St Mary in the Castle, (Hastings, St Mary in the Castle)





Pelham Crescent, Hastings.

Grid reference: 581980, 109410, View on: Google Maps, Open Street Map, Streetmap, National Library of Scotland Map or Oldmaps.


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Building information:

Built: 1828.

Closed: 1970.

Architect: Joseph Kay.

Style: Classical. Stucco, Ionic Portico. Excavated site. Circular west galleries.

Current use: Commercial.

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Altar was remodelled by H. Weston & H. Tickner in 1893. The baptistry is fed by an actual spring. St Mary in the Castle attracted large congregations and could seat 1,500 with prominent visitors like William IV's widow Queen Adelaide, who had her own reserved pew.
Declared redundant 2nd June 1970
Briefly used by the Assemblies of God congregation 1971 - 1978
Brief use as a Museum of Mechanical Instruments .

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