1841 Census for Wisborough Green - Person Detail

Enumeration District details:

Number: 11.

Code: HO 107/1091/9.

Description: All that part of the Parish of Wisborough Green which lies north of the Road leadinf from Idehurst to Wisborough Green Village and West of the road from thence by Round Street Common. Fletchfold and Hindfoldwood Common to plastow Gate bounded by Kirdford.

Enumerator: George Clayton.

Sub. District: Billingshurst.

Registration district: Petworth.

Property details:

Address: Wisborough Green.

Type: Inhabited.

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Household details:

Schedule: [1] ~ Barnes.

Head of household: Not known - relationships not specified in 1841 census.

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Document details:

Folio: 19.

Page: 1.

Row: 2.

Person details:

Name: Barnes, Reachel.

Occupation: Unknown or not given.

Age: 60.

Gender: Female.

Marital status: Not given.

Relationship to head: Not given.

Born In County?: Yes.

Birth parish: Unknown (SSX).

Birth county: Sussex.

Birth country: England.

Transcription details:

Transcribed by: John Morrison.

Batch: CEN_Wisborough Green_1841-1091-WisboroughGreen-11-JohnMorrison.csv.

Source: 1841 Census Wisborough Green Transcription.

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