1841 Census for Burwash - Person Detail

Enumeration District details:

Number: 1 (part of).

Code: HO 107/1108/1.

Description: All that part of the parish of Burwash comprising Turses Crowhurst-Bridge the Shrub part of the Lodge Farm House, the North side of the Turnpike road leading to the village of Burwash, the north side of the village, Brooksmare, Mottinsden, Frys Holtdown & the North side of the Turnpike road leading from the Village to the Wheel Turnpike Gate & which lies to the South East of Holtdown Lane & the road from thence to Crowhurst Bridge.

Enumerator: John Fuller.

Sub. District: Ticehurst.

Registration district: Ticehurst.

Property details:

Address: Old Tot.

Type: Inhabited.

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Household details:

Schedule: [2] ~ Carman.

Head of household: Not known - relationships not specified in 1841 census.

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Document details:

Folio: 5.

Page: 1.

Row: 10.

Person details:

Name: Carman, Thos.

Occupation: Gardener.

Age: 14.

Gender: Male.

Marital status: Not given.

Relationship to head: Not given.

Born In County?: Yes.

Birth parish: Unknown (SSX).

Birth county: East Sussex.

Birth country: England.

Transcription details:

Transcribed by: Mark Collins.

Batch: CEN_Burwash_1841-1108-Burwash-1.csv.

Source: 1841 Census Transription, working from electronic copies of the original microfiche..

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