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Directory: 1866 Kelly's Directory.

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Name: Seaford.

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SEAFORD, is a rising watering-place, and one of the Cinque Ports, having separate local jurisdiction, 3½ miles from Newhaven, 60 from London, 13 east from Brighton, 11 south from Lewes, and 9 west from Eastbourne, in the Eastern division of the county, Flexborough hundred, Lewes county court district and archdeaconry, Pevensey rape and rural deanery, union of Eastbourne, diocese of Chichester. The parish church of St. Leonard is an ancient structure in the Early English style, with a large square embattled tower containing a peal of 8 bells: it was restored and enlarges in 1861-2 by subscription, at a cost of about £2.300: some handsome stained windows have recently been put in to the memory of Rev. James Carnegie, the late vicar, who was much respected; to Capt. William Thomas Harison; to Mr. James Simmons Atkinson and Mr. Robert Simmons: also to the memory of Mr. Charles Hincks, Mr. Pearce, Colonel Carnegie, &c. The first date of the register is 1558. The living is a vicarage, annexed to that of Sutton (Sutton-cum-Seaford), vicarial tithes commuted at £240 per annum, in the gift of Meade Buck, of Trinity College, Dublin. A commodious National school has been erected. The river Ouse formerly ran into the sea at the Cliff-end, but was diverted some centuries since, and the mouth is now at Newhaven. The ancient town and port of Seaford is governed by a municipal corporation, consisting of a bailiff, jurats, and freemen: the bailiff who is also (ex officio) coroner for the liberty, is chosen annually by the freemen, on the 29th September, and the jurats, who are the local magistrates, of whom there may be twelve in number, are elected also by the freemen, who have extensive and peculiar privileges under their charters, being exempt from all county juries, free to trade in the city of London and all other towns in England, and formerly were styled Barons. The first bailiff was elected in 1541; his name was John Ockenden. Courts of general quarter sessions and gaol delivery are holden, and petty session when required. There is a Town Hall and gaol underneath. Seaford is a borough by prescription, and from a very early period 1298) returned two members to Parliament, and was represented by the celebrated statesmen Pitt and Canning, but it was disenfranchised by the Reform Bill. Geoffrey Cuck-kow and William Hobney appear to have been its first representatives. Some fishing is carried on, and fine prawns, &c., are caught among the rocks here; mackerel are sometimes taken in the bay in large quantities. The cliffs are of great height, and shelter is afforded in the roadstead for fleets of shipping during the prevalence of easterly gales; the bay is very deep. On Seaford Heights are the remains of a large Roman camp, and it is supposed to be the site of the Civitas Anderida of the Romans. The fairs are held on the 14th of March and 25th July yearly. Seaford was formerly a large town, and contained seven churches and chapels, which were burnt by the French in one of their descents on this coast. The custom of “Borough English” prevails here, whereby freehold property descends to the youngest son. There is a fort and martello tower on the beach. Lord Howard de Walden and Seaford, and John Purcell Fitzgerald, Esq., are proprietors of considerable house property in the town; the Earl of Chichester, Mrs. W.T. Harison, and Dr. Tyler Smith are the principle landowners of this parish. A street of elegant houses, called “Pelham place” is now being erected at the west part of the town, near the railway; some new homes are also being built at an eligible spot on the Crouch. The terminus of the branch railway from Newhaven is a neat and commodious building, very conveniently situated. Gas works have been erected here. Some Almshouses have been recently built in the town, by the munificence of John Purcell Fitzgerald, Esq., J.P., for deserving aged men and women, and which have been liberally endowed by that gentleman, who founded the “Fitzgerald” charity at Seaford. Seaford gives the title of Baron to the family of Ellis. There are warm and cold seabaths on the beach. The air is remarkably bracing and a great number of visitors resort here during the summer months. Cuckmere Haven is 2 miles and Beachy Head 5 miles, east from the town. The parish comprises 2,235 acres, and the population in 1861 was 1,084.

Parish Clerk, George Woolgar.

SUTTON, NEAR Seaford, was anciently a separate parish. The church, which stood near the mansion, has long been destroyed, though its foundations are clearly traceable in the now desecrated churchyard, about three-quarters of a mile north-east-by–east from the town of Seaford. Sutton church, having long been vacant, was annexed to the vicarage of Seaford, by Robert Sherburne, Bishop of Chichester, in 1508. The living has since been ecclesiastically designated Sutton-cum-Seaford. The manor of Sutton Sandore (now belonging to Mrs. W.T. Harison), and the manor of Sutton Peverell (now the property of William Tyler Smith, M.D.), have become extinct, no courts having been held for a long period.

CHINTON, (or Chyngton), a mile and a quarter east of Seaford, from Seaford town, is a large farm in the parish of Seaford, containing 1,026 acres, the property of the Earl of Chichester. The farms of Sutton and Chinton have for several centuries been united to the parish of Seaford, as shown by the ancient borough seal. Chinton House stands upon the ruins of an old monastery, which, from the materials that have been at different periods dug up, must have been of immense extent.

Official Establishments, Local Institutions etc.

Post and Money Order Office and Post Office Savings Bank and Government Annuity and Insurance Office – William Banks, jun. receiver, High street. Letters are received through Lewes; delivered at 8 a.m.; box closes 6 p.m. & on Sundays at 5.25 p.m. Day mail, box closes at 10.30 a.m. (per rail) & delivered about 3 p.m.

Insurance Agents:-.

Liverpool & London & Globe Fire & Life, Richard Ockenden, 3 Marine terrace.

Phoenix Fire, Mark Wynter, High street.

Reliance Life, W. Gearing, High street.

Sun Fire & Life, Walter Towner, High street.


Recorder, Hugh Penfold Wyatt esq. 18 Oxford square, Paddington.

Bailiff, J. S. Turner, esq.

Jurats (Resident), James Singer Turner, esq. Thomas Crook, esq. & James Chambers, esq.

Jurats (Non-Resident), Earl of Chichester, Lord Howard de Waldon & Seaford, Wm. St. Geo. Davies, esq., M.D. J. Purcell.

Fitzgerald, esq. Jas. Brooker, esq. Chas. Saxby, esq. William Tyler Smith, M.D. Hugh Penfold Wyatt, esq.

Treasurer of the Corporation & Foreman of the Grand Jury, Mr. Walter Towner.

Town Clerk, Inigo Gell, esq. Lewes.

Public Establishments:-.

Head Quarters of First Battery, 3rd Sussex Artillery Volunteers, at Hailsham and Eastbourne, Capt. George Darby, commandant.

Head Quarters of Second Battery, at Seaford, Newhaven & Alfriston, Capt. William Webb Turner.

East Sussex Constabulary, Police Station, High street; James Selmes, constable.

Town Hall & Gaol, South street.

Seaside Convalescent Hospital, Millbergh house; chief office (H. Green, esq. sec.), 8 Charing cross, London; T.F. Sanger, esq. visiting medical officer; J.P. Fitzgerald, esq. Henry Simmons, esq. & J.S> Turner, esq. visitors to the hospital; Mrs. Hackett, matron.

Railway Terminus (near the church), Mr. Geo. Norman, station master; Telegraph Office, Mr. G. Norman.

Gas Works, near Cinque Port place, Messrs. Thomas Crook & Co. proprietors.

Fitzgerald Almshouses, Old Chapel Lane.

Baths, Seaside, Mrs. Alfred Green.


British & Foreign Bible, Rev. J.R. Cooper, secretary.

True Blue Benefit Club, G. Lower, secretary.

Shipwrecked Fishermen’s & Mariners Institution, Mr. Walter Towner, secretary.

Lending Library to the Poor, (J.P. Fitzgerald, esq., Church street.

Public Officers:-.

Distributor of Stamps, Mr. Richard Towner.

Inspector of Weights & Measures, Charles Banks & David Banks.

Commissioners of Land, Assessed & Property Taxes, Rev. J. Harison, Henry Simmons, esq. & James S. Turner, esq. B.J. Tuck, esq. & Thomas Vincent, esq.; Henry Miller Emary, clerk.

Serjeant-at-Mace, William Woolgar.

Constable, Charles Banks.

Headborough, David Banks.

Governor of Gaol, William Woolgar.

Relieving Officer & Collector of Taxes, Mr. William Chapman, East street.

Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages, Mr. H.M. Emary, Eastbourne.

Town Crier, Richard Woolgar, high street.

National School, W.A. Ball, master; Mrs. Ball, mistress.


New Inn hotel, Steyne, Alfred Burgess.

Old Tree hotel, High street, William Combe.

Rising Sun inn, High street, David Banks Railway inn, Terminus road, E. Reeves.

Conveyance:-A fly from the Railway inn meets every train at the terminus.

Carriers to Lewes:- George Lower, Wednesday & Saturday; William Earl, Tuesday & Friday, returning same days .


Rev. J. R. Cooper, Secretary to British & Foreign Bible Society.

J. P. Fitzgerald Esq., Secretary of Lending Library to the Poor of Church Street.

G Lower, Secretary to True Blue Benefit Club.

Mr Walter Towner, Secretary to Shipwrecked Fishermen's & Mariners Institution.

Public Officers

Mrs - Ball, Mistress of National School.

W. A. Ball, Master of National School.

Charles Banks, Inspector of Weights & Measures.

Charles Banks, Constable.

David Banks, Inspector of Weights & Measures.

David Banks, Headborough.

Mr William Chapman, Relieving Officer & Collector of Taxes.

Mr H. M. Emary, Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages of Eastbourne.

Henry Miller Emary, Clerk to Commissioners of Land etc.

Rev. J Harison, Commissioner of Land, Assessed & Property Taxes.

Henry Simmons Esq., Commissioner of Land, Assessed & Property Taxes.

Mr Richard Towner, Distributor of Stamps.

James S Turner Esq., Commissioner of Land, Assessed & Property Taxes.

Thomas Vincent Esq., Commissioner of Land, Assessed & Property Taxes.

Richard Woolgar, Town Crier of High Street.

William Woolgar, Serjeant-at-Mace.

William Woolgar, Governor of goal.


David Banks, (Publican) of Rising Sun Inn, High Street.

Alfred Burgess, (Publican) of New Inn Hotel, Steyne.

William Combe, (Publican) of Old Tree Hotel, High Street.

E Reeves, (Publican) of Railway Inn, Terminus Road.

Private Residents

Edward Allpres Esq. of Sutton Place.

William Bannister Esq. of 10 Pelham Place & Hawkhurst, Kent.

Rev. William Henry Meade Buck, Vicar of Crouch House.

Mrs - Carnegie of South Street.

James Chambers Esq. J.P. of West Street.

Mr William Chapman of East Street.

Miss - Cook of Broad Street.

Rev. James Ransom Cooper, Independent Minister of West Lane.

Thomas Crook Esq. J.P. of Telesmaure House.

William Henry Cullingford Esq. of Steyne.

Miss - Evans of Malthouse Lane.

E Evans Esq. of Twyn House.

J. H. Evans of 2 Pelham Place.

Mrs Jessamine Gorring of Lawn House.

Mr Thomas James Gorring of Steyne.

Mrs - Haine of High Street.

Rev. John Harison B.A., Vicar of Bishopstone of North Sutton House.

Mrs W. T. Harison of Sutton Place.

Mr Benjamin Harnord of Church Street.

James Holland Esq. of The Crouch.

Mr Joseph Hubard of Church Street.

Mrs - Leamon of South Street.

Mr Stephen Lowdell of Church Street.

- Morgan Esq. of Broad Street.

Mr Charles Osborn of Church Lane.

Mrs - Outteridge of Broad Street.

Alexander Russell Esq. of Steyne.

Mrs - Scrase of High Street.

Henry Simmons Esq. of Crouch Cottage.

Thos. Joseph Simmons Esq. of New Steyne.

B. J. Tuck Esq. of Hurdis House, Broad Street.

James Singer Turner Esq. J.P. of Chinton House.

Wm. Webb Turner Esq., Capt. 3rd Sussex Artillery Volunteers of Chinton House.

Thomas Vincent Esq. of 1 Pelham Place.


Thomas Ade, Miller of Sutton Road.

Miss Ann Allwork, Seminary of Church Street.

Miss Mary Allwork, News vendor & Lodging House of Mareesh House, West Street.

Mrs Jane Andrews, Laundress of Crouch Street.

William Baker, Tailor of High Street.

Charles Banks, Baker of High Street.

Charles Banks Jun., Lodging House & Builder of Alma Place, High Street & East Street.

David Banks, Bricklayer.

David Banks, (Publican) of Rising Sun, High Street.

William Banks, Bricklayer of High Street.

Wm. Banks Jun., Baker & Coal Dealer & Post Office of High Street.

Alfred Beal, Boot & Shoe Maker of South Street.

Mrs - Bennett, Lodging House of Marine Villas.

William Bull, Gentleman's Academy of West House.

Alfred Burgess, New Inn Commercial Hotel & Builder of Steyne & South Street.

William Burgess, Harness & Shoe Maker of Church Street.

Mrs Eliza Chambers, Lodging House of Broad Street.

James Chambers, Farmer of Pigeon House Farm.

Mrs Sarah Maria Chambers, Fancy Repository of High Street.

William Cheal, Fishmonger of South Street.

George Clark, Baker & Coal Dealer of Church Street.

George Colwell, Capenter & Mail Contractor of High Street.

Harry Combs, Butcher of High Street.

William Combs of Old Tree Hotel, High Street.

D Cosstick, Gardner of Place House.

James Cosstick, Dairyman of Church Street.

William Earl, Carrier to Lewes of Church Street.

J. H. Evans, Surgeon of 2 Pelham Place.

Henry Fears, Plumber & Painter of South Street.

William Gearing, Watch & Clock Maker of High Street.

Henry John Gorring, Draper of Terminus Road.

Alfred Green, Warm & Cold Baths of Beach.

Miss Ann Green, Laundress of Parliament Row.

George Green, Fishmonger of Broad Street.

Mrs Hannah Green, Lodging House of South Street.

David Harding, Builder.

Mrs Ann Head, Infant's Day School of Church Street.

George Henderson, Basket Maker of High Street.

Edgar Hilder, Butcher & Fly Proprietor of High Street & Crouch Street.

Mrs - Howell, Laundress of Church Lane.

Thomas Jasper, Cow Keeper of Dann Farm.

William Jasper, Lodging House of High Street.

Mrs - Kent, Dressmaker of High Street.

George Kent, Shopkeeper & Tobacconist of High Street.

George Lower, Carrier to Lewes & Local Coal Merchant of Church Street & Terminus.

George Lower, Secretary of True Blue Benefit Club.

Miss Harriett Lower, Lodging House of West Lane.

Mrs Mary Lower, (Publican) of The Plough, Church Street.

George Major, Surveyor & Builder of 1 Marine Terrace.

Benjamin Mason, Land & House Agent of Seaford House.

James Mason, Lodging House of 2 Pelham Place.

Charles Morling, Builder of Church Street & Cinque Port Place.

Henry Newington, Fisherman of Church Street.

George Nye, Farmer of Sutton.

Mrs - Occkenden, Lodging House of Martello Cottage.

Mrs Frances Occkenden, Beer Retailer of Pelham Arms Yard.

John Occkenden, Plumber & Painter of Near the Crouch.

John Occkenden, Tailor of Church Street.

Nathaniel Crouch Occkenden, Shopkeeper of Church Street.

Richard Occkenden, Wheelwright & Lodging House & Aged to John Purcell Fitzgerald Esq. of 3 Marine Terrace.

William Pelham, Farm Bailiff to Rev. J. Harison of Sutton.

Miss - Pitcher, Dressmaker of East Street.

Mrs - Pitcher, Infant's School of East Street.

Edmund Reeves, (Hotelier) of Terminus Hotel.

Thomas Rusbridge, Gardener of West Street.

T. F. Sanger Esq., Visiting Medical Officer of Seaside Convalescent Hospital, Millbergh House.

Jonathan Sawyer, Lodging House of High Street.

Edward Simmons, Butchers & House Agents of High Street.

James Simmons, Butchers & House Agents of High Street.

Mrs Jane Simmons, Lodging House of Steyne.

Thomas Simmons, Grocer of Church Street.

Thomas Smith, Hair Dresser of Church Street.

William Standing, Builder & Contractor of Terminus.

Mrs Jane Stokesbury, Bathing Machine Proprietor & Bather of South Street.

G Templeman, Fishing & Pleasure Boats.

W Templeman, Fishing & Pleasure Boats.

Misses - Tisdal, Milliners of 2 Marine Place.

John Tompsett, Grocer & Draper of High Street.

Richard Towner, Grocer, Provision Dealer & General Draper of High Street & Newhaven.

Mr Walter Towner, Secretary of Shipwrecked Fishermen's & Mariners' Institution.

Walter Towner, Agent to the Sun Fire & Life Insurance Office & Lodging House Proprietor of High Street.

Miss Esther Trivett, Lodging House of 4 Marine Terrace.

Buckmaster Joseph Tuck, Surgeon of Hurdis House, Broad Street.

James Singer Turner, Yeoman of Chinton Farm.

William Washer Wood, Butcher & Fly Proprietor of High Street.

(Son) Woodhams, Bewers, Coal Mers & Seedsmen of High Street.

Thos. Woodhams, Bewers, Coal Mers & Seedsmen of High Street.

George Woolgar, Blacksmiths of Crouch Street.

George Woolgar, Parish Clerk of High Street.

Richard Woolgar, Blacksmiths of Crouch Street.

Richard Woolgar, Town Crier of High Street.

William Woolgar, Blacksmith of Church Street.

William Woolgar Jun., Farrier, Gas Fitter &c. of Old Steyne.

Mark Wynter, Chemist & Druggist & Photographer of High Street.

Other People Mentioned

Thomas Crook, Gas works proprietor of Gas Works, Cinque Port Place.

Capt. George Darby, Commandant of First Battery, 3rd Sussex Artillery Volunteers of Head Quarters of First Battery, 3rd Sussex Artillery Volunteers, at Hailsham and Eastbourne.

John Purcell Fitzgerald Esq.

Inigo Gell Esq., Town Clerk of Lewes.

Mrs Alfred Green, Baths of Seaside.

H Green Esq., Secretary of Convalescent Hospital of Seaside Convalescent Hospital, Millbergh House.

- Hackett, Matron of Seaside Convalescent Hospital, Millbergh House.

Mr Geo. Norman, Station Master & Telegraph Office of Railway Terminus.

T.F. Sanger Esq., Visiting Medical Officer of Seaside Convalescent Hospital, Millbergh House.

James Selmes, Constable of East Sussex Constabulary, Police Station, High street.

Henry Simmonds Esq., Visitor to hospital. of Seaside Convalescent Hospital, Millbergh House.

Henry Simmons, Visitor to hospital. of Seaside Convalescent Hospital, Millbergh House.

Walter Towner, Treasurer of the Corporation & Foreman of the Grand Jury.

Capt. William Webb Turner, Captain of Second Battery. of Head Quarters of Second Battery, at Seaford, Newhaven & Alfriston.

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