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Name: Battle.

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BATTLE is an ancient parish, market and Union town, 56 miles from London, on the road to Hastings, 8 north-west of Hastings, and gives name to the Hundred and Union in the rape of Hastings. It was anciently called Epiton, but derived its present name from the celebrated battle of Hastings, fought here for the English Crown by the two claimants, Harold II, and William the Norman, in which King Harold and his brother Gurth were slain in the year 1066. Battle stands near a range of hills. The parish contains 7,880 acres, a population of 3,032, and is assessed to the Property Tax at £14, 390, and, with the parish of Whatlington, constitutes the Hundred of Battle. The Board of Guardians meet here. The market day is on Thursday, and there are fairs on Whit-Monday and 22nd November, much frequented for cattle and pedlary. There are cattle markets on every second Tuesday in the month, at which much business is done. In the neighbourhood are gunpowder mills. The benefice is a vicarage, value £396 per annum, in the patronage of Sir Godfrey V. Webster, Bart. The church, which is dedicated to St. Mary, is ancient, with some fine painted glass and several monuments, one to Sir Anthony Browne, K.G., master of the horse to Henry VIII., who died in 1548. The Union workhouse will contain 250 inmates; the goal will contain 12 prisoners. Battle Abbey was founded on the scene of the battle by William the Norman, and dedicated to St. Martin. Here many illustrious personages are buried, among whom are several members of the Echingham family. In the Abbey was preserved the celebrated Battle Abbey Roll, which formed a list of those families which came over with William the Norman. The house of Sir Godfrey Webster, Bart., is formed of relics of the abbey. The great hall is ancient, and remarkable for its timber roof. The gatehouse, or entrance from the town, is also deserving of observation; it directly fronts the street from the London road ; it is a tower, about 35 feet square, and 25 feet high, comprising three stories, with an octagon turret at each angle. It is thought to have been erected somewhere about the time of Edward III., when the Abbey was enclosed and fortified. It was one of the most perfect specimens of monastic gatehouses in the kingdom. The ruins over three sides of a square. There are nine elegant arches remaining of the Abbey Church. In the house is a painting of the Battle of Hastings, by Wilkins. The Hundred of Battle constitutes a franchise; and the inhabitants are exempt from service on juries for the county. Netherfield is a hamlet of Battle.


Charles Emary Esq., M.P.

Augustus Fuller Fuller Esq., M.P.

Mrs - Laurence.

Very Rev. John Littler of Deanery.

Don Miguel of Rose garden.

Rev. Edward Parry.

Tilden Smith Esq. of Vine Hall.

Mrs. - Turle.

Robert Watts Esq.

Sir Godfrey Webster Bart. of Battle Abbey.

John Worge Esq.


Edward Baker, grocer of Hastings Road.

William Bannister, veterinary surgeon.

William Bates, miller of Whatlington.

James Beney, tailor.

John Bishop, bootmaker.

Charles Bourner, farmer of Penshurst.

Thomas Bourner, farmer & brickmaker of Hastings Road.

Richard Bryant, caprenter.

Thomas Bunker, leather cutter.

Wm. Burden, Registrar & relieving officer.

James Burgess, linen draper.

John Burgess, ironmonger and tinplate worker.

George Carrick, bootmaker.

Jas. Cockett, farrier & cowich of Hastings Road.

John Cockett, market gardener.

John Colgate, grocer & draper.

James Collins, carrier.

John Collins, bootmaker.

Mrs Sarah Couchman, George commercial inn and posting house.

James Crouch, millwright of Hastings Road.

Samuel Cruttenden, plumber.

John Davis, (Inn keeper) of Star commercial inn.

Thomas Davis, wheelwright.

Samuel Day, (Inn keeper) of Wellington.

William Denyer, nursery & seedsman.

Charles Dobell, basket maker.

Thomas Dunn, tailor.

George Durnford, bootmaker of Squerel.

- Ellman, Whitemarsh & Bellingha, solicitors.

Charles Elphick, butcher.

Thomas Elridge, (Inn keeper) of Half Moon.

- Elridge & Stubberfield, brickmakers.

Charles Farra, tailor & hatter.

Robert Flint, grocer & china & glass dealer.

Miss Elizabeth Foord, baker & pastrycook.

Thomas Foord, cooper.

Miss Susan Freeland, boarding and day school.

Charles Gausden, butcher.

James Goldsmith, (Inn keeper) of Kings Head.

Richard Harbour, baker.

William Harold, chemist & bookseller.

James Hayter, (Inn keeper) of Chequers.

John Hayward, miller of Baldslow.

Edward Holland, surgeon.

William Hutchinson, wheelwright.

Mrs Mary Ann Hyland, milliner & straw hat maker.

Matthew Jennings, beer retailer.

Peter Johnston, grocer & china & glass dealer.

George Jones, bootmaker.

Nathaniel Polhill Kell, solicitor.

John Kenward & Son, linen draper.

William Knight, gardener & seedsman.

James Lansdell, carpenter & builder.

Chas. Laurence & Son, gunpowder manufacturers.

- Laurence & Till, ironmongers.

Walter Leney, brewer.

Charles Longley, hairdresser.

Henry Longley, gunmaker.

Edmund Manktelow, cabinet maker.

Samuel Martin, carpenter.

- Martin Edwin & Horris, solicitors.

Richard Mathias, bootmaker.

- Mercer & Foord, blacksmiths.

William Metcalf, academy.

William Neve, farmer.

Edward Noakes, cabinet maker.

Miss Sarah Ann Noakes, seminary.

Wm. Noakes, tanner, currier & leather cutter.

Robert Overy, farmer of Whatlington.

Stephen Overy, farmer of Whatlington.

William Parks, painter.

Mrs - Parry, Ladies boarding and day school.

Edward Parry, boarding school.

Edward Pilbeam, baker.

Michael Porter, miller and corn factor.

George Putland, carrier.

Thomas Quaife, watchmaker.

Mrs Sarah Ray, watchmaker & jeweller.

Abel Reynolds, carrier.

David Richardson, saddler.

Benjamin Roberson, bootmaker.

William Henry Sampson, grocer.

John Samways, beer retailer.

George Sargent, linen draper.

John Shaw, miller and corn dealer.

Mrs Harriet Sinden, milliner.

John Sinden, farmer of Penhurst.

Wm. Sinden, blacksmith of Stephen's Crouch.

Geo. Slatter, grocer & china & glass dealer.

Ezekiel Smith, blacksmith.

Mrs Sarah Taylor, baker.

- Thorpe & Sons, bootmaker.

Francis Wm. Ticehurst, bookseller, stationer, printer & postmaster.

Thos. Ticehurst, land surveyor & news agent.

William Ticehurst, farmer.

John Underwood, surgeon.

George Vidler, painter.

James Walker, bricklayer.

Miss Sophia Walker, straw hat maker.

- Walker & Soan, blacksmiths.

Francis Ward, chemist & agent to the Hastings Bank.

James Watts, surgeon.

Ebenezer Weller, miller & corn factor.

Richard White, baker.

Mrs Mary Woodhams, (Inn keeper) of Black Horse.

Edward Wrenn, bootmaker.

Robert Wright, tea dealer.

Robert Young, solicitor.

Other People Mentioned

- Bates, Hastings & Dallington courier.

William Burden, Registrar of Births & Deaths.

James Burgess, Insurance agent, London Fire & Life.

- Cheesman, Mountfield & Robertsbridge courier.

- Collins, Hastings courier.

Mrs Sarah Couchman, Posting House.

William Denyer, Insurance agent, United Kingdom Mutual Life.

- Ellman & Co., Insurance agent, Law Fire.

- Ellman & Co., Insurance agent, Sun Fire & Life.

Frederick Ellman, Clerk to Hollington & Hastings Trust.

Charles Farra, Insurance agent, Liverpool Fire & Life.

Thomas Foord, Insurance agent, Dissenters & General Fire & Life.

Thos. Glede, Inland Revenue Office supervisor of George Inn.

William Harold, Insurance agent, National Provident Life.

Peter Johnston, Insurance agent, Royal Farmers' Fire & Life.

Nathaniel Polhill Kell, Insurance agent, Phoenix Fire.

Nathaniel Polhill Kell, Coroner for Hastings Rape, & Clerk to the Magistrates.

John Kenward & Son, Insurance agent, Norwich Union Fire & Life.

- Lester, Hailsham courier.

E Martin, Clerk to the Commissioners of Assessed Taxes.

H Martin, Clerk to the Commissioners of Assessed Taxes.

George Putland, London courier.

- Reynolds, Hastings courier.

Mrs - Scott, Mistress of Workhouse.

John Scott, Master of Workhouse.

Alfred Slatter, Secretary of Mechanics' Institution.

Francis William Ticehurst, Clerk to the Board of Guardians of the Battle Union.

Francis William Ticehurst, Superintendent Registrar.

Thomas Ticehurst, Actuary at the Savings' Bank.

Thomas Ticehurst, Insurance agent, Royal Exchange Fire.

William Ticehurst, Actuary at the Savings' Bank.

Francis Ward, Bank agent (Hastings).

Francis Ward, Insurance agent, Kent Fire & Life.

William Weller, Gass Works superintendent.

Robert Yount, Steward of the Manor of Battle.

POST OFFICE. – Francis William Ticehurst, postmaster. Money orders are granted & paid at this office. Letters arrive from London & other parts at 3 min. past 2, & 4 a.m. & at 40 min. past 2 p.m.; dispatched at ½ past 8 a.m. & ½ past 11 p.m. Letters from Folkestone, Hythe, Rye, Romney & Hastings arrive 3 min. past 11 p.m. ; dispatched 3 min. past 2 p.m. Letters from Hailsham arrive at 9 p.m. : dispatched at ½ past 6 a.m. A Penny Post to Bexhill, Sedlescombe & Westfield at ½ past 6 a.m.


Branch of Hastings (Francis Ward, agent); draw on Masterman & Co.

London & County Bank, branch of Hastings, open every Tuesday, from 10 till 3.

Savings’ Bank (William & Thomas Ticehurst, actuaries); open every Monday.


Dissenters & General Fire & Life, Thomas Foord.

Kent Fire & Life, Francis Ward.

Law Fire, Ellman & Co.

Liverpool Fire & Life, Charles Farra.

London Fire & Life, James Burgess.

National Provident Life, William Harold.

Norwich Union Fire & Life, John Kenward & Son.

Phoenix Fire, Nathaniel Polhill Kell.

Royal Exchange Fire, Thomas Ticehurst.

Royal Farmers’ Fire & Life, Peter Johnston.

United Kingdom Mutual Life, William Denyer.

Sun Fire & Life, Ellman & Co.


Clerk to the Board of Guardians of the Battle Union, Francis William Ticehurst.

Clerks to the Commissioners of Assessed Taxes, E. & H. Martin.

Clerk to Hollington & Hastings Trust, Frederick Ellman.

Coroner for Hastings Rape, & Clerk to the Magistrates, Nathaniel Pohill Kell.

Registrar of Births & Deaths, William Burden.

Steward of the Manor of Battle, Robert Young.

Superintendent Registrar, Francis William Ticehurst.


Gas Works, William Weller, superintendent.

Inland Revenue Office, George inn, Thos. Glede, supervisor.

Mechanics’ Institution, Alfred Slatter, secretary.

Workhouse, John & Mrs. Scott, master & mistress.

POSTING HOUSE: - George inn, Mrs. Sarah Couchman.

OMNIBUS from Hastings to Tunbridge Wells, passes through daily (sun.ex.), at ½ past 10 morn. & returns at ½ p. 4 aft.


DALLINGTON – Bates, every wed.

HAILSHAM – Lester, mon & fri.

HASTINGS – Bates, every wed, ; Reynolds, daily, at 9 morn. & Collins, daily, at 10 morn. (sun.ex.).

LONDON – George Putland, mon. & thurs. ; returns following days.

MOUNTFIELD & ROBERTSBRIDGE – Cheesman, tues. thurs. & sat .

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