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Directory: 1791 Universal British Directory.

Pages: 423 - 424.

Name: Burwash.

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Is remarkable for its cleanliness and salubrity of the air; the houses are neat, not elegant; the river Rother runs through it and about a mile North East of the town. It extends, from North to South about two miles and an half, and from East to West about six miles. It is bounded by Wadhurst, seven miles distant; Ticehurst, four, Etchingham, three; Brightling, three; Heathfield, six; Mayfield, seven; and Battle Abbey, eight. It has a good turnpike runs through it, leading from Maidstone to Lewes, Brighthelmstone, &c.

There is a stage wagon goes from hence to the White Hart inn, in the Borough, every Monday, and returns on Friday. There is a vessel to this place from Cotton’s, Griffin’s, Bull’s, Beal’s, and Brookes’s wharfs.

Burwash has no market. The fairs are May 12 and September 4.

The church is rather small, too much so for the place, it being very full of inhabitants; it is situated almost in the centre of the town, and has five bells; in it is a large gallery, exclusive of that for singing, built by John Butler, Esq. who about 90 years ago resided in this place, and acquired an immense fortune by dealing in timber. Here is a meeting-house appropriated to the use of Dissenters, the present minister of which is Mr. Darwall, for the maintenance of whom, and his successors, a farm was left, lying in the place.

There is a casery forge here, situated about a mile South West of the village, the property of John Fuller, Esq. at Rosehill, in Brightling, and in the occupation of Mr. Samuel Standen, who carries on the business pretty extensively. There is likewise another of the same kind, about three miles North West of the village, but just in the parish of Mayfield, the property of Lord Hampden, and in the occupation of David Collins.

The following is a list of the principal inhabitants: .

Gentry, &c.

Philip Constable Esq.

William Constable Esq.

John Hepden Esq.


Rev. John Curtail, Rector.

Rev. - Davill, Dissenting Minister.

Rev. Mr. - Hurdis, Curate.


James Baldock, Surgeon & Apothecary.

Thomas Baldock, Apothecary.

Thomas Watson M. D.


James Philcox, Attorney.

Traders, &c.

- Baker, Shoemakers.

William Baker, Farmer.

Thomas Balcomb, Bookseller.

Thomas Balkham, Stationer.

Richard Barnard, Shoemaker.

John Beynon, Excise Officer.

Thomas Blundell, Farmer.

Thomas Blundell, Hatter.

Thomas Blunden, Hatter.

Samuel Carman sen., sen. Farmer.

Samul Carman jun., jun. Farmer.

Richard Carter, Victualler of Bear.

Edward Constable, Grocer.

Henry Constable, Shopkeeper.

William Cornford, Shoemaker.

John Cruttenden, Farmer.

Samuel Edwards, Tawer.

Richard Ellis, Blacksmith.

Charles Geer, Taylor.

D Geer, Victualler.

John Gibbs, Wheelwright.

Stephen Gibbs, Wheelwright.

John Harmer, Plumber and Glazier.

Edward Hilder, Miller.

William Jennings, Collar-maker.

William Jennings, Shopkeeper.

Richard Johnson, Grocer.

William Manier, Cooper.

John Masters, Victualler.

William Masters, Victualler of Rose & Crown.

Joseph Mepham, Farmer.

John Noakes, Farmer.

John Parsons, Taylor.

Robert Pattenden, Farmer.

Thomas Payne, Shoemaker.

Clark Peckham, Watch & Clock maker.

Tho Russell, Victualler of Adm. Vernon.

Samuel Rutley, Farmer.

Richard Siggs, Slopseller.

- Standen, Shoemakers.

- Thompson, Stone-mason.

William Thompson, Bricklater, Stone-cutter, and Ironmonger.

Thomas Twort, Butcher.

James Vigor, Butcher.

John Vigor, Farmer.

- Walker, Goldsmith.

Thomas Waterhouse, Carrier.

Benjamin Westover, Farmer.

John Westover, Farmer.

Thomas Westover, Farmer.

William Williams, Boarding-School.

H Wood, Victualler of Five Bells.

Thomas Wood, Shoemaker.

Thomas York, Blacksmith.

Other People Mentioned

John Butler Esq., Builder of church gallery!

David Collins, Casery Forge.

Mr. - Darwall, Dissenting Minister.

John Fuller Esq., Owner of casery forge of Rose Hill, Brightling.

Lord - Hampden, Owner of casery forge of Mayfield.

Mr. Samuel Standen, Casery Forge.

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The text for this section was transcribed by: Mark Collins.

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