1861 Census for Horsted Keynes - Person Detail

Enumeration District details:

Code: RG 9/581.

Description: North part of the Parish of Horsted Keynes including north side of the village, Pierpoints Farm, Addpres Farm, Cinderhill Farm, Cookham Lane, Aldgates, Tanyard, Dean Land, Horsted House and Chittern Street on to Broadhurst.

Enumerator: Archibald Blader.

Registration district: Cuckfield.

Property details:

Address: Pt of Addynes Cottage.

Type: Inhabited.

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Household details:

Schedule: 16.

Head of household: Stedman, George.

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Document details:

Folio: 53.

Page: 5.

Person details:

Name: Stedman, George.

Occupation: Farm labourer.

Age: 59.

Gender: Male.

Marital status: Married.

Relationship to head: Head.

Born In County?: Yes (based on birth parish).

Birth parish: Twineham.

Birth county: West Sussex.

Birth country: England.

Transcription details:

Transcribed by: Simon Brickell.

Batch: CEN_Horsted Keynes_Horsted-Keynes-1861-Simon-Brickell.csv.

Source: 1861 Census Transcriptions - Simon Brickell.

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