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Directory: 1878 Kelly's Directory.

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Name: Ticehurst.

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TICEHURST is a large village and parish, and head of a union, on the road from Tunbridge Wells to Battle and Rye, 9 ¾ miles south-east from the former, on the border of Kent, in the Eastern division of the county, Shayswell hundred, county court district of Tunbridge Wells, Hastings rape, rural deanery of Dallington, archdeaconry of Lewes, and diocese of Chichester. The Ticehurst Road station, on the South Eastern Company’s line from Tunbridge to Hastings, is 3 ½ miles south-west from the village, and the Wadhurst and Etchingham stations on the same line are of easy access. The church of St. Mary is an ancient structure, having square tower containing 6 bells and clock, and a low shingled spire, chancel, nave, aisles, and chantries ; the two former are divided by four arches on each side ; in the chancel and chantries are three piscinae ; there is an old font, with unique carved oak top ; the church was restored in 1857, and has sittings for 725 persons ; in June 1855 a brass was discovered, consisting of three figures in good preservation, to the memory of John Wybarne and his two wives, and dated 1490 ; during the restoration a curious old oak door was discovered (and is still used), opening into the Parvis over the north porch, which is now used as a vestry ; the centre of the roof in the north porch bears the Etchingham arms ; there is a stained window at the west end, to the memory of the late Charles Newington, esq. and his widow ; there are also two small stained windows ; the clerestory windows are of very handsome design ; in the east window are the remains of very ancient stained glass, which was discovered when the church was restored. The register dates from the year 1559. The living is a vicarage, yearly value £900, with 14 acres of glebe land, and vicarage house erected in 1852, in the gift of the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury, and held by the Rev. Arthur Eden, M.A. Queen’s College, Oxford. Here are places of worship for Wesleyan and Calvinists. The following parishes compose the union, viz. Bodiam, Burwash, Etchingham, Frant, Lamberhurst, Salehurst, Ticehurst and Wadhurst. The gross estimated rental of the union is £111,858 ; rateable value, £89,439. The Union Workhouse is a fine building, a mile and a half south-east of the village ; it was erected in 1837, and will hold 200 inmates ; adjoining is an infirmary and an iron chapel. The charities are £44 per annum. There are two good inns ; The Bell dates from the fourteenth century. The annual fairs are on May 4th and October 7th ; the former for cattle, and the latter a pleasure fair. Whiligh, the seat of George Campion Courthope, esq. J.P. 2 ½ miles west from the village, is a large brick-built structure ; the estate and manorial rights have descended in succession from John Courthope, esq. who inherited same in 1512 ; attached to this manor is a chantry in the parish church. Vineyard has been the family residence of the Newingtons for upwards of three centuries ; the old residence yielded to time in 1852, and the present structure was erected on its site by the then proprietor, Charles Hayes Newington, M.D. ; the style is Elizabethan and Tudor ; it is now used for convalescent nervous ladies. Ridgeway, the residence of Samuel Newington, is modern, commanding extensive views. Highlands, the property of Doctors Newington, is a splendid range of buildings, delightfully situated ; for nearly a century this pleasant abode has been a private asylum of the first class for the nervous and insane ; the grounds are spacious, occupying 200 acres of land, intersected with walks, carriage drives, plantations and pleasure grounds ; in the park are cricket, croquet, and archery grounds and a bowling green ; in the vicinity of the latter is the Chinese gallery ; there are also billiard rooms and various other amusements, and a museum ; a large conservatory, presenting a gay appearance of fruit and flowers, is always open to inmates and their friends ; a pack of harriers is also kept for the amusement of the inmates ; in the main building is a handsome chapel and a concert room, and in the front is an extensive Italian garden laid out with taste, adjoining which is the rock garden for Alpine plants. The establishment consists of five houses, viz, the Highlands establishment, the Vineyard, Ridgeway and Prospect House ; in connection with the establishment are two houses at St. Leonard’s, to which the inmates can resort for the benefit of sea air. Pashley House, built in the reign of James I. is here ; the interior has fine antique oak carvings, wainscot and panelling, and the green-house contains varieties of flowers and foreign plants ; the manor and estate formerly belonged to the family of Pashley ; in the reign of Henry VIII it became the property of the May family, and Caroline, the only surviving daughter of Thomas May, esq. married the Rev. Richard Wetherell, from whom the manor and estate descend to the present proprietor, Nathan Wetherell, esq. J.P. Pickford, the residence of Edward Currie, esq. is situated in a valley a quarter of a mile from the village ; it was erected about 1826, and has well laid out grounds. George Campion Courthope, esq and the Earl of Chichester are lords of the manor, the former and Nathan Wetherell, esq. are the principal landowners. The soil is mostly clay ; subsoil, sandstone. The chief crops are hops and wheat. The area is 8,202 acres ; rateable value £13,328 ; the population in 1871 was 2,939 .

Parish Clerk, William Kemp .

POST, MONEY ORDER & TELEGRAPH OFFICE, Savings Bank & Annuity & Insurance Office. – George Franklin Balcombe, postmaster. Letters arrive from Hawkhurst at 5.40 a.m. & 3 p.m. ; delivered at 8 a.m. ; dispatched at 8 a.m. & 9.20 p.m. but the office closes at 9 o’clock.


Liverpool & London & Globe, A. Lester.

Royal Exchange, G.F. Balcombe.

Sovereign Life, E. Corke, jun.


Board day, every alternate thursday Clerk, George Franklin Balcombe .

Assistant Overseer, Newton William Taylor & Richard White .

Relieving Officers, Newton Wm. Taylor & Richard White .

Vaccination Officers, Newton William Taylor & Richard White .

Medical Officers, W.C. Blaker, J.W. Coombes, T.W. Graham, Harris Henning, D. McKeith, William Mercer, D.J. Sherrard & John Taylor .

Superintendent Registrar, George Franklin Balcombe .

Registrars of Births & Deaths, H.G. Allison, Henry Bull, Newton William Taylor & William Watson .

Registrar of Marriages, Richard White .

Workhouse. – John Berkeley, master ; Rev. Henry Harrison, M.A. Chaplain ; John Taylor M.R.C.S. surgeon ; Mrs. Sarah Berkeley, matron .


Clerk, George Franklin Balcombe .

Medical Officer, E.F. Feessell, M.B. .

Inspector of Nuisances, T.J. Clark .


Wesleyan, Miss Elizabeth Bolt, mistress.

National, Richard Covington, master ; Miss Isabella Ann Covington, mistress ; Miss Elizabeth Brewin, infant’s mistress .

Railway Station, Ticehurst Road, Alfred Ashdown, station master.

CARRIER. – John Button, to Tunbridge Wells, every wednesday & saturday, returning same days ; to Wadhurst station, tues. & friday ; to Ticehurst Road station, daily .

Private Residents

Francis William Aitkens of Clare House.

Alfred Bowyer Barton M.D. of Myskyens.

Geo. Campion Courthope J.P. of Whiligh.

Edward Currie of Pickford.

Rev R. S. Dingley, Curate of Hollybank.

Mrs - Durrant of Beech House.

Rev Arthur Eden M.A., Vicar of Vicarage.

Rev Chas. Overy Eldridge, Wesleyan (minister).

George Burrow Gregory M.P. of Boazell.

Mrs - Holdsworth of Clayhams.

Mrs - Hopkins of Steellands.

Alex. Thurlow Newington, Highlands of Highlands.

Herbert Francis Hayes Newington LR. C.P., EDIN. of Prospect House.

Samuel Newington E.L.R.C.P. LOND of Ridgway & at St Leonard's.

Rev James Pert, Calvinist (minister).

Mrs - Springett of High Street.

Miss - Springett of High Street.

Mrs - Tapsell, of Burnt Lodge.

Charlotte Taylor M.R.C.S.

Thomas Waghorn of Whatman's Garden.

J.P. Nathan Wetherell of Pashley House.


Francis William Aitkens, Solicitor.

William Aylward, Bricklayer.

George Franklin Balcombe, Printer, Stationer & Postmaster, Insurance Agent (Royal Exchange) of Post Office.

Joseph Balcombe, Farmer of New Barn.

Nelson Balcombe, Bricklayer & Mason.

William Balcombe, Saddler.

Peter Barnes, Inn keeper of Bell Commercial Inn.

Thomas Barton, Farmer of Little Borzell.

Thos. Beartup, Nurseryman of Bozell Nursery.

Richard Blinks, Butcher & Farmer.

Alexander Brakefield, Farmer.

James Brissenden, Farmer of Broomden.

James Burgess, Farmer of Bryant's Farm.

John Button, Carrier & Coal Merchant.

Thomas Carrick, Farmer of Wedds.

Edgar Cooper, Draper & Grocer & Agent For W. & A. Gilbey, Wine & Spirit Mers.

Mrs Harriet Cooper, Blacksmith.

Edward Corke, Chemist & Stationer.

Richard Covington, Secretary of Gas Works.

Thomas Daniels, Shopkeeper.

Mrs Harriet Dengate, Hair Dresser.

John Durrant, Farmer, Welches of Welches.

William Evenden, Farmer of Shovers Grn.

henry & Son Fenner, Tailors.

Edward Field, Farmer.

Edward Field, Farmer of Copin's Farm.

Jacob Field, Inn keeper of Duke of York Commercial Inn.

William Field, Tailor.

John Ford, Butcher.

William Ford, Butcher.

Amos French, Shopkeeper.

William Frost, Hoop Maker.

Thos. Lambert Gillham, Farmer of Biggs Farm.

Stephen Goble, Hurdle Maker.

Charles Goulding, Farmer of Singehurst.

Mrs Eliza Harmer, Beer Retailer of Dale Hill.

Stephen Hinkley, Bailiff To G.C. Courthope, Esq. of Little Wighligh.

Isaac Hoadley, Farmer of Cottonden.

Joseph Hoadley, Farmer of Cottonden.

David Hodges, Farmer of Brick Kiln Farm.

John Jarvis, Farmer of Dale Hill.

Alfred Lester, Boot & Shoe Maker ; Depot For All Kinds Of Hands & Treadle Sewing Machines, Insurance Agent (Liverpool & London & Globe).

Edwd. Manwaring, Farmer of Walter's Farm.

Mrs Lucy Medhurst, Beer Retailer.

Edmund Newington, Grocer & Draper.

Herbert Francis Hayes Newington, Physician of Prospect House.

John Noakes, Farmer of Gravel Pit.

William Orpin, Miller of Huntly's Mills.

Miss Ann Parks, Straw Bonnet Makers of High Street.

Miss Mary Parks, Straw Bonnet Makers of High Street.

James Pattenden, Bricklayer.

Samuel Pattenden, Carpenter.

Peter Penfold, Carpenter.

William Penfold, Grocer.

Frederick Reeves, Farmer of Overy's.

G Reeves, Farmer of Overy's.

Henry Rogers, Farmer of Gibbsreed.

James & John Rogers, Farmers.

Gideon Rummens, Farmer of Mount Pump.

Annie L. (Mrs.) Sanders, Grocer & Draper.

Thomas Saunders, Farmer of Norwood.

William Segar, Tailor.

Walter Skinner, Carpenter &C.

William Smith, Farmer of Tolhurst.

Thomas Stanbridge, Farmer of Dale Hill.

John Standen, Farmer of Wardsbrook.

William Startin, Plumber & Glazier.

William Stratton, Chimney Sweeper.

Francis John Tapsell, Farmer of Beanman's Farm.

John Taylor, Surgeon.

Henry Tolhurst, Watch Maker.

Samuel Tompsett, Farmer & Hop Grower of Holbeam Wood.

Henry Usherwood, Shopkeeper of High Street.

Richard Vidler, Coal merchant & Publican of Bridge Inn, Ticehurst Road.

Thomas Waghorn, Jun. Builder.

Albert Waterhouse, Watchmaker.

John Ford Waterhouse, Hardwareman.

William Willsher Weston, Cattle Food Agent.

Elizabeth (Mrs.) Wright, Baker.

George Young, Builder.

Other People Mentioned

H. G. Allison, Registrar of Births and Deaths.

Alfred Ashdown, Station Master of Railway Station, Ticehurst Road.

George Franklin Balcombe, Clerk to Ticehurst Union.

George Franklin Balcombe, Ticehurst Union, Superintendent Registrar.

George Franklin Balcombe, Clerk to Rural Sanitary Authority.

John Berkeley, Master of Workhouse.

Mrs Sarah Berkeley, Matron of Workhouse.

W. C. Blaker, Ticehurst Union, Medical Officer.

Miss Elizabeth Bolt, School Mistress of Wesleyan School.

Miss Elizabeth Brewin, School Mistress (infants) of National School.

Henry Bull, Registrar of Births and Deaths.

John Button, Carrier to Tunbridge Wells and Wadhurst and Ticehurst Road stations.

T. J. Clark, Inspector of Nuisances.

J. W. Coombes, Ticehurst Union, Medical Officer.

Edward Corke Jun., Insurance Agent (Sovereign Life).

Miss Isabella Ann Covington, School Mistress of National School.

Richard Covington, School Master of National School.

E. F. Feessell M. B., Medical Officer to Rural Sanitary Authority.

T. W. Graham, Ticehurst Union, Medical Officer.

Henry Harrison M. A., Chaplain of Workhouse.

Harris Henning, Ticehurst Union, Medical Officer.

D. McKeith, Ticehurst Union, Medical Officer.

William Mercer, Ticehurst Union, Medical Officer.

D. J. Sherrard, Ticehurst Union, Medical Officer.

John Taylor, Ticehurst Union, Medical Officer.

John Taylor M. R. C. S., Surgeon of Workhouse.

Newton William Taylor, Ticehurst Union, Assistant Overseer, Vaccination Officer & Relieving Officer.

Newton William Taylor, Registrar of Births and Deaths.

William Watson, Registrar of Births and Deaths.

Richard White, Ticehurst Union, Assistant Overseer, Vaccination Officer & Relieving Officer.

Richard White, Registrar of Marriages.

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