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Will of Edward Hobbs of Maresfield

Date signed: 30 Aug 1875, Probate date: Not given

This is the last will and testament of me Edward Hobbs of Piltdown in the parish of Maresfield in the County of Sussex Market Gardener Whereof I appoint my son John Hobbs and my friend James Diplock of Piltdown aforesaid Farmer Executors and Trustees. I direct that all my just debts funeral and testamentary expenses shall be paid and satisfied as soon as conveniently may be after my decease. I bequeath unto my wife Ann Hobbs the sum of Ten Pounds to be paid to her immediately upon my decease for her present necessities. I give and bequeath all the residue of my real and personal property whatsoever and wheresoever unto my said Trustee and their heirs executors and administrators according to the nature and quality of such real and personal estate respectively. Upon trust to collect get in and convert into money all such part of my personal estate as shall not consist of money or securities for money and to invest same upon real or Government security. And upon further trust to pay out of the interest and annual proceeds thereof and the net rents and profits of my real property after payment of all outgoings for the repairs insurance and management thereof the annual sum of Four pounds to my said son John Hobbs and to my friend James Diplock the annual sum of One pound during their respective lives for their trouble in managing my estate. And also to pay to my wife Ann Hobbs the annual sum of Thirty pounds by half yearly instalments the first of such instalments to become due and be payable 6 months after the date of my decease. And upon trust to accumulate any surplus there may be of the income of my said real and personal estate during the life of my said wife by investments in the nature of compound interest as part of the residue of my personal estate. And upon further trust upon the decease of my said wife to pay out of the said residue of my personal estate to Charles Hobbs of Piltdown aforesaid the natural child of my daughter Betsey Hobbs and Fanny Pollard daughter of my daughter Harriet late the wife of Alfred Pollard if then living respectively the legacy or sum of Ten pounds apiece. And to my daughter Ann the wife of John Holden the legacy or sum of Fifteen Pounds. And as to the residue of my personal estate after payment of the said legacies. Upon trust to divide the same into equal portions amongst my nine children Edward (now in America) John, Elizabeth (wife of James Langridge) Diana late the wife of John Harland, Emily wife of Francis Akehurst, Mary Ann wife of George Chattell, James (now in America) and Isaac and William Jasper (both now in America) or such of them as shall be living at the decease of my said wife and the lawful issue of such of them as shall then be dead leaving issue such issue nevertheless taking only the share to which their respective parents would have been entitled if living. And as to my said real estate Upon trust so long as any of my said nine children, Edward, John, Elizabeth, Diana, Emily, Mary Ann, James, Isaac and William Jasper shall be living to divide the rents in equal proportions amongst such of my said children who shall from time to time be living or shall have died leaving lawful issue such issue nevertheless only taking such share as their respective parents wouild have taken if living. And upon the decease of the last survivor of my said nine children Upon trust to sell my said real estate in such manner as they my said trustees may think fit and to receive the proceeds thereof and after payment of all costs charges and expenses incident to the said sale to divide the same amongst all my grandchildren being the lawful issue of my said nine children who shall be living in Great Britain or Ireland at the decease of the last survivor of them my said nine children in equal shares Provided always and I do hereby declare that if any child under the age of Twenty one years shall at any time or from time to time become entitled to any share or sum of money less than Five pounds at any one time under the trusts of this my will it shall be lawful for my said trustees if they shall think fit to pay the same to such child notwithstanding his or her minority and the receipt of such child shall be a good discharge to my said trustees And hereby revoking all former wills I declare this to be my last will In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this thirtieth day of August One thousand eight hundred and seventy five __________ The mark of x Edward Hobbs


Signed by the Testator Edward Hobbs as and for his last Will and Testament the same having been first read over and explained to him and he appearing to perfectly understand the same in the presence of us present at the same time who in his presence at his request and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses _____

_____ Geo Earl________________ Henry Towner Clerks to Mr. Langham Sol. Uckfield.

Transcribed by:

Harriet Hobbs.



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