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Directory: 1791 Universal British Directory.

Pages: 289 - 292.

Name: Horsham.

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Is a good market and borough town, pleasantly situated 13 miles from Dorking, 20 from Brighton, 14 from Steyning, 12 from Cuckfield, 16 from Petworth, 24 from Arundel, and 36 from London; to all which places there are excellent turnpike roads. The Duke of Norfolk is lord of the manor. It sends two members to parliament in the ministerial interest, and is governed by a steward, two bailiffs, (who are returning officers,) and two constables, who are elected annually at the court leet, &c. of the lord of the manor, by a jury, who return four magistrates are T. C. Medwin, steward; William White, Esq. and MR. William Murrel, bailiffs; William Dean and John Wells, Constables.

This town is among the first in the county in trade and number of inhabitants; but the right of election here, as in many other towns of much larger extent in this country, is exclusively in the burgage-holders. The number of these burgage-holds is twenty-five, fourteen of which are the property of the Lady Irvine, and eleven are the Duke of Norfolk's. At the last general election, Timothy Shelly, Esq. and Wilson Braddyll, Esq. were candidates in the duke's interest; and Lord William Gordon, and James Baillie, Esq. were supported by Lady Irvine. The numbers on the poll were,.

For Timothy Shelley, Esq. 25; Wilson Braddyll, Esq. 24; Lord William Gordon 20; James Baillie, Esq. 9.

In consequence of which the two former were returned. Lord William Gordon and Mr. Baillie presented a petition to the house of commons; the merits of which being tried the present session before a committee of the whole house, the petitioners were declared to be duly elected, and ought to have been returned; and they accordingly took their seats.

The votes allowed to be legal by the committee were,.

For Lord William Gordon 15; James Baillie, Esq. 14; Timothy Shelley, Esq. 10; Wilson Braddyll, Esq. 9.

Horsham is about three miles from the main road to Arundel from London, has its name from Horsa, brother to Hengist the Saxon. It is one of the largest towns in the county, has sent members to parliament ever since the 30th of Edward I. and is the place where the county goal is held, and often the assizes. It is a borough by prescription. Great store of poultry is bought up for London at its market on Saturday, and it has a patent also for a monthly market. Here is a quarry of very good stone, either for tiling or flooring.

The church is a very ancient structure, to which there is a most delightful walk. Here are also four meeting houses, viz. Presbyterians, Baptists, Quakers, and Methodists. Here is likewise a free school, and other charitable gifts, which are most shamefully abused.

Bankers, Messrs. Harben, Shergold, Scut, Price, and Lanham, make their bills payable at Sir James Sanderfori's, Brenchley's, Bloxam's, and Co. Southwark.

The post-office opens at eight o'clock in the morning, and shuts at seven in the evening. The post goes from London every day except Sundays, and returns every day except Saturdays. A coach to and from London three times a week.

The market-day is Saturday; also on the last Tuesday in every month there is a market for cattle. There are five fairs annually, viz. Monday before Whit SUnday, July the 18th, the Saturday following, November the 16th, and November the 27th.

The principle inhabitants are as follows:.


Samuel Blunt Esq.

Peter Durand Esq.

John Smith Esq.

Nathaniel Tredcroft Esq.


Rev - Jameson, Clergyman.

Rev - Marshall, Clergyman.

Rev Edward Tredcroft, Clergyman.


John Burry, Surgeon & man-midwife.

Mrs - Dendy, Druggist.

Edward Dubbins, Surgeon & man-midwife.

- Popay, Surgeon, apothecary, man-midwife, druggist.

- Price, Surgeon, apothecary, man-midwife, druggist.

William Rickward, Surgeon & man-midwife.


William Ellis, Attorney & master in chancery.

Robert Hurst, Counsellor.

T. C. Medwin, Attorney.

William Sandham, Attorney & master in chancery.

N Steir, Attorney.

William White, Attorney.

Traders, &c.

Mrs - Andrews.

Thomas Ansell Sen., Miller.

Thomas Ansell Jun.

John Attree, Draper.

- Ayland, Widow.

James Bailey, Butcher.

Ann Bennet, Mantua-maker.

James Benson, Farmer.

Miss - Bishop.

Mrs - Bourne, China shop.

- Brewer, Gardener.

Charles Brigs, Butcher.

Edward Brigs, Carpenter.

Thomas Brigs, Cordwainer.

George Brook, Farmer.

Maggs Burges, Schoolmaster.

John Burnet, Taylor.

Mrs - Butterly, Staymaker.

John Butterly.

- Caffyn, Tea-dealer.

William Caffyn, Peruke-maker.

Peter Cavan, Draper.

George Champion, Cutler & stationer.

John Champion, Baker.

Philip Chasmore, Butcher.

John Clark, Horse-dealer.

Robert Clark, Horse-dealer.

William Clark, Pipe-maker.

Edward Coats.

Richard Cock, Butcher.

Mrs - Colgete, Ironmonger.

John Collins, Clerk.

Charles Colven, Sheriff's officer & victualler.

Henry Cooper, Butcher.

William Cooper, Victualler.

- Cragg, Taylor.

Isaac Cragg, Baker.

John Cragg, Gardener.

Silas Dean.

William Dean, Corn-chandler.

William Dean, Draper & grocer.

Charles Dendy, Fellmonger.

John Dendy, Draper & salesman.

Charles Draper.

Mrs - Dubbins, Ladies boarding-school.

Richard Feist, Shoemaker.

Henry Fillers, Millwright.

- Foerd, Baker.

Miss - Gatford.

Charles Gilburd, Taylor.

William Gilburd, Peruke-maker.

Nicholas Goodyer, Glazier.

Richard Goodyer, Glazier.

Henry Grace.

John Grace, Currier.

Robert Grace, Tanner.

Edward Griffiths, Carpenter.

Henry Griffiths, Shopkeeper.

Thomas Griffiths, Carpenter.

Mrs - Grimwood, Milliner.

Richard Grinstead, Farmer.

Benjamin Hall, Baker.

Coles Halstead.

Wm. Hammond, Innkeeper of Lamb.

William Hards, Distiller.

John Hobbs, Hatter.

Samuel Hobbs, Wheelwright.

William Holden, Taylor.

Joseph Holmes, Cutler & brazier.

John Hony, Taylor.

Thomas Honywood, Shoemaker.

Thomas Honywood, Huckster.

Robert Hood, Staymaker.

James Howes, Victualler.

James Howes, Victualler of Swan.

Mrs - Humphreys.

John Hunt, Grocer.

William Hyarding.

William Inkpen, Hair-dresser.

John Ireland, Carpenter.

Geale Jendun, Nicker.

Ralph Joanes, Stone-mason.

Mrs Catherine Jones.

Edward Jones, Mason.

William Jones, Surveyor.

- Kempshell, Carpenter.

- Kewell, Carpenter.

Robert Killick.

- Knight, Tanner.

John Lanham, Grocer & banker.

Edward Lee, Innkeeper of King's Head.

George Lingfield, Broom-dasher.

John Linsur, Wheelwright.

John Lintott, Butcher & salesman.

Tho. Lintott, Turner & patten-maker.

- Longhurst, Baker.

Alexander Luxford, Tanner.

Thomas Mann, Chandler & druggist.

Abel Marsh, Gardener.

John Marsh, Huckster.

John Marsh, Carpenter.

- Mills, Turner.

Drew Mitchell, Tanner.

John Mitchell.

Miss - Moore.

Mrs - Moore, Baker.

- Mortice, Common-cryer.

William Murrell, Victualler of Crown.

Cornelius Muzzell, Clocksmith.

Wm. Nye, Victualler of King of Prussia.

David O'conner, Clocksmith.

Charles Oaks, Cutler.

James Oaks, Porkman.

William Oaks, Huckster.

- Ockley, Coachman.

William Palmer, Cooper.

Frank Parul, Mason.

William Pen, Shoemaker.

Henry Penfold, Peruke-maker.

George Phillips, Tanner.

James Phillips, School-master.

John Pitfold.

John Plumer, Chandler.

Thomas Plumer, Auctioneer.

Samuel Pollard, Salesman.

Peter Potter, Victualler.

- Rawlinson, Brewer.

Mrs - Rawlinson.

Mrs - Reynolds.

James Roberts, Cooper.

William Roberts, Shoemaker.

- Rowland, Maltster.

Abram Rowland, Stone-mason.

Samuel Rowland, Bricklayer.

William Sadler, Carrier.

William Scardival, Fishmonger.

John Scut, Harness-maker.

William Searle, Hair-dresser.

- Sendal, Shoemaker.

Dan Sharpe, Clerk of the market.

Stringer Sheppard, Butcher.

John Shoubridge, Sack-maker.

Mrs - Slater.

Samuel Smart, Gaol-keeper.

Adam Smith.

Mrs - Spearing.

Mrs - Standford, Schoolmistress.

Thomas Summers, Hatter.

William Talker, Horse-dealer.

John Taylor, Timber-merchant.

John Taylor, Carrier.

John Taylor, Butcher.

William Thomas, Cutler.

Richard Thornton, Schoolmaster.

Mrs - Trecroft.

James Tyler, Victualler.

- Vaughn, Bellman.

Guildford Vinall, Shopkeeper.

George Waller, Schoolmaster.

Mary Walters, Milliner.

Thomas Walters, Excise-officer.

- Waterton, Peruke-maker.

Edward Weller, Sexton.

Edward Weller, Harness-maker.

William Weller, Weaver.

John Wells, Blacksmith.

Benjamin Whitmore, Blacksmith.

Nicholas Whitmore, Blacksmith.

John Wickens, Victualler.

Mrs - Wicker.

Richard Williamson, Turner.

- Wood, Miller.

Henry Wood, Baker.

John Wybren, Huckster.

Mrs - Yohurst.

Other People Mentioned

J Aldridge Esq. of New Lodge.

James Baillie Esq., Election candidate.

- Beard Esq.

Wilson Braddyll Esq., Election candidate.

Edward Carter of Coolhurst.

Mrs - Everfield of Den.

Lord William Gordon, Election candidate.

- Harben, Banker.

Lady - Irvine of Hills.

- Lanham, Banker.

Mrs - Nelthorpe of Nuthurst Lodge.

Duke Of Norfolk.

- Price, Banker.

- Scut, Banker.

Timothy Shelley Esq., Election candidate of Field Place.

- Shergold, Banker.

John Wells, Constable.

The seats and villages in this neigbourhood are - Hills, the seat of Lady Irwin, half a mile from this town. - Field place, the seat of T. Shelley, Esq. is one mile and a half. - Den, the seat of Mrs. Everfield, one mile. - New Lodge, the seat of J. Aldridge, Esq. two miles. - Coolhurst, the seat of Edward Carter, Esq. two miles. - Holmbush-lodge, three miles - Nuthurst-lodge, the seat of Mrs. Nethorpe, three miles. - - Beard, Esq.resides at Crawley, which is situated about eight miles from this place, - Slangham, four. - Rusper, four. - Warnham, three. - Shinfold, four. - Billingshurst, seven.

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