All Saints, Pallant, (Chichester)





West Pallant, Chichester, West Sussex.

Grid reference: 486100, 104650, View on: Google Maps, Open Street Map, Streetmap, National Library of Scotland Map or Oldmaps.


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IGI Batch: C040881 (1563 ~ 1812).


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IGI Batch: M040881 (1564 ~ 1812).

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Building information:

Built: Unknown or not given.

Closed: bef. 1970.

Style: Early English. Flint with stone dressings. 19th century timber vaulted ceiling.

Current use: Closed.

(Sold, pending conversion to a residence (2008).)

Harrison's description (1911):

Under the entry for Chichester.

ALL SAINTS' in the Pallant and ST. PETER-THE-LESS are in the E.E. style, but much restored.


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The advowson of the church of ALL SAINTS IN THE PALLANT belonged to the Archbishop of Canterbury until it was ceded to the Crown in 1542. (fn. 4) It had been restored before 1569, when the archbishop collated; (fn. 5) and although Queen Elizabeth in 1592 granted the advowson to the 'fishing grantees' William Tipper and Robert Dawe, (fn. 6) the grant apparently did not take effect. The archbishop collated to the rectory until 1878, since when the benefice has been held with that of St. Andrew in the Market.
From: 'Chichester: Advowsons', A History of the County of Sussex: Volume 3 (1935), pp. 164-66. URL: Date accessed: 23 July 2006.
The church of ALL SAINTS IN THE PALLANT, on the east side of West Pallant, is in plan a rectangular room 63 ft. 6 in. by 22 ft., with a vestry at the east end of the north side, added in the 19th century. The walls are of flint with stone dressings; the north wall has been covered with rough-cast. The roof is tiled. The church was built in the first half of the 13th century and restored in the 19th century. There is no structural division between the chancel and nave except a rise by a 6 in. step to the chancel, and two more steps to the altar rails. In the east wall is a 13th-century triple lancet window under a hooded arch; the outer mouldings of each lancet are carried on slender shafts. Below the window is a modern string-course. The vestry, approached through two pointed arches of poor design, is lighted by lancet windows and has a doorway in the north wall. Under the more easterly of the two arches is the organ. The south wall is pierced by six 13th-century lancet windows and has a blocked 13th-century doorway at the west end. The north wall is pierced by five similar windows; possibly there were two more lancets at the east end which were blocked when the vestry was built. Below the most easterly window in the south wall is a trefoil-headed piscina. The west wall contains a 13th-century single-light window above the doorway. Over the west window is a small circular window with trefoil cusps. There is a gallery over the west end added in the early part of the 19th century; beneath it is the entrance vestibule. The ceiling, of mansard form, is modern, and probably replaces an open timber roof. The north-west corner is strengthened by a simple 13th-century buttress, while the south-west corner, to avoid projection into the street, is curiously splayed and corbelled with two bosses, much decayed. The fittings are all modern. There are the following monuments. South wall: Harriet, 1796, and Emma, 1825, daughters of William and Sarah Gruggen; William Gruggen, 1828; Sarah Gruggen, 1848; John Gruggen, 1846; William Wilton Gruggen, 1846; John Price Gruggen, 1848; Charlotte Gruggen, 1871; Mary Jane, wife to William Gruggen jun., 1827; Mary Blagden, widow of John Price Gruggen, 1895; Emma, daughter of above, 1909; Rev. Bragg Blagden, M.A., 1781; Mary Blagden, wife, 1796; George Blagden, eldest son, attorney-at-law, 1773; Philip, James and Hannah, children, d. infants; Thomas Sanden, 1706. North wall: William Tireman, 1833; Catherine, relict, 1836; Harry Comper, J.P., 1831; Maria Comper, wife, 1835; Eleanor, daughter, 1820; Alfred, son, 1826; William Pope, son, 1828; Emma, Charles and James, children, d. infants; Anne, wife of James Clayton of Chichester, eldest daughter and co-heir of George Parker of Chichester, 1743.
Plan of Church of All Saints in the Pallant
There is a small churchyard on the north side of the church, containing a few old tombstones. There is one modern bell bearing the inscription: 'O ye spirits and souls of the righteous bless ye the Lord.' (fn. 4) Two bells were sold in 1783 to raise money for the repair of the seats. (fn. 5) The plate consists of a silver chalice with hall-mark 1731 and inscription 'Hunc qualem cunque calicem huic ecclesiae parochiali Omnium Sanctorum Cicest. Dono Dedi Hutchins Williams Armr MDCXXXI'; a silver chalice and paten with hall-marks 1881 and both inscribed 'To the glory of God and the memory of Henry Comper of Chichester, who fell asleep Nov. 12 1877'; a silver paten inscribed 'Hanc patellam ecclesiae huic parochiali Omnium Sanctorum Cicest. Maria Cholmeley generosa D.D. MDCCXXI'; a silver paten with hall-mark 1733 and makers' mark I M (James Manners ?) inscribed 'Dedicated to ye church of All Saints in Chichester for ye service of ye altar 1734'; and a silver flagon with hall-mark 1747 and inscribed 'Dedicated to ye church of All Saints in Chichester for ye service of ye altar 1747' and with a coat of arms. (fn. 6)
From: 'Chichester: Churches (Anglican)', A History of the County of Sussex: Volume 3 (1935), pp. 160-64. URL: Date accessed: 23 July 2006..

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