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14 Jan 2007 Following comments from a visitor to the site fearing the risk of identity theft, the detailed information (particularly addresses) for events occurring less than 75 years ago has been withheld to avoid offending the privacy or sensitivities of living persons. Although information on this site is already in the public domain (and therefore of little or no help in stealing a person's identity) this additional information must now be gleaned by reference to the original documents for these events.
11 Apr 20121 new will added
13 Aug 20051 will added and page for St Peter, Preston added together with list of incumbents.
29 Mar 20051 will added, Bibliography extended.
30 Nov 20101,193 baptisms for St George, Eastergate added to the database.
30 Nov 20101,231 baptisms for St Mary the Virgin, East Preston added to the database.
30 Nov 20101,598 baptisms for St Andrew, Edburton added to the database.
30 Nov 20101,640 baptisms for East Lavant added to the database.
30 Nov 20101,829 baptisms for All Saints, East Dean (West Sussex) added to the database.
10 Apr 200610 more years of Willingdon baptisms, an account of an accident at Hartfield.
13 Feb 201010 names from the 1891 Kelly's Directory for Ovingdean added to the database and 18 names from the 1905 Kelly's Directory.
23 Apr 2013100 individuals from the 1841 census for Middleton added courtesy Andrew Apps
15 Jan 2011100 individuals from the 1881 census for Ford
14 Oct 2009101 baptisms for Colgate added to the database.
27 Aug 2011102 individuals from the 1841 census for South Stoke added.
15 Jan 2011102 individuals from the 1891 census for Ford

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