1891 Census for Ashburnham - Person Detail

Enumeration District details:

Number: 11.

Code: RG 12/776.

Description: Boundary: The whole of the Civil Parish of Ninfield.
Contents: Include Lodge Gates, Lower Barn, Standard Hill, Coombe Hill & Wood, Tinker's Town, the Tannery, Russell's Green. Akhurst and Stapley's Farms, The Thorne, part of Lunsford Cross, Crisford's and Ingram's Farms, Lower Street, Moor Hall, the Village of Ninfield, with Vicarage and Church, one house in the Marl pits, Moons's Hill and Brickyard Cottages near Normanhurst. Also a formerly detached part of the Parish of Ashburnham comprising all those houses between the two roads running parallel East and West on either side of the Windmill, the Eastern Boundary being the footpath connecting the two Roads by Mr Holland's shop and Western Boundary the road from Standard Hill to the Marlpits, also Mr Hobden's house and the Marlpits, excepting one house.
The whole is in the Parliamentary Division of Ripe, Rural Sanitary District of Hailsham.

Enumerator: Joseph Ridel.

Sub. District: Hailsham.

Registration district: Hailsham.

Property details:

Address: Back Road.

Type: Inhabited.

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Household details:

Schedule: [3] ~ Barden.

Head of household: Barden, William.

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Document details:

Folio: 152.

Page: 1.

Row: 8.

Person details:

Name: Barden, William.

Occupation: Agricultural Labourer [employed].

Age: 20.

Gender: Male.

Marital status: Married.

Relationship to head: Head.

Born In County?: Yes (based on birth parish).

Birth parish: Wartling.

Birth county: East Sussex.

Birth country: England.

Transcription details:

Transcribed by: John Cheshire.

Batch: CEN_Ashburnham_1891-Ninfield-11a.csv.

Source: 1891 Census Ninfield Transcription.

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