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Greek OrthodoxMagnifying glass image
The Redeemed Christian Church of GodMagnifying glass image
BudhistMagnifying glass image
City MissionMagnifying glass image
Wesleyan Holiness ChurchMagnifying glass image
Voice of GodMagnifying glass image
ValmikiMagnifying glass image
Byelorussion Orthodox ChurchMagnifying glass image
Redeemed Christian Church of GodMagnifying glass image
Christian IsraelitesMagnifying glass image
Russian OrthodoxMagnifying glass image
The Christian CommunityMagnifying glass image
Free Church of ScotlandMagnifying glass image
AgapemonitesMagnifying glass image
AnabaptistA member of a radical movement of the 16th-century Reformation that viewed baptism solely as an external witness to a believer's conscious profession of faith, rejected infant baptism, and believed in the separation of church from state, in the shunning of nonbelievers, and in simplicity of life.Magnifying glass image
JainismAncient Indian religion.Magnifying glass image

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