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The Story of Chichester.


Philip MacDougall.

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This is a history of one of Englands most ancient towns. A one-time iron age tribal capital, Chichester continued to develop and expand over the next 2,000 years. Yet this account of the city is no simple gallop through time. Its starting point is the medieval core - the town that everybody recognises. Following an assessment of the post-Conquest period, he narrative continues to the modern age. Neither iron age tribes nor Roman and Saxon conquerors are ignored. Instead, their contributions are seen through the eyes of later archaeologists, the men and women of Chichester who have helped to shape our understanding of those earlier years. In a concluding chapter, attention will be given to the modern city, together with the quality of life enjoyed by its residents. This well-illustrated and readable history of Chichester will appeal to anyone who knows the city, whether resident, visitor or historian.

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