War Memorial, Westbourne, West Sussex

Transcribed from the War Memorial near the church (photo below).

THE GREAT WAR 1914-1919

F. C. Parsons, K. O. Y. L. I.W. Adams, Royal Sussex.E. Boorne, Worcestershire.G. Trudgett, Royal Warwicks.
G. W. Richardson, Hants Regt.E. P. Chamberlain, R. N.C. J. Collins, H. M. S. Good Hope.F. Till, R. A. S. C.
C. J. Souter, H. M. S. Good Hope.R. Covington, Royal Engineers.E. Crouch, H. M. S. Bulwark.A. Voice, Royal Sussex.
W. Selsby, H. M. S. Queen Mary.T. Cousins, Hants Regt.L. C. Elias, Australian Contingent.B. Wells, H. M. S. Queen Mary.
P. Smith, H. M. S. Malaya.H. T. Gilbert, H. M. S. Black PrinceF. A. Gladden, Norfolk Regt.F. Wells, R. M. L. I.
H. Stent, R. C. A.C. E. Couch, Dorset Regt.A. Green, East Surrey.C. H. C. West, Australian Contingent.
G. Stevens, Queens Regt.T. Griffith, H. M. S. Aboukir.E. Hamilton, Royal Sussex.J. West, H. M. S. Colin Bella.
A. Stillwell, Royal Sussex.N. Hull, Royal Sussex.W. H. Harrison, H. M. S. Ariel.L. Whitaker, Hants Regt.
A. Smith, H. M. S. Agincourt.R. J. Kennard, Hants Regt.R. Kemp, Hants Regt.H. Wakeford, Royal Sussex.
S. E. Sully, R. A. S. C.J. Langley, R. F. A.H. R. Marchant, R. F. A.Engr Comdr J. B. Wilshin, H. M. S. Monmouth
Lieut, G. T. F. Tothill, Royal Fusiliers.2nd Lieut. C. H. Merrikin, London Regt.A. Marsh, Royal Sussex. 
G. Tee, H. M. S. Invincible.J. Monk, Royal Fusiliers.W. Newell, H. M. S. Bulwark. 
P. Tee, Royal Fusiliers.C. Nash, Submarine C31.W. Piles, Hants Regt. 
A. Tilbury, Royal Sussex.P. G. Porter, Hants Regt.J. Portsmouth, A. & S. HRS 
Lieut, I. S. Binney Scott, Submarine E3.T. Phillips, H. M. S. Bulwark.F. Phillips, H. M. S. Churka. 
"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."

Brass plate on bottom step:
The 1939-1945 memorial stone was given in memory of Rear Admiral Cecil Ramsden Langworthy Parry C.B. D.S.O 1901-1977

Plaque in the pavement:

1939 - 1945

K. AtkinsonL. Gillard
A. AylwardE. Harrison
D. BadcockA. Knight
G. BaileyP. Lashly
G. BeasleyJ. McCrae
A. BoynsR. Phillips
F. ConstableW. Pryke
C. DenhamA. Robinson
E. FarndenC. Robinson
A. FarmerR. Robinson D.S.M.
C. FosseyW. Sole
W. GardnerW. Sylvester
T. GodwinL. Tutt
D. GregoryR. West
R. Gordon-Smith D.S.C. 


Westbourne War Memorial - 6th July 2007


Transcribed by Mark Collins

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