St Nicolas, (Old Shoreham)




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St Nicholas Lane, Old Shoreham, West Sussex.

Grid reference: 520800, 105990, View on: Google Maps, Open Street Map, Streetmap, National Library of Scotland Map or Oldmaps.


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Earliest Register: 1565.


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Building information:

Built: Pre-Norman.

Current use: Worship.

Harrison's description (1911):

ST. NICHOLAS. The original building was probably pre-Nor., and that part of the N.W. wall where the naveis narrower and the work on the outside rougher, with quoining resembling long-and-short work, is probably of that period; one of the blocked-up doorways is also of the same date. The rest of the nave and transepts are Nor.; the chancel is E.E. with some later windows. The arches and piers, which support the tower, are deserving of close study. The piers have cushion capitals, square abaci with hollow chamfer; round moulding rising from columns and following the arch under the outer moulding; ornaments - chevron, with pellets; beaked; cable with beads; stud; lozenge and rose; wheel-like studs; billet; limpet. Note: tie-beam in nave with alternate billet moulding, said to be the oldest rood-beam in this country. The chancel is very long in proportion to the size of the church, being nearly as long as the nave. The wooden screen (one of the earliest in the country) dates from around 1300; trefoil-headed piscina E.E.; the four-centred arched recess (Easter Sepulchre) 15th c.; low-side window E.E., which has one hook for original shutter remaining; windows are Dec. (the E. one a reconstruction). Note also: moulded tie-beam with dog-tooth and patera; brass in S. wall to Captain Poole (1652); piscina. Font, modern; the hexagonal cover of original font is utilised as vestry table. Outside the church, note: the fine doorway with zig-zag; Nor. tower with arcading and circles; shallow flat butresses of transepts, with windows with zig-zag (restored) copied from Climping; E.E. buttresses of chancel, piscina on N. side. showing that there has been a chapel; absence of W. doorway; the small window in W. front (Dec.); windows on S. side of nave are modern. Reg. 1566.

At Erringham, in this parish, are the remains of an early Nor. manorial chapel.


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