, in the lowey and rape of its name, about four miles from Bexhill. Though now but a small village, it was formerly a town of consequence and a good seaport; its decline has been caused by the receding of the sea, and its only shadow of importance remaining is that of its having a bailiff, jurats and commonalty for its government; who have power to try prisoners for petty offences, for which purpose quarter sessions are held. Pevensey bay is rendered famous for having been the landing place of William the Conqueror. The only object deriving notice at the present day is the ruins of the castle, of great antiquity and extend, evidently of Roman construction; and before the reign of James I was a parcel of the possessions of the dutchy of Lancaster. The fortress is of a circular form, having an area of seven acres: on the south side is a moat, and within is a smaller fortification, also moated; on the north and west are round towers, formerly entered by draw bridges. The east wall stands on what appears to be a cliff, as if the sea had once come up to it; but this is contradictory to the appearance of the village below, from which the waters must have receded before the castle was built. The church, which is dedicated to St. Nicholas, and stands near the eastern entrance to the castle, is of great antiquity, and its interior is adorned with several ancient monuments. The living is a vicarage, in the gift of the chancellor in Chichester cathedral. A national school, for the education of children of both sexes, and five almshouses, are the charities. A fair is held on the 5th July for cattle and pedlery. The parish contained, by the last returns, 343 inhabitants.

Adjoining to the parish of Pevensey is that of WESTHAM; the village is inconsiderable, possessing nothing meriting particular notice. The church, dedicated to St. Mary, is a small and ancient edifice: the living is a vicarage, in the patronage Lord George Cavendish. Population of the parish, in 1831, 752.

POST OFFICE, BEXHILL, Henry Mate, Post Master. – Letters from BATTLE and all parts arrive every morning at ten, and are despatched every afternoon at four in winter and five in summer.

Brook Mr. Arthur, Bexhill
Brown Mrs. - , Bexhill
Burch Rev. Thomas, D.D. Vicarage, Bexhill
Day Richard, esq. Bexhill
Grace Rev. Henry Thos. Westham
Nouaille Rev. Julius, Pevensey
Whiteman John, esq. Westham
Wilson Stephen, esq. Bexhill

Holland Miss, Bexhill
Jefferson John, Bexhill
Jefferson M.A. Bexhill

Barham Thomas, Pevensey
Ockenden James, Bexhill
White Daniel, Bexhill
Barnard Thomas, Bexhill
Coppard Thomas, Pevensey
Gilham John, Bexhill
Miller Charles, Westham
Miller Edward, Westham
Pattenden John, Westham
Pelling Deering, Bexhill
Prior Edward, Bexhill

Geering Arthur, Westham
Thwaites Thos. (& salesman), Bexhill
Vincent Stephen, Bexhill

Geering James, Westham
Ockenden Samuel, Bexhill
Parker John, Bexhill

Ford William, Bexhill
Harman, John, Bexhill

Barrow Stephen, Bexhill
Fowler Wm. (and maltster), Pevensey

Britt James, Bexhill
Honisett James, Westham
Kenward William, Westham
Oliver Joseph, Bexhill
Ranson Stephen, Bexhill
Reeves Henry (and draper), Bexhill
Russell Ann, Pevensey
Stanley Elizabeth, Bexhill
Stone R.B. Pevensey
Stride Robert, Bexhill
Walters Ann, Westham

Bell (& posting), Peter Smith, Bexhill
Castle, Thomas Pearce, Pevensey
New Inn, Peter Balcomb, Pevensey
New Inn, Michael Bean, Westham
New Inn, Richd. Cousins, Sidley grn
Queen’s Head, John Mauley, Bexhill
Wheat Sheaf, Thos. Miller, Bexhill

Crisford Charles & Son, Westham
Hayward Samuel, Bexhill
Thomas William, Bexhill
White Daniel, Bexhill

Geering Henry, Westham
Sinden John, Bexhill
Sinden William, Bexhill
Weston William, Bexhill
Winborn Arthur, Bexhill

Bretton Thomas, Bexhill
Duke Walter, Bexhill

Dallaway Thomas (and stationer and hardwareman), Bexhill

Barrow Stephen, Bexhill
Edmonds George, Bexhill
Geering Aaron, Westham

Barnard James, bricklayer, Westham
Flemming John, bookbinder, Bexhill
Lynn Roger, tailor, Bexhill
Mewett Robert, cooper, Bexhill
Morris George, fruiterer, Bexhill
Rich William, saddler, Bexhill
Smith & Crowhurst, plumbers, &c. Bexhill
Tester John, gardener & seedsman, Bexhill
Thomas George, auctioneer and surveyor, Bexhill

To BRIGHTON, the Hero (from Hastings) every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday; goes through Bexhill, Westham, Pevensey, Eastbourne, Lewes, &c.
To HASTINGS, the Hero (from Brighton) every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

For Passengers and Goods.
To BRIGHTON, - Orton’s Van (from Hastings), every morning at ten; - Elgar, daily (Sunday excepted) 0 andd – Reed, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday; all go through Bexhill, Westham, Pevensey, Eastbourne, Lewes, &c.
To HASTINGS, - Orton’s Van (from Brighton), every afternoon at three – and – Reed, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

To BATTLE, Edward Ling, every Monday.
To EASTBOURNE, Edward Ling, from Pevensey, every Tuesday and Saturday.
To HASTINGS, Elizabeth Gander, from Bexhill, daily – Aaron Banks, every Tuesday & Friday – and Thomas Diveall, every Wednesday and Saturday.
To LEWES, - Manser, from Pevensey, every Friday.


Transcribed by Mark Collins; Transcription © Mark Collins

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