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St Laurence11 Apr 1835AvisHenryAustinJaneMagnifying glass image
St Laurence12 Dec 1816NevallRichardBakerJaneMagnifying glass image
St Laurence10 May 1823GoldsWilliamBaldeySusannahMagnifying glass image
St Laurence01 Dec 1829MeadsFrancisBaldeySarahMagnifying glass image
St Laurence09 Aug 1847FarncombeGeorgeBaldeySarah AnnMagnifying glass image
St Laurence11 Nov 1850ScearesHenryBaldeySarah AnnMagnifying glass image
St Laurence09 May 1852GastonThomasBaldeyAnnMagnifying glass image
St Laurence27 Jun 1852ClaytonWilliamBaldeyHarrietMagnifying glass image
St Laurence18 Nov 1852BrownJosephBaldeyElizabethMagnifying glass image
St Laurence23 Jul 1872TicehurstGeorgeBaldeyJemimaMagnifying glass image
St Laurence02 May 1816WallsThomasBaldyMarthaMagnifying glass image
St Laurence08 Feb 1853WicksJohnBaldyHannahMagnifying glass image
St Laurence20 Jan 1834MockfordIsaacBarberMarthaMagnifying glass image
St Laurence11 Feb 1824EadesWilliamBartholemewAnnMagnifying glass image
St Laurence13 May 1830TurnerJohnBartholemewElizabethMagnifying glass image
St Laurence13 Jul 1829ComberJosephBeardElizabeth JaneMagnifying glass image

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