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St MaryHosmer25 Jun 1572MarthaMagnifying glass image
St MaryHosemer04 Oct 1611ThomasMagnifying glass image
St MaryHosmore09 Sep 1614AgnesMagnifying glass image
St MaryHosmore30 Sep 1614AlceMagnifying glass image
St MaryWoodsell22 Apr 1625(Daughter)Magnifying glass image
St MaryWoodsell28 Apr 1625MarieMagnifying glass image
St MaryHuntly 26 Feb 1745Magnifying glass image
St MaryHuntly 04 Mar 1745William Magnifying glass image
St MarySayer26 Aug 1745JohnMagnifying glass image
St MarySayer25 May 1746EdwardMagnifying glass image
St MaryHuntley 15 Dec 1749JohnMagnifying glass image
St MaryHuntley 14 Feb 1753MaryMagnifying glass image
St MaryHuntley 05 Mar 1757AnnMagnifying glass image
St MaryHuntley 05 Sep 1759GeorgeMagnifying glass image
St MaryHuntly 30 Oct 1759JaneMagnifying glass image
St MaryHuntly 07 Mar 1760MaryMagnifying glass image

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