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Will of John Aylwin of Treyford

Date signed: 28 Jul 1588, Probate date: 06 Sep 1588

In the name of God Amen the xviiith day of July Anno Dni 1588 I John Aylwin of Treford in the County of Sussex yoman beinge sicke in body but pfecte in memory thanks be to God doe ordayne and make this my last will and testament in manner and forme followinge. First I give and bequeath my sowle unto Allmighty God and my body to be buryed in the churchyard of Treford aforesayd. Item I give and bequeath to be distributed amonge the poore of Treford xs. Item I give towards the reparacons of the church of Treford iiis iiiid. Item I give to every one of my Godchildren xiid a peece. Item my will and meaninge is yt whereas the lease of ye Mannor of Treford togeather with the lease of the psonage d... and tythes of Chilgrove and by my father William Aylwyn alienate conveyed passed over unto me mine heyres & assignes as by the same convayance made thereof more playnly yt doth and may appeare yt the sayd two leases with all the yeares yett to comme in the same leases and all the right and interest to me belonginge of and in the sayd leases shalbe and remaine unto Robart Aylwin my brother under this condicon yt the sayd Robert Aylwin my brother shall well and truly pay or cause to be well and truly contented and payed unto my three daughters Elinor, Katerine and Barbara a CLl of good and lawfull mony of England equally to be devided amonge them at such tyme as thay and every of them shall accompishe theyre severall age of xxi yeares or at the daye of theyre mariage wch firste happeneth. And yf my brother Robarte his exy’res & assinges refuse to pay the sayd CLl unto my sayd iii daughters and allso refuse to putt in sufficient security for the same payment according to the true meaninge hereof as shalbe thowghte god by Anne my wyfe and my overseers hereunder named. Item I give and bequeath the sayd lease of the Mannor of Treford and the sayd lease of the psonage of Chilgrove with all the yeares yett to comme in the sayd ii leases unto my sayd iii daughters equally amonge them. Item moreover I give unto my sayd iii daughters ll? a peece of good & lawfull mony of England to be pd unto them when as thay shall accomplishe theyre sayd severall age of xxi yeares or at the day of theyre severall mariages wch first happeneth provided allwayes that yf any of my sayd iii daughters shall happen to bestow themselves or to be bestowed in mariage without the goodwill consent and agreement of Anne theyre mother Jane ... theyre grandmother and my overseers hereunder named or the most pte of them then my will and meaning is that she or them so bestowinge themsel... or beinge bestowed in mariage withowt consent and good will as ys aforesayd shall have no parte or porcon yt in by me given and bequeathed unto them in this my laste will and testament. Item I will and bequeath unto Elinor my daughter all my lease of the lands that I bought of John Brighte lyinge in Treford and all the yeares to comme in the sayd lease at wch tyme as she shall accomplishe and comme to thage of xxi yeares yf she be then livinge yf not then to Katherine my daughter & yf the sayd Katherine be not then lyvinge then to Barbara my daughter. Item my will and meaning is that whereas I am ... into bond for my Uncle William Tregose of Westdeane? for the payment of lvl unto Mr John Brighte pson of Woolbedinge? ... the ... all ... next comminge and lvl more unto Elize Smithe of Binderton the xvth of November nexte and xxxl unto Dennys Kempe of London cooke the xxith of December nexte comminge in consideration whereof & for other reasonable causes the sayd William Tregose hath assigned ... & sett over unto me my heyres executors & assignes one lease of his farme called Woode Farme lyinge & being in Westdeane aforesayd in the County of Sussex as in and by one convayannce in wrighting thereof made unto me by the sayd William Tregose bering date the iiiith day of December in the xxixth yeare of the raigne of the Queenes ma’tye yt now is more playnlye yt doth and may appeare. Yf hee? the sayd William Tregose my uncle his executors or assignes or any of them do not putt in such sufficient bond & securetye as to Anne my wife shall be thowght good for the true payment of the sayd severall summes of mony at such dayes & tymes & to the ptyes above named within xiiii dayes next after my decease that then my sayd wyfe shall have and enioye the sayd farme to give & sell at her owne plesure for the commodity & pfitt of my sayd iii daughters & to the longest lyver equally to be devided. Item yf any of my sayd iii daughters Elinor, Katherine & Barbara shall happen to dye & depart this world before thay or any of them shall accomplishe theyre sayd severall ages or dayes of mariages that then theyre parte or porcon so devised shalbe or remayne unto the survivors or longest lyver equally to be devided. All the rest of my goods moveable & unmoveable my debts and legacs pd and funeralls discharged I give & bequeath unto Anne my wyfe whome I ordayne and make my sole executrix of this my laste will & testament. Item I ordayne & appoynt William Aylwin my father John Brooke of Hittlington? gent, Edward Drwe? of Ellsted and Richard Tregoose my uncle overseers of this my last will & testament & I give to every of them for theyre paynes herein to be taken vs a peece.

(In Latin The above Will was proved 6th September 1588 before Mr Thomas Leanne?, Clk, Surrogate &c by Anne relict & executrix &c

Transcribed by:

Dave Woolven.

Notes about this will:

Transcribed for and contributed by Stephen Langridge.



This will also mentions these parishes:

West Dean, Woolbeding, Binderton.

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