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St Wulfran17 May 1624BeardGeorgeGibbinsAnnMagnifying glass image
St Wulfran28 Jul 1725BottenJeremiahSymondsAnnMagnifying glass image
St Wulfran11 Apr 1726HarlingJohnMillsAnnMagnifying glass image
St Wulfran11 Aug 1776BreayThomasAveryAnnMagnifying glass image
St Wulfran12 Oct 1778VerrellRichardGreenAnnMagnifying glass image
St Wulfran21 Dec 1778HamperJohnCopperAnnMagnifying glass image
St Wulfran10 Jan 1791LathamRobertPegnallAnnMagnifying glass image
St Wulfran13 Apr 1802ThomasJohnSimonsAnnMagnifying glass image
St Wulfran25 Dec 1826FreemanJamesHollambyAnnMagnifying glass image
St Wulfran27 Jan 1827DudeneySamuelWestAnnMagnifying glass image
St Wulfran24 Sep 1827BakerRobert WilliamMooreAnnMagnifying glass image
St Wulfran30 Mar 1847MoppettSamuelGardinerAnnMagnifying glass image
St Wulfran01 Nov 1873PiperFrederickGearingAmeliaMagnifying glass image
St Wulfran24 Oct 1626TownerStevenGeerAlsMagnifying glass image
St Wulfran05 Jan 1896DenyerJames CharlesHolfordAda EstherMagnifying glass image

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