War memorial, Rye Harbour, East Sussex

Transcribed from the memorial which is the gate to the Churchyard (photographs below):

The following gave their lives for the King and Country in the Great War, 1914 - 1918
Frank Aers
William Bayley
James Burr
Leonard J. Caister
William J. Dickerson
Harry Downey
Robert Marshall
Leonard Martin
Walter Mesher
Cyril Murrant
James Noakes
Frederick Southerden
Harold Saunders
Harold E. Watson
Harry Watson
Greater love hath no man than this, that (rest missing)

The following served
in His Majesty's Forces
during the Great War 1914 - 1918

F. H. Dickerson

A. Murrant
J. A. DoustG. H. MarchantC. E. SaundersJ. Southerden
W. DoustA. MarshallD. G. SaundersJ. W. Southerden
B. DowneyJ. MarshallF. S. SaundersR. Tems
F. W. DowneyC. MartinT. F. SaundersF. Tillman
W. ArnoldS. CaisterH. FowlerA. E. MesherJ. A. SaundersG. Tillman
J. AshdownW. R. CaisterH. HeadJ. W. MillgateJ. B. SaundersJ. Tillman
A. E. AshmentE. L. ChandlerA. L. HedglerW. J. MillgateJ. S. SaundersS. Tillman
F. R. AshmentF. ChandlerC. HedglerA. MillerJ. C. SherwoodA. Tiltman
C. BeechingE. ClothierS. HoldstockA. MillsW. E. SmallE. Tiltman
L. BoonH. R. ClothierA. IgglesdenC. MillsA. E. SmithT. Tiltman
J. H. BradleyH. CramptonA. IgglesdenE. O. NoakesW. C. SmithS. F. Tunbridge
A. BreedsR. CoppardC. IgglesdenE. W. PayneJ. StonhamA. A. Varlow
G. A. BryantB. C. CuttingW. IgglesdenP. PeakeA. SoutherdenB. Varlow
H. E. ButchersF. W. CuttingE. JagoA. PetersA. SoutherdenJ. Varlow
L. R. ButchersH. CuttingC. KeelerR. PetersC. SoutherdenW. Varlow
S. V. ButchersR. R. CuttingH. KirkpatrickJ. PocockC. SoutherdenJ. W. Varlow
R. BrownR. J. CuttingW. M. KirckpatrickG. E. PopeD. SoutherdenE. Williams
F. G. CaisterF. DickersonT. KingA. RobusH. SoutherdenC. Wood
G. CaisterJ. DickersonW. H. LucasR. G. RussellH. A. SoutherdenA. Caister

War memorial at Rye Harbour, East Sussex

War memorial at Rye Harbour, East Sussex


Transcribed by Mark Collins

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