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01 Mar 2006Transcripts of newspaper coverage of the Chiddingly 'Onion Pie Murder' of 1852.
01 Nov 2004Two Sussex wills added.
26 Apr 2010Unfortunately the direct links to Robert Eberhard's excellent stained glass windows website from the church pages have been removed as the church identifiers used on that site cannot be guaranteed to be stable. A link to his homepage has been added on the links page where individual church information can be searched for.
28 Mar 2010Unfortunately we have been unable to contact Mary Hallett, OPC for Itchingfield, and her website no longer appears to operate. Consequently we have removed her from the site for the time being, hoping that we will be able to re-establish contact in due course!
29 May 2013Unfortunately we have begun to run out of space on our shared webserver, so I have reluctantly decided to reduce the size of the images from a maximum dimension of 600 to 480.
Of course, if you require an image for your own family history, we can still provide higher resolution copies via email.
All images on the site will gradually be reduced in size.
01 May 2010Upgraded the parish register, will, protestation return, poll register, postal directory entry and gazette browsers.
24 Apr 2010Upgraded the postcard and image browser, added a title search function and additional search selectors.
07 Aug 2004Versions of the transcription templates for Lotus 1-2-3 added to downloads section.
11 Jul 2009Volume 127, 1989, of the Sussex Archeaological Collections added to the article index.
11 Jul 2009Volume LXXI, 1930, of the Sussex Archeaological Collections added to the article index.
26 Jun 2009Volume XC, 1952, of the Sussex Archeaological Collections added to the article index.
24 Nov 2009Volumes 144-146 (2006-2008) of the SAC added to the index.
02 Dec 2013We are delighted to welcome aboard Norma Podesta who has volunteered to be the OPC for West Chiltington and West Grinstead.
07 Jan 2014We are delighted to welcome Michael Merritt as the OPC for Houghton.
02 Nov 2013We are pleased to welcome Ian Everest as the OPC for Bishopstone.
23 Sep 2011We have today created a Facebook page for the Sussex OPC scheme - access from the Information menu.

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