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Will of Edward Blaker of Portslade

Date signed: 01 Oct 1571, Probate date: 17 Nov 1571

In the name of God Amen I Edward Blaker of Porteslade wthin the Dioces of Chichester sicke in body but of good and pfect remembrannce I thanke Almighty God doe ordaine and declare here in this my last will and testament the first day of October in the yeare of o’r Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ one thowsand five hundred threscore and eleaven in manner and forme followinge wherein first I comitte my soule unto the pleasure of Almighty God and my body I will to be buried at the discretion of suche my frends hereafter named of trust to accomplishe this my said will. And I geve to the Cathedrall churche of Chichester aforesaid vid and to be distributed p’sently after my death amonge the poore people in Portslade aforesaid I geve iiis iiiid. Also unto every of my Godchildren cominge to my buriall I geve xiid. Itm I geve toward the repayringe of the highe way leadinge from Poomings Gate towards hill foote iiis iiiid. Itm I geve unto my sonne in lawe Richard Cooke xls and unto Edward Cooke his sonne xxs. Also I geve unto my sonne in lawe John Berd xls and unto Edward his sonne xxs. Further I geve unto my sonne in lawe Thomas Hoggens? xls. Itm I geve unto Agnes Hydd xls and unto my servant Mary Barber xxs and I geve unto my servant John Hunter? xxs. Itm I geve unto Barbaror Blaker my daughter towards her p’ferment in mariage thirty pounds of lawfull money of England but yf my said daughter doe marry against the good will and consent of my wife and overseers that then I geve unto her hereby but twenty pounds of like lawfull money of England and wheather it by xxxl or xxl shalbe due unto her by this my former gifte I will the same shalbe paid unto her upon the day of her mariage or unto her husband wthin one halfe yeare then next followinge. And if it happen that my daughter be not maried wthin two yeares next after my deathe that then I will and geve hereby unto her at thend of the said tearme thirty pounds wheather she be maried or not maried then to be paid her wth... Itm I geve unto Edward Blaker sonne thoccupacon of the house and land thereunto belonginge in Southweeke wch I late bargained for wth Richard Pyper duringe all such time and terme as by vertue of the same bargaine I ought of right to have therein and so longe as my said sonne doth occupy and use the same to the well likinge of my executrix and overseers or the more part of them and I geve alsoe to my said sonne in stocke to be likewise used and occupied about the same house and land vi oxen wth yokes chaines wayne dong cart and all other necessaries and implements for husbandry and appertayninge to the furnishinge of one teme accordinge to the custome of the country wth one horse one hundreth sheepe eight quarters seede wheat and sixten quarters seede barley to be delivered unto him p’sently after my death. All wch or any the said last bequeathed p’misses yf my said sonne fondly cons.... or unnecessarily wast either els disorderly spend or bestowe away that then my executrix and overseers or the more part of them consentinge shall and may notwthstandinge any former gifte or bequest herein menconed have & take againe into there owne custody all and every the said bequested p’misses from my said sonne or from any other psonne or psonnes in whose custody by his deliveraince or otherwise they shall then re... and be and the same at there discreations to bestowe duringe the naturall life of my wife and p’sently after her death then to deliver againe the same or such like goods to that value unto my said sonne Edward or to his wife or children if he happen in the meane time to dye wthout any delay. Further I geve unto my said sonne Edward Blaker duringe his naturall life (and after the death of my wife) my house I nowe dwell in and the lands appertayninge thereunto belonginge wch I purchased frely to me and my assignes of the Right Honorable the late Lord Dellaware deceased and one barne and the lands thereunto belonginge in East Aldrington wch I lately .... of Mr [at least one line of text missing due to the 2 sheets of the photocopy not joining. DW] Blaker I give the said house and lands and the said barne and lands wth all there app’tennces unto the heires of males of the body of my said sonne Edward lawfully begotten and for want of heires males of the body of my said sonne lawfully begotten I geve my said house and lands and barne and lands wth all and every there app’tennces unto my cosen John Blaker and to theires males of his body lawfully begotten and if my said cosen John Blaker happen to dy wthout such issue of his body then I geve all the same house barne and lands wth all there app’tennces unto Richard Blaker sonne of my cosen John Blaker deceased and unto the heires male of his body lawfully begotten and for lacke of such issue of the body of the said Richard Blaker I geve the said house barne and lands unto my cosen Richard Blaker sonne of my unckle Richard Blaker deceased and to theyer male of his body lawfully begotten and for want of such yssue I will all the said house barne and lands wth all and every there app’tennces shall and doe remaine unto the right and next heires of me the first aforesaid Edward Blaker for ever. Itm I geve unto Christian Blaker my wife all the said house barne and lands wth all and singular there app’tennces whatsoever duringe her naturall life wch also my said wife I make and ordaine hereby my whole and sole executrix of my said last will and testament soe that she orderly enter into such reasonable bonds wthin one month next after my deathe as shalbe ... unto her to seale by my overseers for the accomplishinge and pforminge of this my said will accordinge unto the true meaninge thereof wch onely upon any controversy thereabout growinge shalbe ... and reputed by all and every psonne clayminge benefit th.... ..... in the more part of them shall iudge and determine therefore and I ordaine for my overseers of trust thereunto my lovinge frends Thoms Pellet, John Dumbrell, my cosen John Blaker and Thomas Rede and for every of there paines therein to be taken I geve xls I meane to every of them a peeace provided alwaies and my will is that if my said wife and overseers upon ... cause moving shall take againe there hands the pticuler goods and stocke of cattle and corne before limitted and appointed unto my said sonne Edward that then I will my said wife shall geve and allowe unto my sonne his wife & children sufficient and resonable meate drinke rayment and lodginge during the naturall life of my said wife or untill my said sonne Edward be by my said wife and overseers setled and placed in some other convenient farme for the sufficient sastentacon of himself his wife and children as before. Provided alsoe that if it fortune my said sonne Edward to dye leavinge alive issue male of his body lawfully begotten and under thage of xxitie yeares then I will that my overseers beforenamed or soe many of them as shall then be livinge shall enter into and uppon all my said house and land and barne and landes wth thapp’tennces before conveyed and the same shall occupye use & employe to there discreations untill such issue male shall accomplishe and come unto the said age of xxi yeares at what time I will that my said overseers or suche of them as duringe the nonage of my sonnes issue have occupied the p’misses shall render unto him a iust accompt of the profits thereof and then after alowannce of there resonable charges deliver and make paiment unto him of suche overplus of the pfitts thereof as shall then remaine wthout delay. In witnes of all the pmisses and that this is my true and undoubted last will I have caused the same to be written and have thereunto putt my usuall marke the day and yeare first above written in the p’nce of us John Englishe, Vicar of Porteslade, George Blaker, Thomas ..enden and Richard Lewes.

(In Latin) This Will was proved 17 November 1571 before Henry Morley, Doctor of Laws by Christian the relict &c

Transcribed by:

Dave Woolven.

Notes about this will:

NOTE: The text has gone into several areas of black & is unreadable. DW

Contributed by Steve Langridge.



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