Roll of Honour, Chalvington, East Sussex

Transcribed from the Roll of Honour hanging in the church:

Men of Chalvington
On Active Service 1912 - 1918
Baker, Frederick
Brocke, George Alfred
Breton, Ernest
Breton, Albert
Crocker, Charlie
Elliott, William
Griffin, George Thomas
Griffin, Robert Sydney
Homan, Martin Robert 3rd
Homan, Luther Martin
Holman, John Deadman
Holman, Samuel Alfred
Holman, Albert Edward
Matthews, Barry
Pilbeam, William Henry
Pink, Walter
Saxon, Ernest William
Stepney, Charles Jasper
West, William Robert, Killed in action
Zarshetsky, Bart Conrad

Note : the photograph of this item was indistinct, so errors are possible.


Transcribed by Mark Collins

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