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Directory: 1878 Kelly's Directory.

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Name: Bexhill.

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BEXHILL is a parish, giving name to the hundred, in the Eastern division of the county, rape and county court of Hastings, union of Battle, rural deanery of Hastings, archdeaconry of Lewes and diocese of Chichester, 6 miles west from Hastings near the coast. The London, Brighton and South Railway Company has a station here. Here are two coast guard stations. The church of St. Peter is being restored (1878) ; it is a fine old structure, consisting of a chancel, nave and aisles ; the nave is of a style intermediate between the Early English and the Norman, being separated from the aisles by round-headed arches, supported upon massive pillars ; the chancel is in the Early English style, with lancet-shaped windows. The register dates from the year 1558. The living is a rectory, yearly income £919, with residence, in the gift of the Bishop of Chichester, and held by the Rev. Charles Leopold Stanley Clarke, B.C.L. of New College, Oxford, and prebendary of Chichester. Little Common, part of the parish, 2 miles west, was formed into an ecclesiastical parish in 1857 ; it is a large hamlet and rapidly increasing, having an extensive sea coast view. The Pages’ estate is partly laid out for building, and has several good houses erected on it. The church of St. Mark, erected in 1842, is a stone building, in the Early English style and consists of nave, aisles and chancel (the latter added in 1858); it has a bell turret with 1 bell. The register dates from the year 1857. The living is a rectory, with an endowment from rent-charge of £356, in the gift of the Bishop of Chichester, and held by the Rev. James Harvey Simpson, M.A. of Trinity College, Cambridge. The population in 1871 was 735 ; the area is 4,000 acres. There is a Wesleyan chapel. The Earl De La Warr, who is lord of the manor of Bexhill, and the Duke of Cleveland of that of Barnhorn, with Thomas Brassey, esq. M.P. Thoms Papillon, esq. and Herbert Wall Filder, esq. are the largest landowners. The soil is loam and clay ; subsoil, loam and heavy clay. The chief crops are wheat, oats, peas and beans. The area is 7,999 acres of land and 815 of water ; rateable value, £13,040 ; the population in 1871 was 2,158.

The Liberty of Sluice, is a hamlet of Bexhill and a member of the Cinque Port of Hastings; it was formerly part of the old town of Northeye, which stood on land still known as Old Town field. The area of the Liberty is 800 acres, and the population in 1871 was 107.

Sidley Green, 1 mile north, is also a hamlet, in the parish of Bexhill.

Parish Clerk of St. Peter’s, Nathaniel Christian.

Parish Clerk of St. Mark’s, Thomas Herbert Goodwin.

POST & MONEY ORDER & TELEGRAPH OFFICE, Savings Bank & Government Annutiy & Insurance Office. – Caleb Nye, postmaster. Letters arrive from Hastings at 7.20 a.m. & 12.40 p.m. ; dispatched 8.50 a.m. & 6.30 p.m. ; sunday, 8.50 a.m.

RECEIVING HOUSES. – Alfred Elliott, Little Common. Letters arrive from Hastings at 9.45 a.m. ; dispatched 5.40 p.m. ‘ no dispatch on sunday.

INSURANCE AGENT: - Liverpool & London & Globe, H. Reeves.


Infant, Mrs. Eliza Mytton, mistress .

National, John Collins Roberts, master ; Miss Mary Ann Heather, mistress .

National (St. Mark’s), Thomas Herbert Goodwin, master, Mrs. Emma Goodwin, mistress.

Infant, Sidley Green, Miss Eliza Crowhurst, mistress.

Infant, Sluice, Miss Ellis, mistress.

CARRIERS TO HASTINGS. – Mrs. Mary Sargent, tuesday & sat. ; Mrs. Elizabeth Gander, daily (except sunday & thurs.) ; Thomas Mitten, Little Common, tues. & fridays.

Railway Station, George Mallitt Dennis, station master. .

Private Residents

Miss - Alsager.

- Bower of East Lodge.

Joseph Browne of Elmsted.

Lieut. Hy. Jas. Chalke R.N. of White Hill.

Rev. Charles Leopold Stanley Clake B.C.L., Rector of Rectory.

Miss - Cook.

Rev. John Cother, Curate.

Miss - Day.

William Drew.

Herbert Wall Fielder of The Pages.

Rev. James Hart, Curate.

Rev. Henry Jennings.

Miss - Kent.

Col. Henry Lane J.P. of Broad Oak.

Mrs - Lecky of West Lodge.

George Morgon of Mount Pleasant.

John Steward Oliphant.

Miss - Routh.

Samuel Scrivens.

Rev. James Harvey Simpson M.A., Rector (St Mark).

Harold Charles Sutton of Little Common.

Charles Thomas of Rose Bank, Sidley Grn.

George Thomas of Rose Bank, Sidley Grn.

Mrs - Thwaites.

George William Venes of Fairmount.

John Lambert Walger of Woodsgate.

Frederic Wallis P.R.C.S.

Frederic Michael Wallis M.R.C.S.

Miss - Warren of The Cottage.

Miss - Wilson.


Albert Adams, Brick maker of Sidley Green.

Thomas Abraham Balcombe, Beer retailer of Sidley Green.

Geo. Balkham, Beer retailer of Little Common.

Henry Barker, Bricklayer.

Richard Barker, Carpenter of Sidley Green.

Stephen Barker, Bricklayer.

Edward Barnard, Tailor.

William Barnard, Book maker.

John Blackman, Farmer.

Thomas Bodle, Farmer of Lit. Bitchingtn.

Mrs Thos. Bratt, Farmer of Preston Farm.

Arthur Sawyer Brook, Farmer of Chantries.

John Butchers, Beer retailer of White Hill.

Charles Chittenden, Cooper of Sidley Green.

Frederick Cockett, Grocer.

Saml. Coleman, Farmer of Wakeham's Farm.

Edward Cook, Architect.

Charles Cornford, Baker & confectioner.

Owen Crowhurst, Veterinary Surgeon of Sidley Green.

Fredk. Geo. Cruttenden, Lodging House.

Henry Cruttenden, Painter & glazier of Little Common.

Jas. Cruttenden, Farmer of Little Common.

- Cuthbert.

Thomas Deudney, Publican of Bell Hotel.

George Dicks, Wheelwright of Little Common.

Muss Sarah Duke, Lodging House.

Thoms. Duke, Farmer of Birchington Farm.

Henry Le Mesurier Dunn, Farmer of Glynd Farm.

Geo. Edmonds, Wheelwright of Sidley Green.

Geo. Edmonds Jun., Blacksmith of Little Common.

Alfred Elliott, Grocer & post office receiving house of Little Common.

Chas. Freeman, Laundry of Bell Hill Cot.

William Freeman, Farmer of Pops Farm.

Mrs Elizabeth Gander, Carrier to Hastings.

Miss Alice Mary Garrett of Ladies Boarding School.

Wm. Gillham, Builder of Little Common.

William Goodwin, Publican of Queens Head Hotel.

Pennington Gorringe, Farmer of Pebsham Farm.

Mrs Thomas Hammond, Lodging House of Sidley Green.

- Haywad, Corn Dealer.

Jas. Hazelden, Market Gardener of Sidley Green.

Edward Heaver, Miller of Sidley Green.

John Hibberd, Chemis.

Thomas Jones, Farmer.

George Kent, Laundry of Mount Pleasant.

Alfd. Lingham, Farmer of Barnhorn Farm.

Geo. Morgan, Farmer of Mount Pleasant.

Albert Morley, Coal dlr. of Haddock House.

Charles Neve, Publican of New Inn, Sidley Green.

James Noakes, Butcher of Sidley Green.

Caleb Nye, Grocer.

Samuel Ockenden, Grazier.

Samuel Ockenden Jun., Builder, contractor, brick maker & coal merchant.

Jesse Oliver, Farmer of Sidley Green, Burnt House Farm.

John Oliver, Farmer of Sidley Green, Burnt House Farm.

Henry Overy, Farmer of Court Lodge.

James Page, Baker.

Edward Parker, Builder.

Frederick William Parker, Builder.

Henry Parker, Builder.

Newton Parks, Farmer of Sidley Green.

James Pocock, Butcher.

Mrs Hannah Powell, Lodging House of Eton Cottage.

Henry Reeves, Farmer.

Henry Rich, Saddler & harness maker.

Kent Robert, Lodging House.

Mrs Sarah Russell, Farmer of Belle Hill.

Thomas Rutty, Shopkeeper.

Mrs Mary Sargent, Carrier to Hastings.

Henry Sheather, Dairyman of Gaily Hill.

John Sinden, John of Wood's Farm.

Caleb Smith, Butcher of Little Common.

Emanuel Smith, Blacksmith.

Walter Smith, Farmer of Great Worsham.

John Stephens, Boot & shoe maker.

Walter Talbot, Market Gardener of Bank ho.

Mrs Ann Thomas, Farmer.

James Thomas, Boot maker.

Stephen Thomas, Assistant overseer & registrar of births and deaths of Sidley Green.

Stephen Thomas Jun., Relieving officer for Battle Union.

Henry Thwaites, Farmer of Worsham Farm.

Thos. Thwaites, Coal merchant & farmer.

Joshua Turner, Blacksmith of Sidley Green.

John Walker, Farmer of Woodsgate.

Frederick Michael Wallis M.R.C.S., Surgn.

James Weston, Blacksmith.

James Whitfield, Lodging House.

Charles Wickens, Grocer & linen draper of Sidley Green.

Stephen Wickens, Farmer of Barnhorn Farm.

George Wood, Publican of Star Inn, Sluice.

John Wood Jun., Farmer of Glover's Farm, Sidley Green.

John Wood, Farmer of Gothan Farm.

Thomas Wood, Farmer of Glover's Farm, Sidley Green.

Other People Mentioned

Duke of Cleveland - , Lord of the Manor of Barnhorn.

Thomas Brassey Esq., M.P., Landowner.

Nathaniel Christian, Parish Clerk (St. Peter).

Miss Eliza Crowhurst, School Mistress (National, St Mark) of St Mark.

Earl - De La Warr, Lord of the Manor of Bexhill.

George Mallitt Dennis, Station Master of Railway Station.

Alfred Elliott of Littlecommon, Receiving House.

Miss - Ellis, School Mistress (Infant, Sluice) of Sluice.

Herbert Wall Filder Esq., Landowner.

Mrs Emma Goodwin, School Mistress (Infant, Sidley Green) of Sidley Green.

Thomas Herbert Goodwin, Parish Clerk (St. Mark).

Thomas Herbert Goodwin, School Master (National, St Mark) of St Mark.

Miss Mary Ann Heather, School Mistress (National).

Thomas Mitten, Carrier to Hastings of Little Common.

Mrs - Mytton, School Mistress (Infant).

Caleb Nye, Postmaster of Savings Bank & Government Annutiy & Insurance Office.

Thoms Papillon Esq., Landowner.

H Reeves, Insurance Agent (Liverpool & London & Globe).

John Collins Roberts, School Master (National).

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